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The Ultimate Desktop Solution for Cloud and Virtualization.

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1 The Ultimate Desktop Solution for Cloud and Virtualization

2 Founded in Oct 2000 Specializes in managed zero/thin client technology for cloud and virtualization environments Global channel network of 1 st -line distribution and reseller partners worldwide Existing install base at hundreds of thousands of organizational and global customers Millions of installed devices and software licenses The company:

3 Chip PC Technologies Headquarters HQ office in Haifa (R&D, Executive, Operations) Israel Sales and support office in Tel Aviv area Chip PC Inc. Sales and support office in TX Sales and support office in FL Chip PC GmbH Sales and support office European service Center Chip PC UK Ltd Sales and support office for UK and Nordics Chip PC Benelux Sales and support office Chip PC France Sales and support office Company structure: Chip PC Australia Local Rep Chip PC Turkey Local Rep Chip PC India Local Rep Chip PC Russia Local Rep Chip PC Bulgaria Local Rep Chip PC Romania Local Rep Chip PC China Local Rep Chip PC Nordics Local Rep

4 Global coverage – offices, reps, channels

5 Global channel network: Value added distribution - worldwide Chip PC Technologies Fulfiller distribution - worldwide Reseller Partners/Integrators End customers

6 Small products – big solutions: Compact, unique form factor zero/thin clients Remotely managed and secured by Active Directory-based Xcalibur Global management software Unique features such as SFP/Fiber optic support, internal smartcard support, Wi Fi, HDMI & more Green technology, lowest power consumption

7 PCoIP Zero Client Family Zero Client designed for VMware PCoIP support TERA2321 processor 512 MB DDR3 RAM 4 USB 2.0 ports DVI-I and DVI-D graphics ports Dual display support VMware Ready PCoIP support 6W power Fiber optic option HD PC – Powerful thin client Family Super powerful Windows 8 ready/WES7/Full Linux AMD Dual-Core 8GB SSD Flash/2 GB RAM DDR3 USB 3.0 HDMI, DVI-D & VGA Display output, HD support Full Citrix HDX and VMware PCoIP support Citrix Receiver 13, RDP 7.1, IE 9.0, VMware View 5 Windows media player 12, Flash player 10.2 Ultra VNC.Net Framework 3.5 Windows update Agent Domain Join LXD –thin client Family Powerful small form factor Linux based device Marvell Dove Armada 510 processor 2GB Flash/ 1GB RAM 6 USB 2.0 ports DVI-I graphics Dual display support Citrix HDX and VMware PCoIP support ICA 12 client, Linux RDesktop 1.6 Firefox/Google Chrome browsers Managed by Xcalibur Global. 5W power Fully Managed Smart card/SFP Fiber/Wi fi options Zero/thin/smart clients: Citrix HDX Zero Client Family Zero Client designed for Citrix HDX support AMD Fusion T40N 1.0GHz (Dual Core) 1 GBDDR3 RAM 4 USB 2.0 ports DVI-I and DVI-D graphics ports Dual display support Citrix Ready HDX support 13W power Wi Fi option

8 Plug PC thin client Family Miniature Form Factor Windows CE/Linux based OS Au 1250 RMI processor 528 MHz RISC 256MB DOC 128MB DDR RAM 4 x USB 2.0 ports DVI-D Video-Out 3-5W power Fully Managed Fully secured Jack PC thin client Family Power-over-Ethernet included Network-Integrated Form Factor Windows CE/Linux based OS Au 1250 RMI processor, 528 MHz RISC 256MB DOC 128MB DDR RAM 4 x USB 2.0 ports DVI-I Video-Out 3-5W power Fully Managed Fully secured Xtreme PC thin client Family Desktop Form Factor Windows CE/Linux based OS Au 1250 RMI processor,528 MHz RISC 256MB DOC 256MB DDR RAM 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 Serial port, VGA+DVI-D Video-Out Dual-Quad display support (optional) 3-5W power Fully Managed Fully secured Smart card/SFP Fiber/Wi fi options EX PC thin client Family Powerful, Desktop Form Factor Windows Embedded 7 OS WES7 AMD Fusion T40N 1.0GHz (Dual Core) 2 GB/8 GB (up to 32 GB) Full HD - 1920 x 1080 pix Microsoft Client 6.2RDP 8, VMware View 5.3.0, Citrix Client Enterprise 3.4, PCoIP, HDX power 14.0W Fully Managed Wi fi option Zero/thin/smart clients:

9 PC to TC Converter Family Convert a PC into a Thin Client, Extend hardware life time, Support for PCs up from 500 MHz and 128 Mb RAM, PC functionality in a thin client architecture, Cost effective, Super secure, Available in IDE, SATA, and USB-Stick versions. Smart clients Family Windows7/8 and WES7/8 devices Latest Intel and AMD based mart Clients Advanced Video – including multi display Manageable via industry leading tools Running a wide set of 32bit Clients and applications Customizable desktop interface Plug-and–Play – Fast, easy deployment Data Integrity – Centralized data storage and backup Secured – Enhanced Write Filter protection & File based Filter protection Multipoint Server solution Intel® Core™ i5 / i3 Processors ( Support SO-DIMM DDR3 x2, Up to 8GB 1333 Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM Support DirectX 10 Intel® HD Graphics from CPU, VGA share memory size 256MB Support 1 x 3.5”SATA III HDD, up to 1TB 1 x Support SATA III Slim DVD Super multi Tray Type On Board 8 Channel HD audio On Board 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN 1 x Card reader (SD/SDHC/MS/MS Pro/MS Pro- HG) Included Zero/thin/smart clients:

10 Chip PC’s management suite - the Xcalibur Global - is aimed at providing much more than simple device management, answering the challenges of management and monitoring tasks in an ever-changing IT Environment: Industry-leading, policy-based management for thin clients and users Plug & play deployment for hundreds to tens of thousands thin clients on local or remote sites Complete configuration and permissions allocation to devices/users Based on Microsoft standards (MMC interface, Active Directory synchronization) Interfaces Microsoft, Citrix and VMware Virtual Centers, Microsoft SMS Complies with the harshest information security standards in organizations Best fit for medium-large organizations and enterprises Intelligent management software:

11 Active Directory User-based Authentication Policy-based and Task-based deployment Xcalibur Global Architecture Intelligent management software:

12 Manage clients in any environment (LAN, WAN): Deployment: Effortless 'out of the box' deployment Configuration (Policy based): 100% of the client’s firmware settings can be set by Policies Monitoring: Real time client monitoring & logging Upgrade: Centrally upgrade devices deployed throughout the enterprise Software add-ons: Install add-ons independently without upgrading the entire client OS Secure: Integrates with Active Directory, Leverages Windows Security Easy to Install & Use: No need to clone & redeploy multiple firmware master copies, no Scripts & Configuration files, no Registry editing needed

13 R&D collaboration with industry leaders Intel, AMD, Marvell, and Teradici in developing next generation thin clients Strategic business and R&D partnership with cloud/virtualization market leaders: Microsoft Gold Partner, Source Code Agreement level, chosen for Microsoft’s Green Product campaign in Europe Citrix Core Level Ready Partner (highest level) VMware Elite Level Ready Partner (highest level) Continues to win strategic global customers, such as BNP Paribas, Wal-Mart, Lufthansa and France Telecom Strategic Partners:

14 Our Customers:

15 Info Tech research group:

16 Proprietary hardware and software designs of zero/thin client technology Market unique hardware features: HDMI, SFP, PKI smartcard, Wi Fi and more Local firmware digital signage security layer and modular plug in architecture The best management software in the market Environmental friendly & cost effective technology, lowest power consumption Summary – our advantages:

17 Thank you!

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