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Chromebook Initiative HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL 2015-16.

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1 Chromebook Initiative HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL 2015-16

2 Information for Parents: Chrome book Initiative will be rolling out at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year Each student in 4 th through 8 th grades must have one Parents may purchase a brand or model that fits their budget School requirements for the Chrome book: Screen size should be at least 12 to 13 inches, battery function should be at least 6 hours, provide a durable case for the book, and headphones. It is advisable that you purchase insurance and/or extended warranty

3 Questions or Concerns: Why Chrome books: This slideshow will answer many of your questions as to why. However, the most basic answer is saving money for both the family and the school. Chrome books will be set up for the school network in August before school starts(more information will follow with the summer packet). Specific questions about the Chrome books specifications, please contact Laura Lebherz at

4 Benefits for Parents and School Able to provide more technology for student’s learning Able to provide a common platform for students and staff using Google Docs Keeping the cost for families reasonable(not a factor for a potential tuition increase) Bringing our academics into the 21 st Century Keeping the costs for the school budget to a minimum(not having to purchase new technology every 3 to 4 years with up- grades) Able to provide teachers with more Professional Development on technology at a lower cost Preparing for the future(on-line textbooks, cloud computing, etc.)









13 The Top 8 Reasons to Buy Google Chromebooks: 1.Chromebook devices are as low as $249.00 MSRP! 2.They feature an easy to manage web based operating system that is incredibly secure, fast and reliable and is always fresh. 3.Centralized, web based device management means lower total cost of ownership 1.Update an entire fleet of Chromebooks with just a few clicks! 2.Pre­install and block web apps, track assets, create user groups and more! 4.Spend more time working and less time managing devices with 8 second cold boot and instant resume! 5.Battery life of 6.5 hours plus lasts an entire day! 6.New operating system released every 6 weeks with no need for backups, patches, data migration or re­imaging! 1.This means you are always on the latest and greatest operating system regardless of the age of the Chromebook 7.Seamlessly integrate with the Google Apps for Work! 8.$30 Software Management fee per device for life includes 24/7/365 Google Enterprise Support

14 Thank you! Thank you for the support of our programs and our technological growth (and potential growing pains!) We look forward to an exciting year next year with our initiative

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