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Claudiu Barbieru Tudor Calistru. 2Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru.

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1 Claudiu Barbieru Tudor Calistru

2 2Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

3 WaveMaker Software funded by Allegis Capital, Hummer-Winblad, Sippl Investments and Worldview Technology Partners. an open-source visual development platform dedicated to making web development easy. for commercial support and add-on features ->must purchase licenses. 3Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

4 They use a logical page flow from left to right- matching the developer workflow of adding a control to the canvas (LEFT), physically manipulating it (CENTER), then entering tweaking the details in the properties and style panel (RIGHT). Wavemaker is a great example of how a complicated product with many features can be clarified with good interface design.

5 WYSIWYG Web 2.0 Truly Open Ajax Drag & drop application assembly - minimizes coding LiveLayout - preview live data within the studio Studio runs in a standard browser - no complex development tools needed Push to Deploy™ - one-touch deployment to built-in WaveMaker server Standard Java deployment - WaveMaker.war file runs in standard Java servers Fully secure - database login, LDAP, role based access controls 5Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

6 Built on Open Source technologies Acegi Ant Antlr Apache Commons: * Dojo Ezmorph Fast Infoset Hibernate Hypersonic DB Java JAF JAX-WS JAXB JDOM Jsonlib Log4j ROME SAAJ SJSXP Spring StAX Tomcat WSDL4J XML Resolver XMLSchema xmlstreambuffer XmlTask 6Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

7 Specifications Integrates: Spring, Hibernate, JAXWS, ACEGI, Dojo, Sun JDK Supports: POJOs, JOSSO, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, WSDL, WADL, LDAP, ActiveDirectory (LDAP & ActiveDirectory only in Enterprise Edition) Deploys to: Local or remote java application servers, Amazon, RightScale Browsers: Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari 3.1+ or Chrome Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/Server 2003, Mac OS X 10.5+, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu Databases: Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, IBM DB2 (Only Postgres & MySQL in Community Edition) Servers: Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, GlassFish Minimum Required: Development: Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 3.1+ or Chrome 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution Deployment: JDK 1.5+ Java Application Server 7Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

8 WaveMaker Runtime Architecture Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru8

9 WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio: An intuitive, browser-based, WYSIWYG visual builder for rapidly assembling web applications. One-Click Widget & Template Publishing: Turns any WaveMaker page into a widget or template for reuse in projects. Enterprise-Ready Data Widgets: Pre-built templates & Ajax components assist in building a rich user interface in any browser without writing code. Live Forms: Create CRUD database forms with a single click. Live Layout: Preview live data within the Studio. And more...Charting Widgets, Diagnostics, Context-sensitive Help, Type Validation Flags, Resource Manager.... Client Java Services: Integrate existing Java code. Web Services: Connect with web services created using WSDL, REST or RSS Databases: Connect to almost any relational data source and import schema. Security: Use LDAP, database security, rolebased access controls and single-sign on solutions. Flexible Deployment: WaveMaker Studio creates standard WAR files that can be deployed to any JDK 1.5+ Java Server. One-click Cloud Deployment: Applications built in WaveMaker Studio can deploy directly to EC2. RightScale Integration: For multi-server deployments, WaveMaker integrates with RightScale's cloud management platform. Server Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru9

10 Client-Server Interaction Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru10

11 Why or…why Not? Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru11 Rapid Application Development Cut Web Development Costs by 90% + Complex transactional system(traditional J2EE) Complex workflow(BPM) -

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