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1 Follow along: or scan the QR Both are links to this presentation

2 Using technology in the classroom With one iPad or fewer!

3 New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development Dr. Pamela Fraser-Abder Clinically Rich Integrated Science Program (CRISP) Janna DoughertyBiology Joe MacdonaldChemistry Benjamin Osei-BonsuChemistry Bryan MosherPhysics

4 We received iPads (gen 3) in July 2012 We have used them in student teaching classrooms and our education classes at NYU We work better with them now but it took time and collaboration - not obvious how to use iPads productively Much of our daily tech use is not on an iPad. Clinically Rich Integrated Science Program

5 Audience? how many of you have iPads for your students? how many of you have access to one iPad? how many of you have a smartphone? how many of you are stuck with functional but not cutting-edge technology in the classroom?

6 99 problems Reality vs You Inflexible internet blocks and networking Different technology by school and by room Unexpected internet outages and data loss Apple vs You Much school technology isn't iPad or Apple App$ cost money sometimes Apps can be closed ecosystems Apps cannot be translated or modified

7 You may only have access to one computer

8 Google will tell you how to _____ for free. become Homo quaererens Manufacturer websites have drivers and manuals: just search the model number Common issues attract complaints on forums "specific phrases" and -not can filter irrelevant results tip: hit Tab and the arrow keys / Enter on google to navigate and choose results the sooner you search the sooner you get on with your life

9 Internet access can fail and websites disappear keep permanent copies of all useful materials all of your bookmarks might be dead links one day Hard storage can fail keep multiple copies of hard work across many devices, and on cloud services Technology can fail know how to use the tools in your room robustly, the teacher down the hall who helps with everything might leave one day prepare for the instant failure of anything and everything important

10 work offline is frequently blocked. ಥ _ ಥ download videos for robust offline use These sites appear and disappear, stay current! Google Drive is useful for moving files that are too large to email, and is typically not blocked

11 there is media embedded in a website and you want to use it offline Saving.html saves nothing This can be tricky, but try to get to a page where the URL reads: and hit Ctrl or ⌘ + S to save the file you may have to search through the source code image.jpg,.png,.svg et al. animation.gif sound.mp3,.wav video.avi,.mpg.mp4, et al. flash.swf work offline

12 Google Drive Steadily improving alternative to Microsoft Office, can edit documents in browser with basic features Sync and storage features a la Dropbox 15GB free, can pay for more Sharing features allow for collaboration and a potential paperless classroom Accessible by iPad/Phone or Android (no mobile powerpoint yet, keep your fingers crossed)

13 Google Translate iPad and Android apps, some versions permit offline translation Chrome has a translation add-on, inline translation and mouseover for original language can also translate various files: detailsdetails

14 Google Earth: time travel show processes over time with real subjects 1943 - meander... 1995 2004 2006 2010 - oxbow! wonderful source

15 urban history (October 2012 -> March 1949) Google Earth: time travel

16 familiar landmarks can provide a grounding sense for numbers. Something moving 10m/s traverses the yellow line once a second Google Earth: scale

17 Most actions on the computer can be done using the keyboard alone: selecting text, opening programs, opening a new tab etc. You don't need to aim a keystroke Windows shortcuts are in Orange Mac Shortcuts are in Cyan identify your repetitive tasks and figure out how to do them swiftly using key hooks

18 WindowsWindows and Mac commandsMac and Windows shortcuts for: Win WordWin Word Mac WordMac Word Win Excel Win Powerpoint Win Google ChromeWin Google Chrome Mac Google ChromeMac Google Chrome All other programs Links to keyboard shortcut listings (so you don't have to search)

19 Best example: editing text if you just typed this: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet I pressing ←, ← gets: Lorem ipsum dolor sit am I et pressing Ctrl + ←, Ctrl + ← or Option + ←, Option + ← Lorem ipsum dolor I sit amet pressing Ctrl + Backspace or Option + Delete Lorem ipsum I sit amet pressing Shift + ←, ←, ← Lorem ips I um sit amet pressing Shift + End Lorem ipsum sit amet I

20 tips for Windows Alt + Tab cycles through open windows Alt + Space opens the window management menu to Maximize, Close, etc + E opens My Computer (quick USB Stick use) Alt+Letter will "click" any underlined button This is very common e.g. Alt+F clicks File

21 Why use your mouse? Remember the letter underline Instead of clicking Browse, Alt + B

22 tips for Mac Command + Tab cycles through open applications There are an absurd number of very specific shortcuts that can be very useful for certain tasks, check it out herehere Command + Spacebar opens up spotlight search

23 Ctrl + commaToggle subscript text ⌘ + = Ctrl + periodToggle superscript text ⌘ + Shift + = Ctrl + EToggle center text ⌘ + E Ctrl + ]Make highlighted text larger ⌘ + ] Ctrl + [Make highlighted text smaller ⌘ + ] Word (Office) some differences between the two but patterns exist Especially Ctrl ≈ ⌘

24 Chrome Ctrl + LCursor on address bar ⌘ + L Ctrl + TOpen a new tab ⌘ + T Ctrl + Page DownMove one tab forward ⌘ + Option + ← Ctrl + Page UpMove one tab forward ⌘ + Option + → Ctrl + WClose Tab ⌘ + W Ctrl + Shift + TUnclose Tab ⌘ + Shift + T

25 Real Example To type announcements at the start of class: I open Word, click the Maximize the window button, click the Center the text button, and make the font size large enough to see with the drop down menu Windows Key, "word", Enter, Alt+Space, X, Ctrl + E, Ctrl + ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] 30 seconds saved on a task repeated 5 times a day = 7.5 hours of instruction reclaimed per school year

26 Peripherals Wireless USB keyboard/ trackpads allow you to have complete control of the computer from anywhere in the room look on amazon or newegg, usually ~$30 and also really great for home entertainment computers and being lazy around the houseamazonnewegg There are pocket ones too...

27 $30+. Some come with laser pointers

28 You have a smartphone.

29 Unified Remote and alternatives free for android demo (functional!), full version $4.

30 Election Night, 2012 iPad + Binoculars = unwieldy telescope · also used: Google Drive PowerPoint editor · trusty headlamp

31 Did you know...

32 Telescopes and their cousins, binoculars, can magnify images, or make them larger

33 News at the speed of light.


35 You can focus or watch the student focus while both can see USB cameras and webcams can be hooked up to SmartBoards and Projectors ELL's and native speakers alike learn the visual cues for proper focusing and advanced techniques like fine focus You already have a camera phone... NO EXCUSES Digiscoping for Education Why bother?

36 iPhone camera held to microscope eyepiece, no special preparation White onion and iodine stain at 100x

37 NYS Living Environment required Diffusion lab "I didn't see anything!" "¡No sé qué dibujar!" "I skipped class when we did that onion thing!" "I don't remember what was different!"

38 Before adding salt solution

39 After adding salt solution

40 You have an ipad

41 I have only one of these iPads I have more than one student They all want to use the iPad NOW. What do we do? The core problem

42 app hunting Free (demo) apps range from hardly functional to life-saving You may need several similar apps to suit diverse needs. Look for robust, flexible apps Testing the purchased apps of others also free (collaborate!) Find iPad apps that are useable on iPhone Shop around before buying ANYTHING, exhaust all free options Keep up on new apps or free weekends, using tech websites,, App Store, etc.

43 roles of iPad in classroom One iPad, one student: good for individual enrichment, special needs accommodations, alternative assessment, wealthy school $ One iPad, one class: presenting lessons and lectures, remote control apps, short demo passed around, station teaching One iPad, one teacher: productivity, email, google drive, video camera, document viewer, staff collaboration

44 Content and enrichment BiologyPhysic s GeneralChemistry These applications can be used directly by individual students. A lesson may require every student to have an iPad, but a projector can display one app to the class iCellMolecules Exoplanet Flashcardlet EMD PTE Free GraCalc

45 The blackboard of the future Any app can be thrown on a projector using a VGA adapter, $30, get the right one! Prezi is a free zooming and panning, visually dynamic alternative to powerpoint presentations Any notetaking or drawing app can be paired with a projector via VGA to create something like a smartboard. We like SketchbookX, $0

46 Collaboration and Communication on a phone GroupMe - texting app, free over wifi can use cellular data or SMS Multiple rooms, file sharing, picture messages Google Drive Sync documents for subway reading Almost all of the function of the website How do you think we made this presentation?

47 It is tempting to use new expensive technology mainly for taking pictures of cats Meet LouLou :3

48 or as an expensive paperweight even though paper does sometimes need weighing down...

49 $600 can buy many posters We can do better than a tiny glowing poster

50 QR and Easy way to share documents and resources Both link to this presentation... BE GREEN made using and

51 Contact info Please! Email us any questions or app or technology suggestions cc all of us, please,,,,

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