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Meghalaya Online Scholarship Portal

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1 Meghalaya Online Scholarship Portal

2 Pre-requisites Internet Connection ( may visit DIOs office in DC office/ BDO office, PHC/CHC, CSC) id ( if you don’t have one create one right away. Remember to keep your emial id and password properly) Mobile No ( You will receive sms alerts for al activities in the portal)

3 Open a web Browser Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla firefox
Torch Or Any other browser Enter the website address : in the address bar


5 Click on Login Enter the username and password which you have received through your , enter the code as shown on the screen

6 Successful login

7 Institute Administration
Register Institute Profile Register Bank Account Register Courses/Branches Register Fee Structure Update Fee Structure

8 Register Institute Profile
This page facilitates registration and update of institute profile. This information shall be displayed on the institute scholarship portal to the students and public. All scholarship related SMS alerts will be sent to the mobile number of the scholarship nodal officer. Institute admin can update these details any time. In case any wrong entries, a cross (X) shall be shown. Enter all the details in the online form. Click on Update Institute Profile to save your information to the portal

9 Register Courses/Branches
You can register the courses that are running in your institute from this page. Students will be able to apply for scholarships for these courses only. If you do not find any course in any of course types. Please contact State scholarship administrator to get it initilized. Select Course Type and click on Show the Courses and branches A list of unregistered courses and branches will be displayed, Mark to select the branch

10 Register Courses/Branches
Please be very careful while adding courses, please do not add courses which are not conducted in your institute, because there is no delete option

11 Register Fee Structure
 You can register fee structure of your registered courses and branches from this page. You have to select academic year, course and branch to list fee heads. Then you may enter amount against fee head and press save button to register. After selecting academic year, course and branch to list fee heads, click on List of Fee Heads

12 Register Fee Structure
Enter Fee amount against each fee head, Click on Register Fee Heads to save details

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