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2 STANDARD FEATURES CITYLINE 30,000 copies per hour
For newspaper printing, inserts, supplements, books and magazine printing For medium circulation dailies Vertical web leads

• Cutoff mm : 578 (other cut-offs on request) • Min.Web Width mm : 700 • Max. Speed / No. of webs cph : II nd fold : 30,000 cph / 4 webs IIIrd fold : 20,000 cph / 2 webs • Web grammage gsm : 38-60 • Non Printing Gap mm : 20

4 CITYLINE MAIN AGGREGATES • Mono Print unit with integrated unwind • H Print unit without unwind • 4 x 4 Tower • Folder 2nd fold upto 4 webs ( 1:2:2) • Standalone unwind for towers • Standalone stackable unwinds for tower

5 Optional Units CITYLINE • Quarter fold • Angle bar
• Bay window for max 2 webs interchange • Standalone Autopaster

6 Standard Accessories Options CITYLINE • Plate punching device
• Plate bending device • Hydraulic web trolley • Reciprocating compressor with air receiver • Non-Refrigerated Dampening solution circulation system Options • Refrigerated Dampening solution circulation system with Return Tank • Detachable shafts between print units or between folder and print unit

7 CITYLINE PRINT UNITS - Modules 4 x 4 tower to Print 4/4 colour.

8 CITYLINE PRINT UNITS - Modules H Unit with Unwind / roll stand Mono unit with Unwind / roll stand H Unit

9 Print Unit - Features CITYLINE
• Reverse arch arrangement for tower configuration • Plate and blanket cylinders with hardened bearer rings • Toolless Plate lockup system • Tenon type blanket clamping system • Manual lateral and circumferential registration System • Manually operated pneumatic selector switches for impression and form rollers ON-OFF

10 Print Unit - Features CITYLINE
Image corrector / Anti-fan-out device for four color printing Operating control switches on Print Unit for controlling the Print functions Web Break Detector

11 CITYLINE Inking Unit • Seven roller Inking train having two Ink Form rollers and one oscillating roller in each ink train • Drive to Ink duct roller through gear train • Oscillating roller has ± 17.5 mm constant lateral distribution • Rilsan coated oscillating roller and ink take-up roller • Adjustment of ink zone is manual via screws

12 Dampening Unit CITYLINE • 4 roller non contact brush dampening System
with one form roller and one oscillating roller • D.C. Motor drive for dampening pan roller • Chrome plated pan roller & oscillating roller • Brush roller driven by a separate induction motor • Manually operated pneumatic selector switches for Brush and form roller ON-OFF

13 F122 Folder - Features Min web width 700 mm and Max web width 915 mm
60 degree taper former PIV driven RTF & Collecting Rollers 2 sets of knurled steel nip rollers Easy coupling & decoupling system • Longitudinal & cross perforation provision • Adjustment facility (In standstill condition ) - Folding Cylinder diameter increment - Overfold / Underfold

14 F122 Folder - Features CITYLINE Shear key protection
Manual cut-off compensators Quarter fold – Chopper type (Optional)

15 CITYLINE ELECTRICAL CONTROLS RLC controls Print function controls on unit Digital 4 Q drive Console box on folder for press control



18 REACH US For more details on the Manugraph presses. Please contact :
The Sales Department. MANUGRAPH INDIA LIMITED. Sidhwa House, N. A. Sawant Marg, Colaba, Mumbai – INDIA. Tel – Fax – Website – Home

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