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HILLDALE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Community Forum January 26-27, 2015 Dr. Kaylin Coody.

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1 HILLDALE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Community Forum January 26-27, 2015 Dr. Kaylin Coody

2 Welcome! And thank you for your time!!! Our schedule I. District update II. School finance III. District priorities – Comprehensive Local Education Plan IV. Your input on priorities V. Wrap up

3 District Update: Enrollment Lower Elementary (PK-2) 640 Students Upper Elementary (3 rd -5 th )413 Students Middle School (6-8) 412 Students High School (9-12) 515 Students 1,980

4 District Enrollment Changes Increase of 190 students since 2011 10% increase – huge for any district Also seeing changes in demographics Now 55% of students in the district live in poverty Over 54% of students are minorities – Hispanic, Black, Native American, Asian Requests for transfers – over 400 for this school year We follow a very specific process, largely based on class size

5 District Update: Certified Staff Lower Elementary (PK-2) 24 Certified Gen Ed/ 15 Certified Support 1 Admin Upper Elementary (3 rd -5 th )18 Certified Gen Ed/3 Add’l Certified Support 1 Admin Middle School (6-8) 16 Certified Core/12 Add’l Certified Support* 1 Admin High School (9-12) 17 Certified Core/19 Add’l Certified Support* 2.3 Admin *Many in extracurriculars some portion of day/not full-time 3 District Admin

6 School Finance – Types of money General – majority of funds, from local, county, state, federal funds: spent on salaries and general operations Building – specific for facilities: spent on upkeep of facilities Activity – generated from fund raisers/ticket sales: spent as each group specifies Bond – voter approved based on property valuation: spent as bond specifies, usually facilities or transportation

7 Hilldale Finance District valuation: $47,222,813 (value of all property inside the school district) District budget:$12,000,000 (approximately) State aid to district:62% Federal funds:13% Local funds:25% Concerns: state funding is at approximately 2009 levels, sequestration at federal level (est 5-9% reduction), need for local development to increase ad valorem

8 District finance: Bond issues $7.2 million approved in March, 2013 – 10 year bond MS-HS band room – storm shelter MS classrooms/restrooms MS-HS kitchen/cafeteria Elem kitchen/cafeteria QSCB federal funds pay part of interest

9 District Priorities: Comprehensive Local Education Plan (CLEP) & some of our progress in the last year

10 GOAL 1: Provide quality curriculum and instruction that prepare all students for the future using a variety of methods including technology Implemented full day pre-school Established HS Video Production class Increased college classes on campus Established district plan for pacing guides, lesson plans and grades on-line Began PLCs for staff to increase focus on individual student interventions Expanded Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at HS Disseminated 100 Chrome Books at secondary, 15 Redcats and 60 mini- ipads at elementary

11 GOAL 2: Provide a safe learning environment for all students and members of the school community Worked with the City of Muskogee to have 2 School Resource Officers on campus Implemented safer drop-off and pick-up routes at elementary sites Completing 3 safe room spaces, enough for all staff and students Awarded state and national School of Character for strategies implement at the MS Worked with city, county and state law enforcement to have emergency training in our buildings Established a contract with Green Country Mental Health to provide services on our campuses

12 GOAL 3: Attract & retain qualified, competent teachers and staff members This is a HUGE challenge, statewide Increased training through electronic and on-site formats Increased structure of PLCs across campus – respect that they ARE the experts and support them to provide for our students Increased focus and access to technology Teacher grants through Hilldale Education Foundation and response to PLC notes as incentives Need to continue to increase recognition!

13 GOAL 4: Provide quality facilities Nearly $1 million spent on roofs across the district last summer New facilities through $7.2million bond issue almost complete Maintenance and custodians working on existing buildings Purchase of church adjoining elementary campus – NO, we don’t have plans yet! Another bond issue? Anything before 2023 will raise taxes – how much is ok?

14 SO…here’s your part! Move into groups of 4-6 people Quickly – someone volunteer to lead each group Brainstorm on each goal: No bad ideas! Everyone has a voice Respect all perspectives Each participant will select their top three and tally for the group

15 Goal 1 – Curriculum & Instruction 5 minutes: What else do we need? Think of how we pay for that. 3 minutes: Tally group votes

16 Goal 2 – Safety 5 minutes: What else do we need? Think of how we pay for that. 3 minutes: Tally group votes

17 Goal 3 – Qualified, competent staff 5 minutes: What else do we need to do? Think of how we pay for that. 3 minutes: Tally group votes

18 Goal 4 – Quality facilities 5 minutes: What else do we need? Think of how we pay for that. 3 minutes: Tally group votes

19 Are these the four priorities? Quality curriculum & instruction Safety Qualified staff Facilities

20 A few announcements Tomorrow night, Elementary Open House and Community Forum, 5:30/6:30 Survey re: school calendar; probably next week District survey: probably end of Feb. – just more ideas It’s spring. Our legislators are getting ready to go into session. PLEASE get involved! Call or email me anytime. YOU must share and gather input! Tell 10 people what you learned tonight.

21 Thank you so much for your time!!!

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