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SQLite Forensics David Dym G-C Partners.

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1 SQLite Forensics David Dym G-C Partners

2 SQLite Forensics Introduction Who am I? You may recognize me from
Contributing author for the Computer Forensics InfoSec Pro Guide by David Cowen. Contributing author for Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics, Second Edition Tools and scripts My blog!

3 SQLite Forensics Objectives SQLite introduction and basics
Help with date-time analysis Stoke your curiosity Scripting hands on Q&A

4 SQLite Forensics Who is using SQLite? Apple Google Mozilla Dropbox
Adobe Skype G-C Partners and more…

5 SQLite Forensics Where SQLite is used Mobile iOS Android
Windows Mobile Apps Web Browsers Mac OSX+ And many more!

6 ? SQLite Forensics Why SQLite? Performance
Simplified Application Development Cross-Platform and programming language agnostic Atomic transactions Supports familiar SQL92 features Single file Public domain Refernces from

7 SQLite Forensics What is SQLite SQLite Database Read Write Read
Authored by Dwayne ‘Richard’ Hipp Initial release in 2000 Characteristics Database is a cross-platform No setup, administration or client-server Light footprint Handles large datasets Multiple readers Max database size up to 140 Terabytes Dynamically typed data types Read Write Read

8 SQLite Forensics Header Identifying a SQLite 3 Databases
SQLite format – Offset 0, Size 16 bytes Magic Number 1.2.1 Magic Header String - Every valid SQLite database file begins with the following 16 bytes (in hex): c f 72 6d This byte sequence corresponds to the UTF-8 string "SQLite format 3" including the null terminator character at the end. Referenced from Header size is - First 100 bytes of every database file

9 SQLite Forensics Header Pages Every SQLite database consists of pages
Page size is a factor of 2 and can be between 512 and 65536 Default page size is usually 1024 bytes Default size begins at offset 16 and is a 2 byte integer Page size can be changed after creation

10 SQLite Forensics DataTypes Referenced from

11 What you may find in SQLite databases
SQLite Forensics What you may find in SQLite databases Your typical “Text” and Date-Time information - Contacts, Messages, URL’s and more… Geo Coordinates (GPS) Location data Settings, preferences, etc… Entire Files! We call them BLOBS in database terminology Fore more information on BLOB data types -

12 What you may find in SQLite databases
SQLite Forensics What you may find in SQLite databases A BLOB field could contain Icons Images Audio Documents Plists! Any binary data

13 SQLite Forensics BLOB fields
BLOB - storing binary plist in “properties” field of an iOS sms database

14 SQLite Forensics WAL – Write Ahead Log Introduced in version 3.7
Not enabled by default Improves concurrency – each writer has “end mark” tracked Transactions append to the end of the WAL Checkpoint causes WAL data to be written back to the database Checkpoint occurs when the WAL reaches page size threshold Header Offset Size Description 18 1 File format write version. 1 for legacy; 2 for WAL. 19 File format read version. 1 for legacy; 2 for WAL. Reference -

15 SQLite Forensics Datetimes Handling Referenced from

16 SQLite Forensics Datetime Formats
Unixtime ePoch Begins 1 January 1970 Mac ePoch Begins 2001 rather than Thanks Steve Increment typically in Seconds Chrome (Webkit) ePoch Begins 1 January1601 Incremented in microseconds Convert by subtracting and divide by a million Firefox Depends Can be in Unixtime or Chrometime

17 SQLite Forensics Datetime Converting
Chrome – Top_Sites SELECT last_updated, datetime(((last_updated )/ ),'unixepoch','localtime') As ‘last_updated’ FROM thumbnails; Ref:

18 SQLite Forensics Deleted Records
Deleted records can be recovered! (but not always) Deleted records not overwritten Deleted records are added to a “freelist” page Deleted records are reassigned Deleted records expunged by “vacuum()”

19 SQLite Forensics MacOSX+ Important Databases QuickLook
Document Revisions Sources: Items in grey: Shawn Cavina - Items in blue and white: David Dym –

20 SQLite Forensics MacOSX+ DocumentRevisions
Stores previous versions of documents Also stores chunks of changed documents File path in database links to physical path in folder tree Not user configurable Filename db.sqlite Path /.DocumentRevisions-V100/db-V1 Tables files, generations, storage

21 SQLite Forensics MacOSX+ Quicklook
Cached thumbnails for file previews in Finder Thumbnails for files with associated viewers Filename index.sqlite Path /private/var/folders/<dynamic>/<dynamic>_<dynamic>/C/ Tip to Locate find /var/folders –name “Quicklook*”

22 Browser SQLite databases
SQLite Forensics Browser SQLite databases Chrome databases Top Sites Shortcuts History Favicons Archived history Cookies

23 Browser SQLite databases
SQLite Forensics Browser SQLite databases Firefox databases Cookies Signons Places extensions

24 SQLite Forensics SQLite Tools Way’s to review SQLite databases
Forensic tools Database managers Python

25 SQLite Forensics SQLite Tools Encase: enscript – sqlitequery
Guidance Software – App Store Decoding dates -

26 SQLite Forensics SQLite Tools SQLiteDiver

27 SQLite Forensics SQLite Tools Database Managers
Sqliteman – database manager SQLiteManager Firefox extension Navicat - commercial

28 SQLite Forensics SQLite Scripting Python as a review tool
Build a script (to read “Favicons” database from Chrome) Run the script Review the output

29 SQLite Forensics SQLite Scripting Python Convert to datetime
Linking the tables

30 SQLite Forensics SQLite Scripting Python Run the script

31 SQLite Forensics SQLite Scripting Python Here’s what we get as output
Convertedto Datetime! Python Here’s what we get as output '' ' ' ' :31: ' ' %26_r%3D0' '' ' /8359/50/' ' :32: ' '' '' ' :01: ' '' ' ' ' :40: '

32 SQLite Forensics SQLite Lab
Lets get hands on with Python if time permits

33 SQLite Forensics Links and references
SQLite 3 Documentation: OS X Lion Artifacts: by: Sean Cavanaugh, link Recovering deleted records Epilog Oxygen Forensics Another Forensics Blog, Python Parser

34 SQLite Forensics Q & A Read our book!
David Dym Phone: (214) My Blog: Read our book!

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