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MeshCentral. MeshCentral A simple idea: Web access to all devices 2.

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1 MeshCentral

2 MeshCentral A simple idea: Web access to all devices 2

3 MeshCentral State of* 8700+ User accounts 10200+ Active device installations 6500+ Separate Meshes 4200+ Mesh leaders at peak hour 3 * Source: Meshcentral data – 12/15/2013 DELL PowerEdge 710 2 Xeon Processors, 16 threads 24 Gigabytes of RAM 1 640G SSD RAID0 array 1 Terabyte RAID0 array Number of connected devices within 24 hours.

4 MeshCentral Usages Remote desktopRemote desktop Remote terminal accessRemote terminal access Remote file accessRemote file access Remote web accessRemote web access Remote power controlRemote power control General monitoringGeneral monitoring Video chat with AndroidVideo chat with Android Web based based VNCWeb based based VNC iGoogle, Twitter, FacebookiGoogle, Twitter, Facebook Virtual Machine ControlVirtual Machine Control 4

5 MeshCentral Management & control Monitor power stateMonitor power state Remote power controlRemote power control Wake-on-LAN supportWake-on-LAN support Browse OS type & versionBrowse OS type & version Browse historical dataBrowse historical data Mobile siteMobile site 5

6 MeshCentral Browser based Websocket & WebRTC remote desktop. 6 Windows Linux OSX Android Chrom e

7 MeshCentral Watch multiple desktops at once. Browser makes many WebRTC connections, one for each desktop. 7

8 MeshCentral Web Terminal Remote command promptRemote command prompt Linux & Microsoft WindowsLinux & Microsoft Windows Fast, low latencyFast, low latency Websocket & WebRTCWebsocket & WebRTC 8

9 MeshCentral Remote File Access Web based file managerWeb based file manager Upload/download filesUpload/download files Copy/move/delete filesCopy/move/delete files Add/remove foldersAdd/remove folders Search files & foldersSearch files & folders Mobile siteMobile site 9

10 MeshCentral MeshCentral supports 3 different viewers for web-based VNC Access any remote VNC serverAccess any remote VNC server Work with XEN virtualization serverWork with XEN virtualization server Work with Intel ® vPro hardware VNCWork with Intel ® vPro hardware VNC Works with Intel ® vPro 10

11 MeshCentral 11 GPIO support for IoT devices: Intel Galileo, Intel Edison, Minnowboard… GPIO

12 MeshCentral 12 Mesh Agent Local Management, HTTPS port 16990 General information Remote Desktop Remote Command Prompt File Management Manage a device locally without the cloud

13 MeshCentral Node Webkit Application (with Tray Icon) Mobile Web Application Meshcentral Mesh API & application for user-to-user interactions Invite & accept relationsInvite & accept relations User messagingUser messaging One user, many deviceOne user, many device Web based applicationsWeb based applications BrowsersBrowsers Web applicationWeb application Automatic WebRTCAutomatic WebRTC Going forward Audio & Video chatAudio & Video chat File transfers, Draw padFile transfers, Draw pad Desktop sharingDesktop sharing

14 MeshCentral Mesh Android agent is enabled with the open source WebRTC audio/video stack. Meshcentral implement the “Mayday” feature with two way audio and one way video. 14 Meshcentral Meshcentral does WebRTC authentication & signaling Chrome and Opera browser can now open a audio/video conversation with remote devices. Android device overlays the video on top of the desktop. Video is browser to device only. Audio is both directions. WebRTC

15 MeshCentral Remote web access Load private pages over the InternetLoad private pages over the Internet All pages transferred over HTTPSAll pages transferred over HTTPS Fetch the Intel ® vPro web pagesFetch the Intel ® vPro web pages No network changes requiredNo network changes required Works with Intel ® vPro 15

16 MeshCentral Phone / Tablet application, Android / IOS 16

17 MeshCentral Based on a local peer-to-peer mesh of agents, this secure and scalable architecture solves the outside-in problem with no network setup Meshcentral Peer-to-peer network 17

18 MeshCentral Mesh Agent runs on: Microsoft Windows (32 bit & 64 bit )Microsoft Windows (32 bit & 64 bit ) Yocto / Intel ® Galileo (x86)Yocto / Intel ® Galileo (x86) Apple Mac OSX (x86)Apple Mac OSX (x86) Linux (x86, 64 bit, MIPS, ARM)Linux (x86, 64 bit, MIPS, ARM) Google Android (x86, ARM)Google Android (x86, ARM) Raspberry Pi (ARM)Raspberry Pi (ARM) Xen (x86)Xen (x86) PogoPlug (ARM)PogoPlug (ARM) Form factors Desktops, Laptops, NetbooksDesktops, Laptops, Netbooks PlugPC, Routers, HypervisorsPlugPC, Routers, Hypervisors Tablets, Mobile PhonesTablets, Mobile Phones * Actual devices managed today 18

19 MeshCentral Intel ® vPro support Monitors Intel ® vPro computers in sleep statesMonitors Intel ® vPro computers in sleep states Solves four big deployment problems with Intel ® vPro: Discovery, Credentials, Remote Access & ProvisioningSolves four big deployment problems with Intel ® vPro: Discovery, Credentials, Remote Access & Provisioning Remote access to BIOS, boot repair OS…Remote access to BIOS, boot repair OS… Meshcentral Out-of-band Communication 19 Intel ® vPro P2P Monitoring

20 MeshCentral Intel ® vPro Fast Call for Help (CIRA) support Built-in support for Intel ® AMT remote access connections.Built-in support for Intel ® AMT remote access connections. Traffic automatically routed to CIRA when possible.Traffic automatically routed to CIRA when possible. All applications API’s stay the same, identical security model.All applications API’s stay the same, identical security model. Meshcentral 20 Out-of-band Communication Intel ® AMT 4.0+ Javascript WSMAN Stack (Used for Web Applications)

21 MeshCentral Developer API’s are available for writing new usages on top of the mesh infrastructure. Web, agent and control API’s provide developers with flexibility. Meshcentral Online web API Enumerate devices Remote power control Remote messaging Remote TCP streaming Local Control API Enumerate devices Local power control Local messaging Agent API Inter-agent messaging Broadcast messaging Capability search 21

22 MeshCentral Mesh servers are managed, self-upgrading Specially built Platform ManagerSpecially built Platform Manager Remotely monitor & manage your serverRemotely monitor & manage your server Automatic deployment of signed updatesAutomatic deployment of signed updates Crash recovery & reportingCrash recovery & reporting 22 Platform Manager Console Platform Manager Server Router, NAT HTTP Proxy Router, NAT HTTP Proxy Platform Manager Server Secure end-to-end TLS tunnel

23 MeshCentral Main site 23

24 24

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