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Google’s Chrome Operating Sytem By Kendra Thibodeau Computer Science 1631 Winter 2011.

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1 Google’s Chrome Operating Sytem By Kendra Thibodeau Computer Science 1631 Winter 2011

2 What is Google Chrome? google chrome is a browser, or gateway, in which one can access multiple webpages in a one- view sort of screen. It is a browser accessible to windows, macs, and linux computers.

3 Google chrome has many features In-Browser translater - the first browser that does not need to click to a link to access a translating program. Tab Feature -allows tab access at the top of the screen, along with a homepage that allows the user to view their most visited web pages, and simply click them, l, and are lead directly to that site..

4 _ users have the option to rearrange their tabs at the top of the browser page, as well as the "most viewed" pages displayed in the center of the screen. Users also have the option to drag a tab from one page, out to create a separate browsing page.

5 The OMNIBOX - Allows the user to use the web address bar not only to enter web page addresses, but also use it as a search enigine, which also happens to recognize favorite pages, bookmarked pages, and previously viewed pages. ( there is also an incognito option, where you may choose to not have your history recorded.)

6 A display of some of the options used

7 Google Chrome was designed to be a faster, safer, and more efficient search engine, that allows you to monitor one search, while freely, and completely separately, running another document on the same page. * This has been helpful if there is a problem with one page opening, you can : a) pinpoint where the problem is coming from specifically b) you can illiminate it without having it affect the rest of the open pages/ documents.

8 Fun Facts google chrome was initially designed in a danish barn, since Bak wanted to live in Danes, and not in California. ( home of the googleplex.)

9 About Google Chrome This has been a six year project in development, and was finally published on September 3 of 2008. Scott mcCloud, a comic, presented a cartoon 2 days prior that describes the goals and options available through Google Chrome.The project was originally designed by a man named Lars Bak, who was Danish.

10 Chromium works closely with companies such as linux, Apple,Ubunto,Moblin- a derivative of linux and WebKit. Chrome is actually an open source and is under the name of Chromium. ( this means people can see the development of the program, as it's happening. Advancement ---> there is also chromium OS now, which a bit more advanced version of chromium, designed more for netbooks.

11 Google Chrome is a beta version of a web browser that and uses the V8 javascript engine that most browsing pages have not yet begun to use. G oogle chrome has a code called google chrome frame, that allows browsers to use tools like HTML 5 canvas tag, and technologies not availble to some pcs. This gives users offline modes, better, more alert notifications, and better access points.

12 Did you know… google chrome can open 8 different tabs in 15 seconds. (because Google Chrome uses a V8 javascript) Google chrome can also display the downloads you get at the bottom of the browser page, in a tab, and shows all downloads made in the browsing session.

13 The Comic The comic Scott McCloud designed is a lengthy and elaborate, yet simply stated graphic presentation of all the concepts, features and characteristics about google chrome. It is easy for any average internet surfer to read and understand. This link will direct you to the comic, which you can check out for yourself. me/small_32.html me/small_32.html

14 This is a page from the comic, which shows the simplicity and entertaining presentation of Google Chrome’s development story. ( in case you didn’t check it out.)

15 Works Cited “why use google chrome?”. Google, 2011. Web. 27 Jan. 2011. “ Google Chrome OS…”. introduction-video-screenshot/5795. Internet Techies, 2008. Web. 27 Jan. 2011. “Chrome”. Google, 2011. Web. 27 Feb. 2011.

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