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Google Chrome Supports for Struggling Learners April 5th, 2014.

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1 Google Chrome Supports for Struggling Learners April 5th, 2014

2 The guy talking... Doug Rosette VP of Sales-East Texthelp, Inc. Doug has worked in the assistive technology industry for over 20 years. Previously, Doug worked for Cambium Learning, and he was the founder and principal partner at Pathways Technology where he sold software to schools districts and universities around the United States. Doug has a B.S. for Salem State University.

3 Goals for today... 1. Learn about taking a UDL approach to Google Apps 2. Understand why this is important 3. View some really cool tools 4. Answer your questions Majority of time spent here

4 What is Universal Design? Coined by Architect, Ron Mace Design for everybody. Tall, Short, Wide, Narrow Range of strengths and abilities Selwyn Goldsmith, author of Designing for the Disabled (1963), who pioneered the concept of free access for disabled people (created curb cut outs).

5 Retrofit = Modify After Failure

6 Technology Can Help… Remediation vs. Compensation: Edyburn, 2002

7 Why this is important

8 3 Months Later

9 Support Tools ❏ Text-to-speech ❏ Word prediction ❏ Visual & talking dictionaries ❏ Symbol Supports ❏ Translator ❏ Organizational and study tools

10 Research Sources: Elkind (1998), Montali and Lewandowski (1996), Disseldorp and Chambers (2002). Text-to-speech with dual highlighting can increase student comprehension by two grade levels.

11 An extension that works with documents inside Google Drive. Each icon represents a powerful tool. These tools help students to read, write, organize, and research independently. Read and analyze Google Docs, PDF, ePub and.kes files What is Read&Write for Google?


13 Comprehension Tools (Back)

14 Read&Write for Google TM

15 *Bookshare: *Learning Ally: *Access Text Network (Hi Ed): Project Gutenberg: Bartleby: Merlot from CSU: Tarheel Reader (K-4): http://tarheelreader.org Free epub: (some free) * For Students with Disabilities only Digital Resources

16 Demo

17 What did we see? ❏ Tools to help with reading, writing and organization in Google Docs ❏ Tools to help struggling readers with PDF, EPUB, KES, and web pages ❏ New reading supports available soon ❏ Any questions on this?

18 Questions? Doug Rosette VP of Sales - East Texthelp, Inc. #UDL #AIM #LD

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