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How to watch the presentation live Before the conf. call be sure to open and download the slides onto your computer. Note: this all works.

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1 How to watch the presentation live Before the conf. call be sure to open and download the slides onto your computer. Note: this all works easier if you are using Google Chrome browser If you have microsoft powerpoint great. If you need a free viewer too see the slides,

2 “The Amazing Penny” series Part 3 Jade Greenzymes From Kenzen Organic Nutritionals 2/5/11 Recordings at:

3 May I ask you a Question? What is more important to you at this time in life, better health or better wealth?? Is your health in crisis? or Do you need financial peace? Or Both?

4 The Successful History of Nikken In 1975 Nikken began in Japan. Became the fastest growing direct sales business. Changed the health of the Japanese people. Reached 1 out of every 8 homes with one product or more. Since entering into the American market, Nikken has made on average 1 new millionaire every other month. Consistently delivers health miracles to the hopeless.

5 Nikken Kenzen™ Wellness | ORGANIC-BASED NUTRITION

6 My personal Nikken organic nutritionals at my home: Ciaga, Immunity, Omega Green+DHA, Mental Clarity, Mega Daily 4, Joint, Liver Support, Digestion Complex 4-20, Jade Greenzymes, Lactoferrin Gold, OsteoDenx The Amazing Penny series will cover all of these nutritionals.


8 pro·pri·e·tar·y of or relating to ownership Nikken owns proprietary rights to: JADE GREENZYMES® a patented strain of green barley seed was developed for JADE GREENZYMES® that produces maximum yield of the most nutritious part of the plant. It is available nowhere else. The formula is proprietary


10 Imagine that you owned the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, but you were accidentally poisoned by mercury and you were losing your health. 50 years ago Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D. was faced with this dilemma. After studying hundreds of foods in Japan, Dr Hagiwara discovered that juice from the young leaves of barley grass was his answer. He saved his own life and formed a 40 year industry, with his premier product today being: JADE GREENZYMES® by Nikken

11 JADE GREENZYMES® Proprietary Barley Grass Nutrition Contains all Amino Acids and Proteins Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are the major constituent of every cell and body fluid (except urine and bile) and are thus necessary for the cell building, regeneration, and energy production that we need for life. An added benefit of JADE GREENZYMES® VS MEAT is that the proteins are polypeptides; smaller proteins that can be directly absorbed by the blood, where they promote cell metabolism.

12 One of the most nutrient- packed foods found in nature. 10 times the calcium of milk, 5 times the iron in spinach, and more protein per weight than a steak, barley juice is a true super food. JADE GREENZYMES®

13 loaded with every essential amino acid, with over 12 minerals, and 13 different vitamins (including Vitamin K!). Plus, 41% of barley grass is digestible small protein, which body builders love. And, at 66 times the chlorophyll as spinach, it makes getting your daily intake of raw veggies as easy as one quick drink in the morning. JADE GREENZYMES®

14 Body has reported 287 pollutants found in the umbilical cords of newborns in America. We need to de-poison ourselves with the 300 enzymes in JADE GREENZYMES®.

15 SOD SOD – Superoxide dismutase Superoxide dismutase is an essential antioxidant enzyme. The importance of SOD in the body is clearly demonstrated by a study which showed that mice lacking the gene coding for SOD died within the first ten days of life due to heart disease, fatty liver, acceleration of age- related muscle loss and metabolic acidosis[10]. [10] A deficiency of SOD was shown in another study to lead to widespread free radical damage, leading to the development of liver cancer later in life[11].[11] Lou Gehrig’s disease is associated with malformation of SOD in the body.

16 Yasuo Hotta specialist in gene engineering, University of California @ San Diego found in barley grass a substance he called P4D1. By damaging human Lung cells…(story) This substance not only has strong anti-inflammatory action, but also has the power to repair DNA and thus aids in the prevention of abnormal growth patterns, aging and premature cell death. He reported in a Japan Pharmacy Science Association meeting that P4D1 suppresses pancreatitis, inflammation of the oral cavity, lacerations of the stomach and duodenum and dermatitis. Yasuo Hotta found that barley grass is much stronger than steroid drugs, but has NO SIDE EFFECTS. JADE GREENZYMES® is amazing. P4D1 enzyme…

17 Supports Balanced PH JADE GREENZYMES® Is extremely alkaline, so consuming it can help keep the body's alkaline and acidity ratio balanced. Our cells cannot adequately function if the pH range (which measures acidity and alkaline) is not in a narrow range. Most processed foods are acidic. Acidic Processed Foods JADE GREENZYMES® Alkaline

18 Organic galactomannan: The nutritional benefits of galactomannans (gum fiber) as dietary fiber have been well documented earlier (Trowell et al, 1976; Ali et al, 1995; Gupta et al, 2001). -Lowering LDL-cholesterol -Lowers blood glucose (sugar) after meals. -1 teaspoon 20 minutes before each meal. JADE GREENZYMES® It also contains:

19 JADE GREENZYMES® contains:

20 Porphin ring - the building block of heme and chlorophyll Chlorophyll [magnesium] converts sunlight into food. “For everything that has the breath of life, I have given the green..” Hemoglobin [Iron Fe] Carries oxygen to our cells “The life of the body is in the blood” Hemoglobin is not identical to Chlorophyll but they are designed to work together. JADE GREENZYMES® feeds your blood

21 JADE GREENZYMES® When anemic animals were given raw chlorophyll they were able to increase their speed of hemoglobin regeneration by 50%. The control group which received synthetic chlorophyll showed no increase in their hemoglobin regeneration. Chlorophyll has "remarkable blood cleansing and building abilities", and it has an effect on the circulatory system and oxygen supply, and it also has a role in detoxifying and regenerating the liver. Chlorophyll can also protect us from pollution and carcinogens. Read more: chlorophyll-work-in-your-body-3452712.html#ixzz1D1tzoy39 chlorophyll-work-in-your-body-3452712.html#ixzz1D1tzoy39

22 Glucose [blood sugar] goes into the cell…it turns into Pyruvic eventually turns into ATP [adenosine triphosphate] ATP must now attach to Magnesium to burn energy. ATP + Mg = ENERGY JADE GREENZYMES® ENERGY FORMATION

23 Inadequate magnesium intake frequently causes muscle spasms, and has been associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, migraines, Osteoporosis and strokes. JADE GREENZYMES® CONTAINS MAGNESIUM

24 The path of energy Your body makes ATP ATP needs to bind with Magnesium How do you get more Magnesium? Consume more Chorophyll JADE GREENZYMES® has 66X more chlorophyll than spinach! This forms cellular energy, which powers all cell work. You now have more energy.

25 The path of weight loss JADE GREENZYMES® contains lipases! Fats need to be released by lipolysis. The more lipolytic enzymes you consume, the more free fatty acids enter circulation. The lipases split fatty acids and release their ATP energy. The ATP then binds with the magnesium from Chlorophyll and forms heat [caloric] energy. This is how JADE GREENZYMES® will help you lose weight enzymatically.

26 Partial List of Benefits *Naturally improves energy *Rich in antioxidants *Improves digestion & regularity *Alkalizes the internal body *Helps rebuild the immune system *Provides raw building blocks for the hair, skin and nails *Contains cleansing properties *Anti-inflammatory ingredients *Promotes clear thinking *Plus, Anti-aging properties JADE GREENZYMES®

27 Retail: Jade GreenZymes Jar (15553) $ 48.00 Jade GreenZyme Packets (15554) $ 41.00 Jade GreenZyme Capsule (15555) $ 51.00

28 A penny that doubles can become an amazing financial tool. Jade Greenzymes is amazing !!!

29 One becomes two each month!!

30 12 months later At the end of the year an amazing 2,048 pennies are in the pile. 1>2>4>8>16>32>64>128>256>512> 1024>2048 pennies

31 If you take Ciaga and Jade Greenzymes…. And you shared the valuable information on this presentation with friends and family. And they did the same. Just doing the right thing for your body and your friends. 12 months x 12 people all duplicating each month equals over $200,000 x 6% = 12,000 bonus for you. This power of duplication is how Nikken has formed, on average, one millionaire every other month in America.

32 What is next? Please get back with the person that told you about this presentation. Get registered with Nikken for $35. Order And now you are part of the Amazing Penny program.

33 Part 4 in the Amazing Penny series: Nikken’s Immunity

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