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Web development 8.4.2013. Web development Content Part I: Server-side scripting Part II: Client-side scripting.

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1 Web development 8.4.2013

2 Web development

3 Content Part I: Server-side scripting Part II: Client-side scripting

4 Part I Server-side scripting – PHP – MySQL – JSON

5 PHP - server-side scripting language - can be embedded to a HTML page - is interpreted at the server - generates HTML and can be embedded in it -requires php extension for website Hello!



8 Data fetching

9 Data fetching

10 Inserting data

11 JSON A data-interchange format Easy for humans to read and write Easy for machines to parse and generate A lightweight alternative to XML

12 JSON Key-value pairs: {"request_type":"get_routes","user_id":"260","st art_time":"1358426045","end_time":"1359030 846"} keyvalue request_typeget_routes user_id260 start_time1358426045 end_time1359030846

13 JSON An array can contain multiple objects: {"users":[{ "ID":"14","UserName":"Juha"},{"ID":"15","Use rName":"Jukka"},{"ID":"18","UserName":"karol "}]} [key]IDUserName 014Juha 115Jukka 218karol

14 JSON in PHP

15 JSON in JavaScript var jsonInfo = '{"request_type":"init_mopsi"}'; var jsonString = initMopsi(jsonInfo); var jsonObject = eval("(" + jsonString + ")"); if (jsonObject.latitude != "") { g_latitude = jsonObject.latitude[0]; g_longitude = jsonObject.longitude[0]; }

16 Submit data from HTML to PHP POST is sent in the HTTP message body POST /mopsi/register.php HTTP/1.1 Host: uName=matti&pWord=asd#22d GET is sent in the URL of a GET request /mopsi/register.php?uName=matti&pWord=asd#22d

17 POST vs GET GETPOST BACK button/ReloadHarmlessData will be re-submitted BookmarkedCan be bookmarkedCannot be bookmarked CachedCan be cachedNot cached Restrictions on data lengthmax URL length (2048 characters) no restrictions Restrictions on data typeASCII onlyNo restrictions (also binary) Security/visibilityData is part of the URL (visible) A bit safer as params are not stored in browser history or in web server logs

18 Submit data from HTML to PHP Username: Password: In registration.php values are in: $_POST[uName] and $_POST[pWord]

19 Submit data from HTML to PHP

20 Part II Client-side scripting – HTML – CSS – JavaScript (including JQuery)

21 HTML A markup language for creating web pages to be displayed in a web browser Consists of tags enclosed in angle brackets (like ) The purpose of a web browser is to read HTML documents and compose them into visible or audible web pages. The browser does not display the HTML tags, but uses the tags to interpret the content of the page.

22 HTML Basic website structure: Hello HTML Hello World!

23 HTML Useful tags: Ordinary link: Link-text goes here Image-link: table header table data

24 CSS A style sheet language Used to separate content from its presentation Consists of a list of rules – Selectors – Declarations

25 CSS example body { background-color: #d0e4fe; font-family: "Sans"; font-size: 20px; } #regForm { color: orange; text-align: center; }

26 JQuery A JavaScript library Designed to make easier to... – navigate in a document – select DOM elements – handle events – create animations

27 JavaScript vs JQuery JavaScript: var container = document.getElementById('container'); JQuery: $('#container');

28 JQuery example Click to slide down panel Hello world!

29 JQuery example #panel, #flip { padding: 5px; text-align: center; background-color: #e5eecc; border: solid 1px #c3c3c3; } #panel { padding: 50px; display: none; }

30 JQuery example $(document).ready(function(){ $("#flip").click(function() $("#panel").slideDown("slow"); });

31 GoogleMaps API v3 API access to GoogleMaps -in web pages, in mobile apps -map tiles + overlays + events -geocoding -distances -directions Free unless commercial use is intended

32 GoogleMaps example Google Maps JavaScript API Example: Simple Map

33 GoogleMaps example

34 GoogleMaps markers Google Maps JavaScript API Example: Simple Markers

35 GoogleMaps markers

36 GoogleMaps polylines Google Maps JavaScript API Example: Simple Polyline

37 GoogleMaps polylines

38 GoogleMaps example

39 Cross browser compatibility Market share: Chrome (41%), IE (30%), Firefox (21%), Safari (9%), Opera (1%) IE causes problems: different properties of HTML elements, differences between versions

40 Developer tools Firefox, Chrome Developer Tool, IE Developer Console (not very handy, difficult to point out error source) An add-on for Firefox Highly useful in web development Can be used for inspecting -CSS -HTML -JavaScript -Net requests

41 Firebug

42 Chrome Developer Tool

43 Useful links HTML CSS JavaScript Jquery Google Maps API PHP

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