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William Guyton Legal Services Alabama I.T. Manager.

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1 William Guyton Legal Services Alabama I.T. Manager

2 How do we deliver on IV’s vision? A vision of an integrated delivery model. A vision that integrates business logic and process With communications technology webRTC + asterisk +legal server

3 So what is webRTC? WebRTC is a free, open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple Javascript APIs.

4 Enable realtime Communication in the browser (no plugin) Run rich realtime media without extra software (no plugin) Run on existing supported browsers (Chrome and FireFox)

5 Is now adopted by the internet task force IETF and the W3C consortium A HTML5 standard Supporting different types of media such as jingle/SIP/XMPP Audio, video, telepresence, chat, etc…

6 Instantly VoIP enabling every browser in the world No software or plug in to install webRTC rocks!

7 Interoperability with existing VoIP technologies using RTP (SIP) Open Standards: anyone can play, WC3, True unified communications Voice/Video/Screen Sharing/IM

8 OS agnostic, Linux, Mac, Windows. Network friendly via port 80 and 443 allows for Integrated browser/Internet functions So webRTC is the “client” side of the integration….

9 Server side….Asterisk Asterisk is a Communications Engine Free, open source, large active community Suport for many protocols and projects…. VoIP, PSTN, fax, IM, call center via queues, many more…..

10 Asterisk version 11 5 years of support a LTS Release LTS = Stability NOT Features New in Asterisk 11

11 Chan_motif – combines chan_google and chan_jingle into a single driver Refactored XMPP engine res_xmpp More Stable / less difficult to keep up with google

12 WebSockets support for SIP WebRTC support, adds real-time communications to web browsers Intergrated into onboard HTTP server in *

13 Client side via webRTC and a browser Server side via asterisk (communications engine) CMS side via Legal Server So the case management system is integrated with the communication engine and thus aware of communications related events.

14 So in IV’s call center example: Online intake is integrated with CMS CMS is integrated with call center queues Based on client ID, given after online intake is done, client is re-queued back in line.

15 So in IV’s call volume example: A business process is triggered base on a number of callers on hold in the hot line queue. An email/IM/SMS is generated and send to current volunteers with a imbedded hyperlink that once clicked logs them into the queue to take a call.

16 The browser is the VoIP phone (SIP) The browser is the IM to program staff and/or client (XMPP) The browser is the screen sharing platform to help a client fill out a form or intake We are currently doing integration work in Alabama (LSA) and Montana (MTLSA).

17 Thank you Effective and efficient

18 William Guyton Legal Services Alabama I.T. Manager (334)328-8685

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