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Claudiu Barbieru Tudor Calistru

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1 Claudiu Barbieru Tudor Calistru
WaveMaker Claudiu Barbieru Tudor Calistru

2 " WaveMaker is hands down the fastest way to build and deploy Ajax applications. Web developers can use our visual studio to build point and click web applications without having to know a single Web 2.0 acronym!“, Chris Keene, CEO of WaveMaker Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

3 WaveMaker Software funded by Allegis Capital, Hummer-Winblad, Sippl Investments and Worldview Technology Partners. an open-source visual development platform dedicated to making web development easy. for commercial support and add-on features ->must purchase licenses. Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

4 Wavemaker is a great example of how a complicated product with many features can be clarified with good interface design. They use a logical page flow from left to right- matching the developer workflow of adding a control to the canvas (LEFT) , physically manipulating it (CENTER), then entering tweaking the details in the properties and style panel (RIGHT).

5 WYSIWYG Web 2.0 Truly Open Ajax
Drag & drop application assembly - minimizes coding LiveLayout - preview live data within the studio Studio runs in a standard browser - no complex development tools needed Truly Open Ajax Push to Deploy™ - one-touch deployment to built-in WaveMaker server Standard Java deployment - WaveMaker .war file runs in standard Java servers Fully secure - database login, LDAP, role based access controls Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

6 Built on Open Source technologies
Acegi Ant Antlr Apache Commons: * Dojo Ezmorph Fast Infoset Hibernate Hypersonic DB Java JAF JAX-WS JAXB JDOM Jsonlib Log4j ROME SAAJ SJSXP Spring StAX Tomcat WSDL4J XML Resolver XMLSchema xmlstreambuffer XmlTask Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

7 Specifications Minimum Required: Integrates: Supports: Deploys to:
Spring, Hibernate, JAXWS, ACEGI, Dojo, Sun JDK Supports: POJOs, JOSSO, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, WSDL, WADL, LDAP, ActiveDirectory (LDAP & ActiveDirectory only in Enterprise Edition) Deploys to: Local or remote java application servers, Amazon, RightScale Browsers: Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari 3.1+ or Chrome Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/Server 2003, Mac OS X 10.5+, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu Databases: Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, IBM DB2 (Only Postgres & MySQL in Community Edition) Servers: Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, GlassFish Minimum Required: Development: Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 3.1+ or Chrome 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution Deployment: JDK 1.5+ Java Application Server Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

8 WaveMaker Runtime Architecture
Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

9 Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru
Client WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio: An intuitive, browser-based, WYSIWYG visual builder for rapidly assembling web applications. One-Click Widget & Template Publishing: Turns any WaveMaker page into a widget or template for reuse in projects. Enterprise-Ready Data Widgets: Pre-built templates & Ajax components assist in building a rich user interface in any browser without writing code. Live Forms: Create CRUD database forms with a single click. Live Layout: Preview live data within the Studio. And more...Charting Widgets, Diagnostics, Context-sensitive Help, Type Validation Flags, Resource Manager.... Server Java Services: Integrate existing Java code. • Web Services: Connect with web services created using WSDL, REST or RSS Databases: Connect to almost any relational data source and import schema. Security: Use LDAP, database security, rolebased access controls and single-sign on solutions. Flexible Deployment: WaveMaker Studio creates standard WAR files that can be deployed to any JDK 1.5+ Java Server. One-click Cloud Deployment: Applications built in WaveMaker Studio can deploy directly to EC2. RightScale Integration: For multi-server deployments, WaveMaker integrates with RightScale's cloud management platform. Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

10 Client-Server Interaction
Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

11 + - Why or…why Not? Rapid Application Development
Cut Web Development Costs by 90% + Complex transactional system(traditional J2EE) Complex workflow(BPM) - Claudiu Barbieru & Tudor Calistru

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