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60+ Chrome Apps and Extensions in 60 Minutes. 1 Set a countdown for students or yourself Timer.

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1 60+ Chrome Apps and Extensions in 60 Minutes

2 1 Set a countdown for students or yourself Timer

3 Omnibox Timer 2 Set a timer in the Omnibox and it will go off and read you the text. Type tm

4 Save to Drive Save files to your Google Drive from the web. Images, HTML5 Video, pdfs, all with a right click. 3

5 URL Shortner Link to networking services Create QR codes 4

6 Sexy Undo Close Tab Keeps track of all the tabs you close and you can search. 5

7 Voice Note Opens a notepad that you can record speech to text. Must copy and paste! 6

8 Google Dictionary Defines words on the web and reads them. Links to online dictionaries. 7

9 Announcify Will read a website to you. 8

10 Quizlet Use, create and share online quizzes 9

11 WeVideo Edit video online (saves to Google Drive) 10

12 Class Dojo Behavior management, reporting, attendance tracking. 11

13 Offline Gmail Access your email while you don't have internet 12

14 Hangouts Use the app to launch a Hangout 13

15 Lucid Chart for Education Use it for page layout, flow charts, concept maps and more! Tons of graphics built in. (Saves to Drive) 14

16 Select and Speak Will read portions of text on a website. 15

17 Tab Cloud Save your tabs for future use 16

18 Watch Doc See what documents are open and being worked on. 17

19 Lazarus: Form Recovery Fills in data from forms in case your browser dies or you can continue working on it later. 18

20 Speechifier Fill in fields with speech by using the microphone. 19

21 Clearly Links with Evernote to strip down text, mark-up and text to speech. 20

22 PowToon Create presentations and animated videos (saves in Google Drive) 21

23 Movenote for Google Drive Present your documents with video 22

24 Fractions Wall You never need fraction strips again 23

25 PDF Mergy Merge PDFs together into one document (Works with Google Drive) 24

26 MindMeister Create concept maps and flowcharts. (works with Google Drive) 25

27 Chrome Remote Desktop Remote into other computers that you have set up with Chrome. 26

28 Last Pass Password management (securely saves your passwords) 27

29 Google Calendar Quick look at your Google Calendar and way to add events 28

30 Chromnitweet Type tw "space" and send a tweet from the omnibox. 29

31 Google Voice Check your voicemail, make a call, send a text from the extension 30

32 Clipular Screenshot and mark up Auto copies link and saves images to a pinterest like board. 31

33 App Launcher Customizer for Google Move the links from your apps in any order you want! 32

34 Ginger Grammar and spell check 33

35 Silver Bird Tweet and check Twitter from your browser 34

36 Quietube Watch web videos on the fly without all of the comments and crap 35

37 Black Menu Get quick access to your Google Apps at one time 36

38 App Jumper Puts your apps in alpha order for quick access 37

39 Translate Translate a website 38

40 39 AdBlock AdBlock for Chrome! Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube

41 Auto Reloader Set a webpage to reload at certain time intervals. Think about a Google Form Summary of Responses 3940

42 Chrome Cast Hook this up to your TV and project whatever is on your Chrome Browser. 41

43 PicMonkey Edit images and create collages (works with Google Drive) 42

44 Twisted Wave Edit audio files and add effects (save to Google Drive or SoundCloud) 43

45 Awesome Screenshot Take a quick screenshot and mark it up (saves to Google Drive) 44

46 Eye Dropper Select an exact color to use in a project or on a website 45

47 Rapportive Checks for social networks for people you email. Easily add them to your PLN. 46

48 WiseStamp Create custom email signature 47

49 Gmail Mail Checker Know how many emails you have and a shortcut to Gmail 48

50 Mail to Drive Automatically save email attachments to Google Drive 3949

51 Attachments Icons for Gmail Replaces the paperclip in your email and shows what the attachment is: Google Doc, PDF, Word Doc, etc. 3950

52 ezAutocorrect for Gmail will automatically correct spelling or shorthand 51

53 Tasks (by Google) Let's you see tasks and add them in the omnibar by simply typing a “t” 52

54 TweetDeck You can't download Tweetdeck anymore, so make it a web app! 53

55 Pastey Have an unlimited clipboard, copy, copy, copy, paste, paste, paste 54

56 Take notes right next to a YouTube video (saves to Google Drive) 55

57 TLDR TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read) Plugin is a free extension that creates a summary of any web article without leaving the original page. 56

58 Smart QRCode Generator Easily generate a QR code. Drag and drop it! 57

59 Print Friendly & PDF Removes ads, navigation before you print and can save pages as PDFs 58

60 Extension Manager Easily turn on and off your extensions, apps, themes when you aren't using them. 3959

61 3960 Presentation Remote Advance your Google presentation using your phone. See speaker notes on your phone. Tip: To get a Google Presentation to open in the same window with extension hold down the command button when you start it.

62 Start here:

63 Voice Search Fill in fields with speech by using the microphone.

64 YouTube Options for Chrome Add some options and customize settings for YouTube

65 Daum Equation Editor Edit equations

66 Turn Off the Lights Turns everything behind the YouTube video dark

67 Diigo Bookmark Tool

68 Techsmith Fuse Brand new Monday! Snag anything on your screenanything on your screen

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