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Summer 2013 VitalSource Technologies Product Roadmap.

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1 Summer 2013 VitalSource Technologies Product Roadmap


3 Reflowable and fixed page content Enhanced interactive e-textbooks Proven scalable enterprise platform Integrated with LMS, or standalone Online or download or both Accessibility support on all clients All major publishers supported 3 VITALSOURCE

4 First re-flowable e-textbooks First full curriculum solutions First integrated online / offline e-textbooks First inline media support First shared notes First LMS integrated solution First integrated e-text / print fulfillment program First large-scale, multi-publisher program in Europe First e-textbook platform to return outcomes 1999 2000 2003 2005 2006 2009 2011 2012 HISTORY OF INNOVATION

5 These are ‘ forward looking statements ’

6 BookshelfConnect DeliverCompose PRODUCT FAMILIES:

7 Professional Services & Platform Development This does NOT cover:

8 VitalSource Bookshelf

9 THE WORLDS LEADING E-TEXTBOOK PLATFORM VitalSource Bookshelf Delivering e-textbooks since 1999 3.25 million users worldwide on more than 6,000 campuses 5 million e-textbooks delivered in 2011 7 million e-textbooks delivered in 2012 Content from more than 350 publishers More than 200,000 titles in distribution Users in more than 220 countries and territories Localized into 17 languages for Mac and Windows Adding 10,000 new users weekly

10 It works on the devices users have! VitalSource Bookshelf Offline SupportOnline Support AndroidiOSWindows/MacWeb Browsers Tablet Mini Tablet Phone Kindle Fire iPhone iPod Touch iPad iPad Mini Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 MacOS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 Internet Explorer FireFox Safari Chrome

11 Score Reporting - New enhanced books deliver assessment scores right to the gradebook Accessibility Improvements - Improvements in every client, including JAWS support returning epub Improvements - Continuing our industry leading implementation of epub features Localization Updates - All clients available in 25 languages (iOS end of summer) Performance Enhancements - Faster loading and performance Other platform specifics improvements - Enhanced stability and bug resolution Summer 2013 Client Updates VitalSource Bookshelf Online End of June Android 1.5 End of June Macintosh 6.2 Early July Windows 6.2 Early July iOS 2.3.1 End of June

12 Czech Danish Dutch English-UK English-US Finnish French French-Canada German VitalSource Bookshelf Greek Icelandic Irish Gaelic Italian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Portuguese-Brazil Russian Spanish-Catalan Spanish-Mexico Spanish-Spain Swedish Thai Turkish Welsh

13 VitalSource Bookshelf

14 VitalSource Connect

15 Reporting & Finance Support for new customers and requirements Content Ingestion Improved integration with CoreSource and Lightening Source Pre-flight and validate content as it is received Advanced PDF processing (including improved accessibility support!) Analytics Institutional/Publisher - an XML feed designed to integrate with their processing Course/Instructor - a live dashboard within the course for engagement reporting Individual - a personal dashboard for users (late 2013) Content - dashboards and reports to support publisher requirements Territory Support (VitalSource TAC) Summer 2013 Updates VitalSource Connect

16 We understand your global business VitalSource TAC

17 Your global business is under attack

18 Titles sold in emerging markets... Your Global Business

19 up right back here

20 Your new tool for global segmentation Your product can only be activated in the territory in which it is intended You embed territory in the product VitalSource Territory Activation Control (TAC) VitalSource has the answer

21 Set the territory when you create

22 Products can be used anywhere, but they can only be activated in the intended territory You control the point of sale Product activation is controlled by the VitalSource license server VitalSource Territory Activation Control (TAC) VitalSource has the answer

23 Create product once, but deliver: At different prices in different territories With unique identifier for each territory VitalSource Territory Activation Control (TAC) Product that respects territory

24 Publisher designates territory

25 Platform protects against codes being re-imported

26 Implement your global strategy

27 VitalSource Connect

28 VitalSource Deliver

29 Blackboard Building Block 3.1 available June 26 BlackBoard World Announcements July 8 Business Center LTI-Bookmark available end of July (search/sample/adopt for every LMS) Usage analytics available in August for every LMS Store Third Party Store support for Blackboard in June, other LMS’ in August UK store soft launch in August, announcement Sept 1 Documentation Publisher documentation for creating outcome reporting API documentation updates Summer 2013 Updates VitalSource Deliver


31 VitalSource Compose


33 33 Our technology Your strategy

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