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Technology Updates for 2014-2015 Data Recognition Corporation September 11, 2014.

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1 Technology Updates for 2014-2015 Data Recognition Corporation September 11, 2014

2 CDT testing window open New Testing Site Manager (TSM) and Secure Browser were released on August 18 Winter 2014/2015 Keystone Exams Testing Windows are December 3-17 and January 7-21 Content/forms will be available on November 26 Testing on iPads and Chromebooks Statewide on November 17, 2014 Classroom Diagnostic Tools (CDT) and Keystone Exams (Winter and beyond) Training and Support Webex training sessions specific to iPads and Chromebooks “Quick Guide” for each device Updates to Technology User Guide and the LEA Technology Readiness Checklist Technology Updates for 2014-2015 2

3 Testing on iPads iOS7.1 or greater required “Guided Access” feature Mobile Device Management (MDM) system required MDM is used for DRC INSIGHT deployment to each iPad device MDM that offers “Managed Application Configuration” can be used for seamlessly configuring each iPad (as opposed to manual configuration on each iPad) INSIGHT app and configuration file for use in the MDM will be available to download via eDIRECT External keyboard required for Keystone Exams (open-ended items) Technology Updates for 2014-2015 3

4 Testing on Chromebooks Chrome OS 33 or greater required Accessed via the Chrome Store Chrome Management Application required Chromebooks need to be enrolled in the client’s Google domain account Chrome Management is used to deploy the DRC INSIGHT client to the Chromebook DRC’s Device Toolkit required Located in eDIRECT’s left navigation panel Configuration settings can be established at various organizational levels Chromebooks will then be assigned to an organizational level, sharing the same configuration settings Technology Updates for 2014-2015 4

5 DRC Device Toolkit Clients create organizational units that would share a common set of configurations Chromebook devices are assigned to an organizational unit (and can be moved to different organizational units) Clients can add devices directly via the Device Toolkit If device has not been registered, students will see this screen: Technology Updates for 2014-2015 5


7 PAIUnet for Content Caching Direct connection on a 1 GB circuit, circumvents commodity internet Used for content caching 20 PAIUnet nodes are hosting TSMs Eliminates need for content caching TSM at school or district level Communication sent to District Assessment Coordinators and District Technology Coordinators on Sept 5 Information on IU node assignment, server name, and IU contact person Technology Updates for 2014-2015 7

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