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Compass Workshop Central Region Tech Prep Center September 16, 2014.

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1 Compass Workshop Central Region Tech Prep Center September 16, 2014

2  Secondary schools in the region can test students at their local schools using regional testing center units at no cost to the district  Central Region Tech Prep Center Colleges can access student scores to eliminate duplicate testing (NC State, COTC, Marion Tech, CSCC)  Currently 44,895 units available for use  Testing Center Future  Compass contact updates by school/district Central Region Testing Center Overview

3 Migration Deadline—From eCompass to Compass 5.0  August 31, 2015  eCompass data will be available beyond this deadline  Goal—Decide when to transition our Regional Compass Testing Center

4  Web-based test environment, no workstation install required  A wide variety of examinee registration options  System "heartbeat" ​ monitor to gauge system performance  Customizable course placement rules and messaging  Full-service proctor dashboard screen  Call Proctor for help feature to allow examinee to request help from the proctor  Order ACT Compass units from within the system  Create custom local tests and settings  Automated file import and drop off for Student Information Systems using secure FTP server and.csv file transfer New Features of ACT Compass 5.0

5 Web-Based and Zero-Install  No Downloads Required  24/7 Web Access

6 PC/WindowsMac Processor 1.6 GHz x86- compatible Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz (only Intel-based Macs supported) RAM512 MB1 GB Operating System Windows XP (SP3) Vista Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.5 or higher Web Browser IE 10 and 11 Firefox 26 Chrome 32 Safari 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 Firefox 26 Chrome 32 Recommended Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 or higher Network Speed At least 100 MBPS at school and at least 256 KBPS per student testing Technical Requirements

7  Walk-in registration  Pre-register examinees with admission ticket  Bulk load/register examinees through user interface  Bulk load/register examinees via secure FTP file transfer from Student Information Systems (SIS)  Examinee self-registration and check-in options  Merge examinee records  Email admission ticket for pre-registration Multiple Examinee Registration Options

8  Resources  Quick Start Guides ACT Compass® Migration

9 Email to Listserve 9/15/2014

10 Contents  Roles and Tasks  Detailed Steps  Creating Test Centers and Enabling Remote Test Centers  Editing a Test Center  Creating and Editing Users  Creating Custom User Roles  Creating and Managing System Announcements  Ordering Units and Managing Unit Settings Campus Admins and Test Center Admins

11 Migration

12 Login Screen

13 Proctor Dashboard  Provide listing of all active test sessions for test center or across campus (depending on roles) within an Active Testing tab  Provide listing of all paused test sessions for test center or across campus within a Paused Testing tab  Provide proctor alerts to let proctor know when attention is needed at a specific workstation, including the examinee name  Workstation visibility tools to see how every student is progressing in real-time  Proctor ability to pause tests

14 Personalization  School branding  Custom test packages  Personalized cut score messages  Computer adaptive and untimed


16 Resources

17 Admission Ticket

18  Individual Student Report (ISR)  SSR  MSR  Examinees List Report  Course Placement Report  Test Activity (by test package, by test) Report  Unit Usage Report  Examinee Demographic Report Reports Available in Compass 5.0

19  What accommodations will be available in ACT Compass 5.0? Screen magnification and high-contrast are available. ACT Asset will continue to offer paper and pencil testing, as well as audio, braille, and large type test formats.  Will the content and questions change with ACT Compass 5.0? Item pools have been refreshed and expanded, as part of ACT’s ongoing test development processes.  Will scores in ACT eCompass be the same as scores in ACT Compass 5.0? Using standard research methods, ACT staff simulated assessment results with ACT eCompass and ACT Compass 5.0 and found estimated pass rates to be comparable. As always, ACT recommends that ACT Compass scores be used in conjunction with other data such as high school GPA, motivation, and previous performance in relevant courses to determine course placement for students.  Will remote testing be available in ACT Compass 5.0? Yes, remote testing will be available. Other Frequently Asked Questions

20  Will the workstations need to be registered? Each workstation will need to be “named” with ACT Compass 5.0 upon first use, so that the workstation will appear in the proctor dashboard with whatever name you choose. No download or registration of the MAC address is required. If the workstation is reset to defaults, the workstation will need to be “named,” unless the name is incorporated into the image for that workstation.  Will I be able to move data from ACT eCompass to ACT Compass 5.0? No. You will continue to be able to access ACT eCompass data through that platform until at least August 31, 2015. After that, the data will still be available, although it may not be through that platform.  Do bulletin board messages still need to be imported as an html file? The announcement board has replaced the bulletin board in ACT Compass 5.0. You can add an announcement very easily under the announcement tab. More Frequently Asked Questions

21 *Quick Start Guides and Instructional Videos Available *Common Questions and Answers

22  When are you planning to test students in your district this year?  When should we transition our regional testing system to the new version of Compass? Group Discussion

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