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Upgrade to Deltek Time & Expense with Employee Self Service (ESS) 3/6/2014.

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1 Upgrade to Deltek Time & Expense with Employee Self Service (ESS) 3/6/2014

2 Deltek Time & Expense Upgrade The Lab will be upgrading to the latest version of Time & Expense (T&E) on the evening of March 11, The primary differences between the new timesheet and the current timesheet are how the selection criteria are displayed on the screen. –T&E old is on the left hand side of the screen –T&E new is at the top of the screen.

3 Deltek Time & Expense Upgrade OS PlatformIE 8.0IE 9.0ChromeFirefoxSafari Windows XPXXX Windows 7XXXX MAC OS X v10.5XXX MAC OS X v10.6XXX Linux Red Hat OS 5 Desktop XX The following is a list of operating systems (OS) and browser combinations that Time & Expense supports. We have tested Time & Expense with Windows XP, Windows 7, IE 9.0, Chrome and Firefox, we have tested the Mac using Chrome, Firefox and Safari and we also tested Linux/Unix using Chrome and Firefox. – We decided not to test Windows Vista because Windows Vista is no longer available for order at JLAB.

4 Log In Screen from the old Time & Expense Here is the screen that everyone is familiar with.

5 Log in Screen from the new Time & Expense You will use the Same Login Id, Same Password and Same domain as you did with the old Time & Expense system.

6 Old Time & Expense Desktop

7 New Time & Expense Desktop Click on the blue house to return to this screen from the other screens Click on the word Time to move to the Time Sheet Click on the word Self Service to move to the ESS portion

8 Old Time & Expense Timesheet The binocluars to look up items in the Old T&E has been replaced with …..

9 New Time & Expense Timesheet A magnifying glass…

10 New Time & Expense Timesheet We have set up a default so that when you click on the Time tab, your timesheet will be displayed on the screen. If you are in the Schedule tab you will need to navigate through the buttons above. The Time tab is at the top of the screen Click on ‘Record Time’ Click on Timesheet Brings up the actual timesheet to record your time

11 Old Time & Expense ESS Personal Section

12 New Time & Expense ESS Personal Section In the new T&E, under the Self Service Tab, the Personal section has been renamed Employee Information

13 Old Time & Expense ESS Payroll Section

14 Old Time & Expense ESS Benefits Section

15 New Time & Expense ESS Payroll & Benefits Section The new T&E system, under the Self Service tab Both Payroll and Benefits are on the same tab

16 Refresher for ‘Favorites’ Here is a timesheet with no favorites identified

17 Refresher for ‘Favorites’ Enter your project you want to charge time to: Use magnifying glass and searching for the project through the charge trees or, Type in the project abbreviation in the Project section of the time sheet

18 Refresher for ‘Favorites’ 1.Click the check box beside the line you want to add to favorites 2.The selections (right above the time sheet are no longer grayed out) 3.Click on ‘Add Line to Favorites’

19 Refresher for ‘Favorites’ 1.Click on the magnifying glass 2.Click on Favorites 3.The Favorites were saved

20 Refresher for ‘Favorites’ If you want your favorites to automatically load with every new timesheet Click on the ‘Load’ check box Press Update button This Favorite will automatically be added to your timesheet every time you create a new time sheet

21 Deltek Time & Expense Recap The differences between the old and new Deltek T&E are minor for the user. Selections are displayed differently The logins, passwords and domains are the same. If you have questions please contact Bill Shelton at ext or at

22 Deltek Time & Expense Questions?

23 Deltek Time & Expense The following slides are for supervisor information.

24 Old Time & Expense Work Schedule

25 New Time & Expense Work Schedule Only the MCC group is allowed to alter their work schedule The Work Schedule works the same way as it did with the old T&E system It was decided by management to not use this process for leave requests and approvals

26 Old Time & Expense ‘Timesheets Selected for Approval’ Click on Select All to select all of the timesheets for approval Or select the timesheet(s) you want to approve Click Launch

27 New Time & Expense ‘Timesheet Approval’ Click the + sign to expand the ‘My Tasks’ to see your pending tasks Project approvals are not selected here

28 New Time & Expense ‘Timesheet Approval ’ Shows all available timesheets for approval – You can either check each timesheet you want to approve or you can select all timesheets for approval by checking the check box beside ‘Timesheets Pending Approval’. – Once you have decided which timesheets to approve, you need to click on the ‘Launch’ button to be able to see the actual timesheet to approve.

29 Old Time & Expense ‘Timesheet Approval/Rejection ’

30 New Time & Expense ‘Timesheet Approval/Rejection’ Same process for the new Time & Expense system.

31 Old Time & Expense Project Management Approval/Rejection Select Inquires/Reports Select TS Line Level Approval

32 New Time & Expense Project Management Approval/Rejection Click on Process – TS Line level Approval is available

33 Old Time & Expense Project Management Approval/Rejection Select Project Pending Approval Select the Function that you are the approval level for (Project Manager, Backup Project Manager) Click on Execute

34 New Time & Expense Project Management Approval/Rejection The selection process is the same process as used in the Old Time & Expense System

35 Old Time & Expense Project Management Approval/Rejection Click on the + sign to show each employee that charged time to the projects that you are the Project Manager (Details next slide)

36 Old Time & Expense Project Management Approval/Rejection There is a check box beside each name. Once you have selected the names, the two buttons above the square light. You can: – Approve Charges – Reject Charges Rejecting Charges requires a reason for rejection. Each employee is notified of the rejection and allows the employee to correct their timesheet

37 New Time & Expense Project Management Approval/Rejection The process for the New Time & Expense system is exactly the same as it is for the Old Time & Expense System.

38 Substitute Approval of Timesheets If you are a backup to a primary supervisor follow these steps to approve timesheets: –Open your timesheet –Click on Search Select the appropriate function Highlight the supervisor that you are the back up Press execute The employees that you are a back up for will show in the results box Click the top box the select all timesheets Press OK –Approve the timesheets

39 Substitute Approval of Timesheets Select search

40 Substitute Approval of Timesheets Select the position that you approving

41 Substitute Approval of Timesheets Select the supervisor you are substituting for and press execute The timesheets that are available for approval are displayed

42 Substitute Approval of Timesheets The selected timesheets are available to be approved

43 Deltek Time & Expense Questions ? Contact Bill Shelton at or call me at extension

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