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ISU CMS (Career Management System). Where can I find ISU CMS? Here!

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1 ISU CMS (Career Management System)

2 Where can I find ISU CMS? Here!

3 ISU CMS Log In If you don’t remember your password, click “Forgot Password”). Your Username is your email address. Log-In Website:

4 ISU CMS Homepage  “Resume Builder” can also be found under the “Documents” or “Resources” Tabs.  Under “SHORTCUTS”, click “Resume Builder”

5 Resume Builder  Click “Create New Resume”

6 Step 1: Outlines Select one of the six templates and Click “Save and Continue” in the section of your desired template. “Engineering Resume – Entering Student” (appropriate for most students)

7 Step 2: Customize Sections You may customize the sections of your Resume by name and order. Use the arrow buttons on the right to adjust the order. You can also delete a section or add a section. Under Section Title, you may type in a different title. Ex. The default on this section title is “Work Experience”. If you clicked in the box, it could be changed to “Professional Experience” or if you didn’t have work experience, “Leadership Experience”. CLICK SAVE AND CONTINUE

8 Step 3: Content and Style Click here to select different resume layouts (Classic, Modern, Swiss, Classic II) Click box and start typing. Hit “save and continue” and the next section will open. Repeat steps. Remember to click “Save And Continue” after you’ve finished with this page.

9 Step 4: Save Click “View Doc” to open it as a MS Word Document. ALWAYS EDIT IN WORD!!!

10 Why Edit Your Resume in MS Word? 1.ISU CMS does not always have your current contact information and sometimes adds extra information you don’t need to include (i.e. Ames, IA 50010 United States). 2.Customize any other formatting (Color, Bold, Italicize, Underline, etc.) 3.MS Word has spell check! 4.It is quicker to convert your resume to a PDF in MS Word!

11 Uploading Resume to ISU CMS Click “Browse” to locate your resume on your computer. Click in the box and type the name of your resume: Ex: Alexandra Rowe Resume You can upload other documents too! Click “Submit” to finish. ***Remember to save your resume as a PDF in MS Word before uploading.

12 Reminders:  ECS suggests testing your desired browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome), by building the beginning of your resume (ex. a header and an objective) and then saving through until the “view doc” option. *It is rare, but there can be bugs with formatting depending on the browser you use.  Continue to update your resume each semester.  You may upload multiple versions of your resume, but make sure to click “Make Default” on your most current resume.  ECS suggests keeping multiple versions of your resume on your computer while only keeping one resume uploaded at all times. Doing this will prevent you from applying for a job with the wrong resume.

13 Questions???  Please visit us in Marston 308 if you have any questions about ISU CMS.  If you would like to have your resume reviewed by one of our Career Advisors, log in to ISU CMS to make an appointment.

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