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Quick Start Guide to Data Entry and Reporting for WONDERS users WrapTr ack April Sather & Hattie Quick University of Washington |Wraparound Evaluation.

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1 Quick Start Guide to Data Entry and Reporting for WONDERS users WrapTr ack April Sather & Hattie Quick University of Washington |Wraparound Evaluation & Research Team On the web: | email:

2 System Requirements Operating System:Windows 7 32/64 Bit Microprocessor:Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz RAM:2 GB Hard Drive:160 GB Hardware Interface:Mouse, Keyboard, Tablet Internet Browser:IE 9.0, Firefox, Chrome, Mozilla Note: Certified XP system prior to XP obsolescence. Pop-up Blocker must be disabled on Browser. Add to Safe Sender List We highly recommend you download Google Chrome to optimize your experience in WT.

3 Introduction to:

4 Built on TMS Platform Wrap-TMS is a comprehensive, web-based data collection, management, and feedback system Designed to assist the Wraparound Process and other types of integrated, team-based service approaches

5 Wrap-TMS provides a way to manage and access key information on the wraparound process Individuals engaged in the process – Youth and family members, team members, providers, natural and community supports, coordination of care Key documentation – Plans of care, strengths, needs, family stories, family history timeline, meeting and appt. times, meeting notes, contact histories, critical incidents, services and costs Service processes – Family Satisfaction, Fidelity, Progress toward needs Outcomes – youth and family support, residential status, educational environment and behavior, youth functioning

6 Wrap-TMS is comprehensive but intended to be user friendly Users log on via a single point-of-entry ( Each user has a unique “configuration” that is custom- designed to the local initiative or ‘System of Care’ – Flexible number of Roles and Permission – Flexible Language and Nomenclature – Individualized Work Flow Tracker – Service array, providers, and billing rate per unit – Required documentation – Interoperability with other local/state data systems – Customization of features / assessments Standardized measures (e.g., CANS, CAFAS, CASII, PHQ-9) Dashboard design

7 For more info… If your initiative is interested in potentially using Wrap- TMS, please contact the UW Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team (WERT) at Interested organizations can request a 30 day pass to the TMS demo site to test the TMS system and functionality. Trial logins will expire after the 30 day demo. If at that time, if you are interested in pursuing a TMS site license, Social TecKnowledgy and UW WERT will work with you to understand your local needs and configuration options. We will also discuss costs of set- up, customization, and licensing.

8 WrapTrack Contains WFAS Tools Wraparound Fidelity Index, version 4 (WFI-4) Team Observation Measure (TOM) Wraparound Fidelity Index, Short form (WFI- EZ) – A new, brief, self-report version of the WFI-4 – Contact for licensing

9 Accessing WrapTrack

10 Logging In Login Forgot Password Link Password

11 USE OLD WONDERS LOG IN First Entry into WrapTrack? If this fails… contact WERT.

12 Security Question Make sure to update your User Settings when you first log in. Check that your email address and other contact information is correct, adjust your log out time, and update your Security Question. Hit “Save” when complete.

13 Update Security Question Must add your current password and create a security question and answer. If you need to use the “forgot password” link, on the log in page, you will need to provide the security answer. Please make sure to add the “no-reply” email addresses to your safe- sender list so you can receive your new password.

14 Passwords HIPAA/FERPA compliant – System enforced: password must be between 8 to 16 characters in length and contain at least 1 letter, 1 number, and 1 special character [!@#$%^&*()_]. Username must be at least 6 characters. If you need to update your username, you will have to contact the Configuration Administrator for your organization (mostly likely the same person identified in the old WONDERS site). This is the only person who can update your username. – System enforced: user passwords automatically changed or revoked after a user defined period has passed (60 days). – System enforced: users required to change their passwords following the initial set up or resetting of the password. History of previously used passwords is maintained by the system to prevent reuse. Value = 10 previous passwords. Users are provided the capability to change their own passwords at their discretion. User id’s are disabled after a specified number of consecutive invalid login attempts. Value = 5 attempts in 10 minutes. System automatically logs users off after a specified period of inactivity. User preference = between 15-60 minutes. Passwords entered in a non-display field. Passwords encrypted when routed over a network. Passwords are encrypted in storage.

15 Permissions Driven WONDERS – LEVEL 1 (WERT) – LEVEL 2 (Local Head) – LEVEL 3 (Entry, Reporting, Exporting) – LEVEL 4 (Data only) – LEVEL 5 (Reporting only) WrapTrack* – Design Admin (WERT) – Configuration Admin (Local Head) – Jurisdic/Program Admin – Supervisory Admin – Team Member *Permissions in WONDERS are not necessarily mirrored in WT. In fact, permissions in WT are customizable to the local group.

16 Local Site Configuration Example Two Example One


18 The Home Page

19 Menu Current date and time Back to the home page Youth Enrollment Data Entry Reporting/Exporting Administrative Tab (not relevant to all users)

20 Youth Enrollment & Status Updates Click here to update enrollment, discharge, etc.. Click on Enrollment to add details.

21 WFI Data Entry Click on this button to add WFI-4, TOM, or WFI-EZ forms. Make sure to complete all fields and sections of each form prior to hitting SAVE. Do not SAVE after each section.

22 WFI Reports The reports section mimics what used to be in WONDERS; however, the main difference is the number of reports. Some reports were expanded out, while others were combined. Click on a link and then enter the qualifiers.

23 Exports Click on a link and then enter the export qualifiers desired. Select export qualifiers. Make sure to check “One user” or “One organization” if you would like to select specific youth files. Once the selections have been made you can export this raw data into Excel.

24 TOM Data Entry You can access all data entry by clicking on the Assessments tab. Make sure to review all data entered before Saving at the end.

25 TOM Reports The TOM reports mimic what used to be in WONDERS. Upgrades have been made to the visual components of the graphs.

26 Testing Strategies BEFORE YOU ENTER NEW DATA: Please run through your current data mapping Check demographic info – Name, ID, DOB, ethnicity, etc. Correct forms for each youth? – Spot check forms within each active user/site Reporting/Exporting features

27 Things to Remember Not every form/youth will have transferred if the Demographic forms were not filled out for each tool (WFI and TOM). Report totals may not be exactly matching because there were some errors in WONDERS at the end. System is permissions based, so if you are missing access to something, check with your configuration or jurisdictional admin to be sure you have proper permissions.

28 Contact WERT Hattie: 206-616-5447 April: 206-685-2310 To sign up for the Listserv, please go to

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