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APVMA. Emerging Treatments Decking Weatherboards.

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2 Emerging Treatments

3 Decking

4 Weatherboards

5 Fencing

6 Structural – F7 & Framing

7 Rounds

8 Building Regulations  All of the following are requirements that are current or proposed building regulations within all levels of governments throughout Australia.  CCA and LOSP treatments are to be avoided.

9 Building Regulations  Timber is not to be used in bushfire prone areas.  Use only plantation timbers from Australian farms.  Imported timber must be from a sustainable managed source.

10 Actual Council Regs Examples  Treatment Timber.  Avoid the use of copper chrome arsenic (CCA) because of the carcinogenic effect of arsenic.  Light organic solvent preservatives (LOSPs) should also be avoided to VOC emissions (EPA, 2003) DCP 30, Willoughby Council

11 Actual Council Regs Examples  Avoid composite wood products, such as fibreboard (MDF), particleboard, plywood, containing synthetic resins and formaldehyde. DCP 30, Willoughby Council  No external timber to be exposed on the façade of buildings. NSW Rural Fire Service

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