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Technology Tips for Graduate School Success Improving Your Efficiency, Efficacy, and Results While Saving Time, Money, and Sanity!

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1 Technology Tips for Graduate School Success Improving Your Efficiency, Efficacy, and Results While Saving Time, Money, and Sanity!

2 Welcome! Michael Ellis, University Computing Services Shirley Lincicum, Hamersly Library Dr. Gregory Zobel, Division of Teacher Education

3 Our Content Technology solutions and tips that help you deliver your best results quickly, competently, and effectively.

4 Overview Act I Introduction & Goal WOU Computing Essentials Tour de UCS Act II Tour de Hamersly Act III Specific Software Solutions Best Practices for Sanity

5 Tour de UCS With Michael Ellis

6 Tour de Hamersly With Shirley Lincicum

7 Library – People Librarians are here to help you succeed! Research assistance and instruction Schedule an appointment Drop-in at Information Desk Phone: 503-838-8899 E-mail: (or contact your librarian) refdesk@wou.edulibrarianrefdesk@wou.edulibrarian Online chat/IM: WOULibrary Text message: 503-383-WOU1 (9681)

8 Library – Online Services

9 Library - Collections Books and e-books Journals, magazines, newspapers – Print, micro and electronic Videos – DVD, VHS and online streaming Sound recordings – CD and online streaming Scores – Print and electronic Reference Thesis & Professional Project papers Oregon Adopted Instructional Materials Juvenile books

10 Library – Building Group study rooms Reserve 24 hrs in advance or first-come, first serve Smart classrooms 24 hr. student lounge Variety of seating options Computer workstations – 1 st & 2 nd floor Quiet study – 3 rd floor Netbooks (in library use only) Lockers – 1 st floor

11 Needs-Based Technology Solutions for Graduate Students Dr. Gregory Zobel

12 Basic Expectations for Graduate Students Navigate and work with online communication, research, and content-based tools; Sort, prioritize, and act on information, course guidelines, assignments, and expectations; Manage time and deliver materials that meet expectations and outcome ON DEADLINE; Identify, understand, and work with scholarly materials; Collaborate and communicate clearly with others in multiple media for different purposes.

13 Suggested Browsers FirefoxChrome

14 Why Firefox or Chrome? Sheer number of plug-ins and widgets available Work with additional software/applications Customizable Enables multiple task completion Fewer interface limitations like Safari Recognized by more websites than Opera More secure Not as vulnerable as Internet Explorer Be sure you update IE regularly

15 Zotero Bibliographic and Citation Manager

16 Zotero’s Uses Expectations/Tasks Take notes on readings Generate bibliographies in APA, MLA, etc. Ability to return to original source material Correctly cite material found online Zotero’s Solutions Attach notes to PDFs Generates bibliographies in multiple formats Automatic inclusion of source download’s location Automatic citation and formatting for online materials

17 Zotero Screenshot

18 Asana Time and Project Management

19 Asana’s Uses Expectations/Tasks Collaboration Time management Project management Money Articles/papers Interviews Colleagues Locations Asana’s Solutions Up to 30 collaborators Assign projects or tasks See others’ tasks Easy to schedule time Sync with calendars Repeat events Email reminders Attach files

20 Asana Screenshot

21 Google Scholar Scholarly Article & Citation Research

22 Google Scholar’s Uses Expectations/Tasks Know important authors Recognize key concepts & keywords Be familiar with highly-cited articles Discus recent research Accessible through WOU Conceptual development: who influences whom GScholar’s Solutions Search Simple Advanced (many parameters) Citation numbers Who cites an article Document availability Email alerts & RSS feed

23 Google Scholar Screenshot

24 Sanity It can be lost in the split second when you decide to: Employ the password: user1234 Name your file: paper.doc Don’t do it. Please. Do not do it.

25 Passwords Alphanumeric core or root password Ba87mbi/ One “core” for personal use, another core for all other uses Easy to remember and hard to guess Add a prefix or suffix to password for each site or application First or last three consonants, letters, or vowels For example: for Asana, choose first 3 letters “asa” Put in as a suffix: Ba87mbi/asa For Gmail, choose first 3 letters “gma” Put in as a prefix: gmaBa87mbi/

26 File Naming Stop and think before you save! Name it so you can find it in six months Key elements of title: Nouns Class or project: ED624_syllabus Faculty or collaborator: M_Ellis_plugin-grant Research theme or key idea: Deleuze_rhizome_essay Version or date M_Ellis_plugin-grant 1-1 Deleuze-rhizome_bED624_syllabus_Fall12_22sept

27 Thank You!

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