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Hermes EC3 Name, Title Presenter Notes -----

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1 Hermes EC3 Name, Title ----- Presenter Notes -----
Welcome to this presentation on Hermes EC3. We’re going to talk through a couple of slides to just define Hermes EC3, then we’ll go ahead and take a close look at the modules and features to help demonstrate how Hermes EC3 will ensure you better connect with your customers.

2 Complete Cloud Contact Center
Web native Call Center application Centralized admin, configure all contact strategies and management tools via a single interface Rapid development codebase, turn innovation into reality FAST No client install – IE, Firefox and Chrome, (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) No telephony device needed, just a headset True multi-channel support Skills based, blended, , fax, sms, chat, social ‘Real-time’ entirely customizable, extensive monitoring Unrestricted access to management information ----- Presenter Notes ----- Hermes EC3 is a Cloud Contact Center application, that’s entirely native to the web. It was designed to be accessed via the browser, and incorporates standard web platform and architecture technology. A single admin application enables you to configure your entire Contact Center and manage all of the resources to ensure the optimum solutions to better serve your customers, or connect and sell more products and services. There is literally nothing to install on the client, just open up a browser and fire up the agent application, access real-time information as a Supervisor or manage your Contact Center. You don’t even need a telephony device, you can use the built in softphone with a headset anywhere. All of the key characteristics of a truly Cloud Contact Center. Add to that very powerful and fully capable multi-channel support, including blended contact not only across inbound and outbound voice, but multiple channels such as and chat also. Being able to harness that ability, is made simple with extensive performance monitoring tools and unrestricted access to information so you can continuously improve the abilities of your Contact Center.

3 Cloud Contact Center Easy, graphically designed agent apps, workspaces and IVR ‘Action Builder’ makes it easy to ‘get connected’ to existing applications 1000’s seat Contact Center IVR via a single module of ‘Interface Designer’ Entirely cloud based, fully featured, multi-channel Contact Center ----- Presenter Notes ----- We make it easy to get started and continuously improve also. Graphical designers are provided to create the agent workspace as we call it, their unified desktop, the screen scripts or even ‘micro-applications’ and the IVR. Click and drag, intuitive features. A market defining full featured, multi-channel Cloud Contact Center solution.

4 Cloud Contact Center High Availability Cloud
Globally available, resilient and secure and unique World class voice infrastructure technology and design Compliance by design for PCI and Ofcom Hybrid available using MPLS active ready ----- Presenter Notes ----- Given the innovation in Hermes EC3, it perhaps goes without saying, it’s complimented with a market defining global Cloud infrastructure solution. It’s been well though out, to ensure we can accommodate the overheads of supporting voice and message encryption for example to ensure compliance with PCI, an on-network approach ensuring our application servers and voice infrastructure harmoniously and securely support the needs of our customers. Indeed, we’re as passionate about our voice infrastructure as we are about our product abilities.

5 Core Modules and Features
Administration Agent MEDIA & INCOMING OUTGOING Voice - Chat - - Fax - Social Media Supervision Screen Designer WORKSPACE AGENT SUPERVISION REPORTING ADMINISTRATION IVR DESIGNER SCREEN DESIGNER ----- Presenter Notes ----- So here’s a snapshot view of the key modules and some key features that define Hermes EC3. Hermes EC3 “sets the bar” in terms of customer contact for many reasons. To mention a few, the ability to easily create screen scripts or screen pops, use the powerful GUI based IVR designer, connect with customers shopping ‘off-line’ using a product we call The Drive, and providing advanced ‘pro-active’ intelligent web chat, that ensures you can connect with your customers, how they want you to. Agents, supervisors, administrators can use simple tools that enable management of your customer contact strategy at the optimum levels, for improving revenues or customer excellence like no other Contact Center product. So let’s take a closer look at Hermes Net modules and features. RECORDING The Drive The Wave IVR Designer Reporting

6 Unique Agent Workspace
User friendly agent interface ‘Familiar’ web based features Customizable workspace, media controls and context workflow, screen pop ‘apps’ Agent control of breaks, dispositions, transfers, personal callbacks and more Voice and screen recording ----- Key Messages ----- Entirely CUSTOMIZABLE workspace SIMPLE through to COMPLEX APP BUILDING, (screen scripts) that are context aware and within context CONNECTABILITY, exsiting web and database resources CONFIGURED complete AGENT control. ----- Presenter Notes ----- The Hermes Net ‘unified desktop’ agent workspace is unique. It’s unique for three key reasons. Firstly, it’s entirely customizable. The workspace itself can be in different colors, support different graphics and most importantly can be defined with different contact features for each media. When I say ‘the’, it’s actually possible to have many workspaces defined, to be used for different types of contact and campaigns. The features included in the workspace such as the ‘viewport’ browser frame which can be set to be moveable, resizable, allow free typing of URLs or entirely locked down to a single internal web system such as an intranet portal for example, and the controls or access you provide to the agents, is all entirely changeable via the very easy to use ‘graphically driven’ workspace designer. Secondly, the power to build agent applications or screen scripts, that are ‘context’ driven and different context type aware. For example on an inbound call, pop a customer service app, that’s work-flowed to help the agent provide excellent service; if it’s an outbound call ensure a sales agent has all the relevant details in a screen pop and the right fields to update an opportunity. Finally, it’s so connectable as we’ve already touched on. Re-use existing CRM solutions, data from corporate databases, connecting via client side scripting, literally anything and everything your agents could need is easily brought into their workspace. The workspace also provides the agent with a lot of control, such as call, , chat dispositioning, personal and system callback setting, break reasons and more. Our workspace solution is based on a simple philosophy, customers don’t necessarily remember what you did or said, they remember how you made them feel, and so your agents must have ALL the tools to ensure your customers have a great experience.

7 Screen Scripts or Applications
Web enabled design feature Create screen scripts, (apps) and workflows Drag and drop easy to use GUI Real-time interaction data capture ‘Connect’ to multiple database sources Conditional navigation and branching ‘Connect’ to CRM applications Customized action builder ----- Key Messages ----- WORKFLOW agent and customer interactions Start SIMPLE ACTION builder CLIENT FILE creation from inputs ----- Presenter Notes ----- The Interface Designer module is a graphical interface that makes creating screen scripts or work flowing a customer and agent interaction very easy. It incorporates a ‘blank canvas’ with the ability to build out exactly what you require for specific inbound or outbound campaigns. In particular, you can ‘drop’ onto a canvas text inputs, dropdown boxes, text areas, buttons and so on, anything that you’re used to seeing on a web page can be included. You can then go ahead and define a bunch of actions to associate to the web page INPUTS, we’ll describe them as, so if an agent selects a text box, out of sequence or if they hit a specific button and so on, we can set a trigger of a specific action. The actions range from changes in the screen or alerts, through to database queries form a separate database through to doing something from a voice perspective like putting a caller on hold or even transferring them to an IVR. We can even go off and query or do something on a separate CRM system. There are literally too many features to list, but I’d like to touch on just a couple more in particular. The GRID component enables you to, in a few clicks, ‘tie’ an OPEN database search result to a very useful table that provides helpful ‘in-built’ capabilities such as filtering from the titles of data, and the ability to add simple functions like “call the telephone number if record clicked” really easily. So you can imagine if you wanted to do some manual dialing in an organized fashion this is the perfect way to do that. Another key capability to mention is you can automatically create the schema to import a call file from your screen pop script. A simple click uses your inputs on your canvas to match the titles of the columns of data in your call file and importing becomes completely seamless, FASTER and even simpler. The screen script designer is extremely powerful and creating screen scripts is something USERS are now empowered to create themselves, no need to engage the IT team. Users can create really simple, one page screen pops in minutes, right through to an entirely bespoke CRM application.

8 Centralized Admin Simple, web based admin
Multi-site, multi-tenant, multi-channel Real-time campaign management Tiered level admin access Manage HR and skills based routing Manage ACD queues, outbound lists ----- Key Messages ----- CENTRALIZED, SIMPLE, BROWSER admin NORMALIZED approach to configuration – INTELLIGENT re-use of layout The COMPLEXITY of configuring many channels SIMPLIFIED by design and WHAT can be configured in admin. ----- Presenter Notes ----- The key to deploying a truly multi-channel solution, as we’ve touched on, is it being simple to setup and access. The Hermes Net Administration module is one of the five modules for defining and accessing the entire product via the browser. It really is simple to use, with access to setting up inbound and outbound contact strategies, across all channels, being very intuitive and organised. We mentioned it’s normalized in our introduction to the product and it literally is a key theme of the admin feature. Where possible to use exactly the same tabs and even in the same order across setting up channels we’ve taken advantage of keeping it simple. In fact, setting up agents, queues, inbound and outbound campaigns are almost self explanatory, although extremely configurable. For example, configuring overflow may be something other vendors look to their IVR configuration to define, with Hermes Net, it’s a simple dropdown and select, accompanied with all the relevant settings, easily accessed under the overflow tab. Skills assignment, rules, associated campaign documents or media to push to customers, is all setup via the admin module. There’s even a summary ‘feature’ that makes it easy to review and fine-tune your configuration real-time as often as you like.

9 Inbound Voice Campaigns
Inbound contact key features Customize queue and welcome messages Manage queue and overflow strategies Assign resources and service hours Associate workflow and screen scripts Define recording rules Set up pause codes and call qualification statuses and sub-statuses ----- Key Messages ----- SPEED to start taking calls FLEXIBILITY of scaling up to incorporate ADVANCED CONTACT STRATEGIES ----- Presenter Notes ----- Defining an inbound voice campaign will pretty much enable you to login and start taking calls. Built-in queue messaging that’s out of the box, the ease of associating a queue and assigning agents means you can be handling customer enquiries in a matter of minutes. Of course, you can then change out messaging, adopt an IVR even in your queueing messaging, associate workspaces and screen scripts for different inbound campaigns, set up out-of-the-box recording rules and so much more when you’re ready to start building out. Again, the focus is on simplicity, and supporting with tools to make things very efficient.

10 IVR Designer Drag and drop IVR designer Feature rich interactive menus
Inbound campaign, inbound messaging, automated outbound Call queuing, forwarding, outsourcing, VIP prioritization Text to speech recognition Marker technology for reporting Multi-language Voic management Database lookups, web services, external software Integrated testing capability Secure IVR for PCI Compliance ----- Key Messages ----- DRAG-AND-DROP ENDING STRATEGIES WEB SERVICE and related CONNECTABILITY from within the IVR PCI COMPLIANCE ----- Presenter Notes ----- The IVR Designer is one of our most exciting features, it’s part of the Interface Designer module. So you can create Workspaces, Screen Scripts and IVR’s using that particular module, and already, with it being defined as just a simple feature of our designer module, you can see it’s different to your typical IVR solution. Being native to the core of our application, we can pretty much do anything you could ever want to with an IVR, via a very intuitive ‘click-and-drag’ interface as you can see here in our sample image. Key routing strategies such as VIP routing, intelligent queue selection, routing based on database lookups or web services are all basic functions of our IVR Designer. Voice prompts for interactive menu’s are easily uploaded, to define an ultimate customer experience. You can make it as flat or as intelligent as you like, with decision steps such as checking agent availability before even queuing or dynamic and automatic next step structures as well as powerful text-to-speech and multi-lingual support all being available. A final key feature to mention is the IVR works harmoniously with our PCI Compliance capability, to utilise a payment gateway from within the IVR and avoid any requirements to store financial data, ensuring you the ability to be completely PCI compliant. We’ll go into more detail on this feature later in the slides.

11 Live Proactive Web Chat
Pro-active live web chat Customizable chat bar Chat on demand or proactive designer Web call back, click-to-call, co-browse, video conferencing Automatic form capture, satisfaction feature Facebook Application Agent pre-defined answers, push media and transcript send API ----- Key Messages ----- MORE than chat – FORM feature, VIDEO-CONFERENCE, CLICK-To-CALL, SURVEY DESIGN pro-active – OFFER BASED ON WHAT CUSTOMER IS DOING, HAS DONE, ABOUT TO DO BLENDED CUSTOMIZABLE ----- Presenter Notes ----- More and more customers are using web chat and more and more companies are seeing the value of incorporating LIVE CHAT as another BLENDED channel, as agents can be handling more than one live chat at a time. Web chat is a very powerful and useful way for customers to connect with a company, not least because they avoid queuing but also, because they may appreciate seeing the transcript afterwards to act a reminder of what they discussed and the information they were looking to gather. The Hermes Net pro-active chat feature, we call TheWave, is an intelligent chat feature, very similar to our IVR. You can design interactive and pro-active chat offering based on what a customer is doing, has done or is even looking like they’re going to do next. You can adopt some very unique capabilities such as capturing the details of a web form, as a customer is starting to fill it out but then moves away. Make sure the name and phone number are the first two fields and as they move away, invoke an outbound call to the customer and suggest, you saw they weren’t able to complete the form, offer some help to do so. The web chat feature really is limitless, customers can click-to-call via the internet, video-conference with an agent, be supported with co-browsing or push browsing to help them navigate a website or even complete a survey after their chat to say how helpful your agents have been. The Live pro-active chat feature of Hermes Net accommodates all of your chat requirements and lot more.

12 The Drive Connect with ‘off-line’ shoppers Mobile application
Barcode product lookup Connect with agents - infinite information, screen scripts Video-conferencing, click-to-call Any web application ----- Key Messages ----- CONNECT with customer that are OFF-LINE DIFFERENCE of VOCALOM thinking beyond MULTI-CHANNEL, new ways to CONNECT UNLIMITED access to information, from WITHIN THE APP then supported BY AN AGENT UPSELL and ADD VALUE, improve CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, CONNECT to an otherwise not connected customer ----- Presenter Notes ----- At Vocalcom we’re passionate about innovation. We like to take Contact Center beyond traditional capabilities by thinking more about being ‘connected’ to customers and how you can do that, and not just the ‘channels’ you need to be thinking about supporting. The Drive is one innovation that demonstrates that passion. This is a product that you could argue is designed for people that are ‘not so traditionally connected’. People that aren’t online shoppers, that don’t necessarily call your company much less use web chat. However, they do enjoy visiting your shopping or service store premises such as a Hair Dresser for example, and they may well feel compelled to use a touch screen kiosk to find out more about your products or services. The Drive provides unique access to unlimited information about products and services you provide. A customer can ‘scan’ product to find out more, and then if they still don’t have the information they need, a single click will connect them to a contact center agent. That agent is automatically transferred the context of the customer’s originally query and can offer relevant help with product information and ‘push back’ screens, product guides or media, upsell other features and products and even provide a voucher to encourage the customer to go ahead and purchase. The Drive can be used as an information point, with any website or web resource also being accessible, (based on configuration of course) and the agents can be empowered with screen scripts and tools to really provide a great customer experience. Again, Vocalcom look at ways to connect with customers beyond standard multi-channel and The Drive is one of them.

13 Outbound Dialing Advanced outbound strategies
Import assistant, easy filtering of callfiles Define dialling mode and related ‘client target’ settings for preview, progressive, predictive, robot Manage call back strategies Advanced call file management, import, filtering and re-use capabilities ‘Normalised’ opening time management Define recording strategies ----- Key Messages ----- ADVANCED algorithm providing MAXIMUM CONNECTS SIMPLE import capability and association to SCREEN POPS EXCELLENT RE-CYCLING and RULES capabilities ALL DIALLING METHODS including MANUAL ----- Presenter Notes ----- Hermes Net provides arguably the market leading outbound dialling capability. The algorithm enables you to achieve maximum connections, and is supported with exceptional recycle and re-use options, advanced call-back rules, as well as filtering and tools for defining call files to start with. Importing a call file couldn’t be any simpler, even the format is automatically recognised. You can then go ahead and ‘cleanse’ data as you create outbound lists or filter out based on certain set campaigns using the same single repository of customers. The screen script capability is also linked, so all you have to do to set up a screen pop is create a simple page with your relevant inputs or labels representing the columns of information you have, such as name, telephone number, title and so on. Creating the screen script creates the call file that you import your call records into and you’re done. Preview dialling and screen pops automatically created. Specifically in terms of dialling Hermes Net supports the 5 types of dialling. Preview, Predictive, Progressive, Robot and manual dialling. We mention manual because even manual dialling can utilise it’s own screen scripts or pops. Of course, preview dialling will pop a customer record for when the agent is ready to hit the dial button. Progressive will go through the call file and upon successful connection to a customer, connect to an agent while predictive will start more than one call depending on the number of agents so as to truly increase connection rates. This is of course all controlled within the parameters of required abandoned rates and relevant dialling rules. Indeed, in terms of the UK specifically, the dialler supports true Ofcom compliance. Finally, robot dialling is also possible, used in conjunction with the IVR the system for example could call a customer to confirm a service visit for the next day and if they’re still available. It could then offer them the chance to select from an IVR prompt to confirm and if they’re not, automatically connect the customer to an agent to re-arrange. The outbound dialling from Hermes Net ultimate enables you to dial many more customers to increase sales and inherent revenues whilst also blending to ensure the maximum efficiency in utilising your agent resources.

14 Real-Time Management Fully customizable Supervision
Real-time voice and data monitoring Extended visibility multi-screen view Supervision interactive toolbar Coach, listen, take control, IM, record Real-time dashboard view Standard and customizable ‘KPI busting’ performance indicators Unified multi-media reporting ----- Key Messages ----- SEE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, HOW YOU WANT IT CUSTOMIZABLE VIEW data in MANY WAYS ADVANCED SUPERVISOR FEATURES ----- Presenter Notes ----- The Supervisor Module is exactly what Supervisors and Contact Center managers need to manage their customer contact. It provides exceptional ‘up to the last second’ information across all media channels and offers that information exactly how you’d like to see it. Table views, graphs, counters, multiple screens and across agents or channels, even the IVR is all entirely available within the module. The columns of data is selectable and changeable, you can even create your own custom columns of information. Alerts, and the Supervisor toolbar give Supervisors the power to truly stay connected and motivate the agents.

15 Performance Reporting
Business Intelligence Channel and agents activity Unrestricted date and time reporting Real-time indicators Schedule and send by Export Word, Excel, PDF Open database, extend even further ----- Key Messages ----- OPENNESS OF DATABASE SCHEDULING of reports DISTRIBUTION of reports ----- Presenter Notes ----- Finally, in terms of key features the historical reporting is based on an entirely open database within Hermes Net. There are powerful repot filters and features to see exactly what you want, how you want it. You can also then schedule reports to be ed to key contacts to evaluate.

16 Integration Methods ActiveX DDE COM Objects Web Services TCP/IP
Flash Objects ----- Key Messages ----- OPENNESS OF APPLICTION PROVEN SOLUTIONS with other big brand vendors ----- Presenter Notes ----- Hermes Net is extremely open and in terms of integration, we’ve provided many combined solutions. You can see there are number of very well known brand names here that we’ve worked closely with to provide some extraordinary Contact Center capabilities.

17 Global Cloud Contact Center
Global Reach European and American data centers Local and regional redundancy London / Ireland New York Brazil active ready

18 High Availability Cloud Contact Center
Key features High availability end user internet routing 100% SLA Elastic compute capacity, with fast instance replacement and predictability 99.95% availability Elastic load balancing across multiple instances, combined with auto-scaling to ensure enough instances to balance End to end privacy and security AWS PCI Compliance certified Multi-AZ deployed Oracle DBS with built-in automated fail-over.

19 High Availability Voice
Multi-point voice redundancy 1+1 redundancy scheme Dual protocol, ports, blades, gateways, geographies Keep-alive technology Automatic gateway switching Call context synchronization, active calls unaffected during a switchover Hitless software upgrades Can upgrade SBC firmware without disturbing current calls High capacity and scalability Upto 10,000 agents supported on a single gateway Designed for PCI Compliance

20 Technical Architecture Each Region

21 Compliant – PCI Secure IVR
Agent requests card details from caller Touch tone digits removed 1 3 PSTN Caller enters credit card digits by keypad Agent cannot hear the touch tone digits but can hear the caller 2 4 www ----- Key Messages ----- TOTALLY PCI COMPLIANT INNOVATIVE way to provide an EXCELLENT solution to customers whilst ensuring MAXIMUM PAYMENT PROCESS SUCCESS ----- Presenter Notes ----- In terms of compliance there are two key areas we like to talk about. Firstly, PCI compliance. In this slide we’re going to talk you through our innovative PCI compliant secure IVR capability. Secondly, we’re going to touch on Ofcom compliance also. So in overly simple terms, PCI compliance introduces a number of technology and process requirements to ensure customer financial data is not accessible to be used fraudulently. In practical terms if a customer provides their credit card details over the phone and you are voice recording, then you are effectively storing those customer financial details AND the agent may well write them down which is all totally non-compliant in terms of PCI. Many consider the ability to exclude recording those details all together as the most efficient way to ensure PCI compliance and so up until recently have ‘stopped and started’ voice recording manually or even automatically, else they’ve considered handing the customer off to an IVR to complete payment. The issue with the first method, of stopping recordings, is that the agent still gets to hear those details and that means requiring a water tight PCI process that’s not easy to monitor and manage. The second method, handing off to an IVR results in a much higher rate of customers not actually finishing the payment process. The Solution Hermes Net provides the most innovative way to comply with compliance regulations, and ensure maximum payment processing success, with an agent being present on the call during an automated IVR payment. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS – GO! The agent conferences an IVR application developed in Vocalcom’s Interface designer environment in to the call with the customer The IVR application provides the relevant prompts, firstly requesting card details from the customer The customer then types the digits using their DTMF keypad The DTMF tones are masked in the application so that the agent cannot hear them. However, the agent is able to coach the customer through the transaction or restart the IVR application should an error or mistake be made. The IVR connects with the payment gateway and subsequesntly processes a payment The agent can be notified of that at their desktop and the process is complete. This approach not only ensures PCI compliance, but it also provides a great experience for the customer as well as ensures a maximum completion rate in terms of using an automated service to make payments. When it comes to providing true PCI IN THE CLOUD, even when not storing the data, we still have to make sure any transport of information is secure also. We have adopted the most advanced core network component technology to ensure data is totally secure. When a customer enters their DTMF digits, this is potentially traceable in the IP message packets. So we ensure not only that the transport layer is message encrypted, but that we support with network privacy so information at each leg of the network communication is checked and authenticated as well as securing with protection against DOS and SIP attacks should someone wish to attempt getting to any packet network traffic. Our solution is based on advanced gateway technology and configured, FULLY MANAGED and secure for our customer’s peace of mind AND enabling them to be FULLY PCI COMPLIANT. 6 Merchant payment Payment service provider 5

22 Compliant - Ofcom All of the tools to ensure Ofcom compliant
Original and new regulations Includes all key metric management 3% abandoned rate No abandoned re-calls in less than 72 hours Calls connected to agents within specified and set time frames Interactive Voice messaging for non-marketing calls Powerful callback configuration ----- Key Messages ----- OFCOM COMPLIANCE IS A TICK BOX ITEM ----- Presenter Notes ----- Ofcom compliance is a topic we of course have a lot of experience in talking about, reflecting on our outbound dialing capabilities. In particular, we are fully up to speed on all of the compliance regulations and continue to adhere very closely, as the guidelines evolve. The key metric of abandoned call rates is something we’re very proud to have addressed very well with our dialler. Not only will the dialer maintain an abandoned rate of 3% or less in a 24 hour period, it won’t allow callbacks to the same number within a 72 hour period following an abandoned call for example, despite extensive callback rule configuration. With the Hermes Net, you’re in safe hands when it comes to outbound dialing. -- New Compliance Regulations -- When a call has been identified as being picked up by an answer machine (including AMD false positives), any repeat calls to that specific number within the same 24 hour period may only be made with the guaranteed presence of an Agent. The 24 hour period is clarified as between midnight and midnight on a calendar day. The abandonment rate may exclude a reasoned estimate of calls abandoned to answer machines. 0845 numbers have been reinstated as an option to include within an information message (played in the event of an abandoned call). Companies can use a geographic number (01/02/03) if they so choose. Companies will be required to provide a 080 or a 0845 or a 01/02/03 number that a consumer can use to opt out of future marketing calls. The use of IVM (Integrated (Interactive) Voice Messaging) can be used for non-marketing calls so long as it can be shown to be a benefit to the consumer. Any call centre employing IVM to help eliminate AMD false positives must ensure that recipients of these messages are: always transferred to a call centre agent should they choose; informed of the identity of the company making the call; given no marketing information within the short message. -- Original Compliance Regulations -- Abandonment rate must not be greater than three percent of live calls for a twenty-four hour period. Phone must ring for a minimum of 15 seconds (5 rings) before disconnecting with a disposition of ring-no-answer. Calling party number (CLI) must be presented to the called party. Abandoned calls need to be excluded from being redialed for 72 hours unless there is a guaranteed Agent on the next attempt. Abandoned calls may be redialed in Preview mode, ensuring an agent is available. Abandoned calls must hear a recorded message two seconds from the beginning of speech of the called party – the ‘H’ in ‘Hello’. Calls must be connected to an Agent within two seconds from the beginning of speech of the called party. A reasoned estimate of “false positives” must be applied to the abandonment rate. An AMD false positive is when a dialler mistakenly identifies a call as being answered by an answer machine whereas, in reality, it has been answered by a live individual. An AMD false negative is when a dialler mistakenly identifies a call as being answered by a person whereas, in reality, it has been answered by an answer machine. These are typically passed to an agent and cause no problems to clients or Ofcom, but a message must be recorded by the agent or by the dialler.

23 Value Proposition Productive agents anywhere, anytime, using any device Scale up or down, FAST, easily with no hardware or software costs Use what you want, when you want it On-demand flexibility Use any single channel context to complement existing solutions Cost effective agile workspace, apps, more productive agents Rapid - no IT, ‘no constraints’ to evolving fast Partner up! Predict and reduce costs No capital investment, no maintenance or upgrades Reduced staff turnover and training costs ----- Presenter Notes ----- Agents can be anywhere on any device in minutes, scale easily and fast with NO COSTS. You don’t have to use everything, you can decide to add live chat and to an existing Contact Center, use what you want when you need it and when you do, it’s FAST and EASY Users are empowered by the designers. Create workflows, agent apps and workspaces, ADD exsiting CRM’s or web based resource to the agents desktop and ensure ‘at their finger tip’ access to all information, making agents more PRODUCTIVE. Manage COSTS, no upfront payments reduce churn and related employment and training costs

24 Value Proposition Connect to more customers, right time, right device
Advanced, compliant dialer solution, truly blended Connect their way, be more efficient with agent resources Ensure agents have ‘everything’, joined-up customer excellence COMPLETE multi-channel solution Transform the customer experience Risk free leading global voice and cloud infrastructure Secure, future proof, compliant, fast Invest in the future, easy, compelling ROI ----- Presenter Notes ----- Market defining dialer that will ensure more connections, compliance and ultimately INCREASE REVENUES Fully utilize agents based on a TRUE and more COMPLETE multi-channel solution, so you can connet their way, improving customer loyalty and ultimately MARKET SHARE Our cloud infrastructure is unique and innovative based on the BEST OF BREED WORLD CLASS partnerships, they are with the best at what they do, ensuring we provide the best Contact Center solution and FAST. We do believe we’re innovating beyond our competitors, futureproof technology right now.

25 Complete Cloud Contact Center
Respond faster and easier how your customers want you to. Reduce costs, improve revenues and customer excellence.

26 Name Telephone Number Email Address
Thanks for your time Name Telephone Number Address ----- Presenter Notes -----

27 FAQs & Discussion Points
Hermes EC3 FAQs & Discussion Points

28 FAQs & Discussion Points
We’re concerned with security in a shared environment. We need our own dedicated instance. Our TCO is lower with our existing solution. We’re heavily invested in our existing technology infrastructure. Integration with a hosted application is too difficult. Hermes EC3 is missing an important feature, one which a competitor currently offers. What sort of Service Level Agreement can you offer? What happens if Hermes EC3 or the internet goes down? Can I stay on an old release? I want to upgrade on my own schedule. Can I host it myself? Do you have an on-premise option or migration path? Does Vocalcom have a data center in…? Other vendors are less expensive. I want to run a limited pilot on a month-to-month basis. I don’t want to begin payments until my users go live. Hermes EC3 has too many features, we shouldn’t have to pay for things we don’t need.

29 We’re concerned with security in a shared environment
We’re concerned with security in a shared environment. We need our own dedicated instance. Questions What are your specific security requirements? Is your concern Security or data ownership? Response Security of customer data is the number one priority of Vocalcom. 100% of our customers enjoy a level of security that is comparatively far more secure than a premises based solution. Our system has been architected from day 1 as a multi-tenant application that can securely store multiple customers data on a shared architecture. This is the same approach that consumer banking web sites have followed for the past 10 years. We are also able to offer a dedicated private cloud, if you still feel unsure about our shared platform. Of course, this is provided at a slightly higher premium in terms of price.

30 Our TCO is lower with our existing solution
Our TCO is lower with our existing solution. We’re heavily invested in our existing technology infrastructure. Questions: How are you calculating Total Cost of Ownership? What type of investments have you made? How much? What if you could leverage all of your existing investments for your Hermes EC3 deployment? Responses: Calculating an accurate TCO can be a major challenge. It is difficult to value opportunity cost (higher priorities for IT resources, cost of not upgrading, missing features, etc.) A few of our customers have calculated that an on demand system may be slightly more expensive than in-house over 5+ years. Regardless of which system may be cheaper, customers have found calculating ROI the best metric. Would moving IT resources from maintenance to innovation help you achieve your Business Issues (objectives) faster? Other considerations: Upgrades & IT: maintenance to innovation Proof: Sample TCO model / Customer references & stories

31 Integration with a hosted application is too difficult.
Questions: What are your integration requirements? What systems are you looking to integrate to? Data loading? Batch integration? Real-time integration? What does too difficult mean? Have you had a difficult integration experience before? Response We understand your concern, successful integration is critical to the success of most of our customers Our application is built to be ‘connected’ to existing applications. One of our unique values is our product was designed from the ground up to accommodate ‘adopting’ existing customer solutions into the agent workspace. We want to encourage this, to ensure the agents have everything they need to better serve customers. We can support a dedicated cloud, we can support client side integration. Our workspace makes it easy to connect to existing systems.

32 Hermes EC3 is missing an important feature, one which a competitor currently offers.
Questions How are you doing this today? How important to the overall project? How are you going to use that feature? Which problem will it help you solve? Is this your most pressing problem? How are you currently solving this? Could we integrate? Have you seen all the “applications” our customers are building? Have you had a chance to look at our extensive partner ecosystem? Responses: The Vocalcom code base is very modern, adopted to ensure rapid development of new customer requirements. We can propose a one off price as a project to add a new feature or we can decide it’s something that will benefit all of our customers and add it to a coming release. 32

33 What sort of Service Level Agreement can you offer?
Questions Help me understand why you need an SLA?? Do you have SLAs with other vendors? Is this a competitive issue? Response After security of customer data, the availability of our service is our highest priority. We have industry-leading, extremely high levels of availability. Multi-tenancy delivers the highest levels of availability and makes SLAs largely unnecessary. If you’re down, thousands of other customers are down and thus we are highly incented to maintain high uptime rates. If you’re still not happy we can decide on a mutually agreed SLA.

34 What happens if Hermes EC3 or the internet goes down?
Questions How likely is it that the internet will go down? Is this a data availability issue or a performance issue / concern? Response We understand your concerns, the availability of our solution is one of the most important issues that our customers evaluate We have industry-leading availability and uptime rates Multi-tenancy delivers the highest levels of availability – this is why Google, Ebay, Yahoo and Amazon all use this architecture. We have comprehensive backups of your data. Our servers and voice infrastructure is deployed in a very high availability and robust configuration. We duplicate from multiple regions and geographies, right down to protocols supported on a single gateway.

35 Can I stay on an old release? I want to upgrade on my own schedule.
Questions Help me understand what you’re worried about with a new release? How do you maintain a consistent user experience today? Response: We understand your desire to have control over the release process. Vocalcom has strong leadership in terms of (1) delivering on customer-requested features and (2) delivering these new features at a rapid pace You will retain control over when new features are delivered to end users. Every new feature in a release is enabled for all of our customers, but the majority are not automatically visible and requires administrative setup to be visible. Proof 2-3 releases per year

36 Can I host it myself? Do you have an on-premise option or migration path?
Questions: Help me understand why you want to host this application on premise? What do you think the advantages might be with an on-premise solution? Which users do you need hosted? What do you mean by hosting? What would cost you to migrate in house to on-demand? (TCO) Response: A Vocalcom customer can always take their data and implement an on-premise solution Hybrid is also an available model with some telephone switch solutions There’s clearly an upfront investment, ongoing maintenance and upgrades in terms of cost if you switch to a premises solution. 36

37 Does Vocalcom have a data center in…?
Questions: Help me understand why you need a data center in x? Are you worried about system performance or legal compliance? Response: Thousands of Vocalcom customers are satisfied with performance Dependent on demand we can and will consider additional data centers 37

38 Other vendors are less expensive?
Questions: What is the cost of failure? How are you calculating cost? If prices were equal, what solution would you choose? Which features do they claim are “coming soon”? How critical are these to solving your current business problems? Are you primarily concerned with cost or return on your investment? Have you had a chance to calculate an ROI? Response: We can talk about price, but I would like to focus on understanding & solving your business problems first. Our customers have historically happily paid for our solution since it gives them the highest chance for success. Proof: According to Gartner, on-demand solutions are at least 10-13% cheaper over 5 years when examining all the costs associated with an on-premise deployment References

39 I want to run a limited pilot on a month-to-month basis.
Questions: What are you major risks? What do you consider the major risks for this project? Is this a financial concern or business or technological concern? Would this be for a limited roll-out or for everyone? How will the results be measured to make a long term call? Would a fully-supported free-trial (usability test) help us avoid this? What is your Success criteria? Response: The downside is that the potential lack of commitment might impact the success of the pilot and hurts us both in the long run. The downside for you is that we will be unable to extend discounts based on that lack of commitment. We will however consider this, for special cases. Proof: Find a customer who implemented a lot of users in short period of time.

40 I don’t want to begin payments until my users go live.
Questions: What’s driving this? How are you deciding who gets turned on first? How do you plan on rolling this out? Response: When providing Cloud Contact Center we are contractually bound by our own partners in terms of commitment both in terms of usage and infrastructure. As such, if we don’t ask for an upfront order, we are accepting all of the risk. In terms of telephony we can bill on a usage basis however agent licenses is something that needs to be paid in advance. Proof: Find a customer who implemented a lot of users in short period of time.

41 Hermes EC3 has too many features, we shouldn’t have to pay for things we don’t need.
Questions: What functionality is required for your project? Do you have a documented list of functional requirements that we could review in order to determine whether Hermes EC3 is an appropriate solution for your company What is the other customized solution that you are evaluating? Other vendor? Custom build? Response Hermes EC3 is a single application, providing access to all features and functionality by default and so we encourage customers to fully utilize the system. While you may not currently need all of our features, you can easily configure our solution to deliver the features you need. You can easily expand your use of our solution by turning on new functions as your needs grow … contrast this to a custom developed solution that may be difficult / expensive / slow to modify. Otherwise, it is possible to consider buying licenses for certain channel contexts at this point in time. Proof 3,000+ successful customers of all sizes

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