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1 Insert Title Subtitle Date, 2010

2 ANGUS Chemical Company – A Strong History
Reliable, steady growth and innovation for more than 70 years 1934 First nitroparaffin patent granted 1936 Commercial Solvents Corporation 1975 IMC Chemical Group 1982 ANGUS Chemical Company (Alberta Natural Gas United States) 1999 ANGUS purchased by The Dow Chemical Company 2009 Rohm and Haas purchased by The Dow Chemical Company, adding PRIMENE™ amines to the ANGUS portfolio

3 ANGUS Today World’s only company dedicated to nitroalkanes and their derivatives Unique specialty products for diverse markets Subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company Headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA Access to resources of a $45 billion dollar chemical company

4 ANGUS Today Manufacturing facilities in Sterlington, Louisiana, USA
Ibbenbüren, Germany Buffers and Biochemicals in Niagara Falls, New York, USA ANGUS is a premier solution provider growing with you in key geographies State-of-the-art laboratories, local sales and technical experts at Customer Application Centers around the world

5 Power and Diversity of ANGUS Nitroalkane and Derivative Chemistry
Nitroalkane chemistry Complex molecules Reduces reaction steps Optimizes synthesis costs Performs useful transformations ANGUS can produce literally thousands of nitroalkane derivatives to create potential solutions for customers. Nitroalkanes and derivatives are used as precursors to the creation of highly-substituted alkanes and alkenes, amines, carboxylic acids, aldehydes, ketones, complex heterocyclic structures and more.

6 Power and Diversity of ANGUS Nitroalkane and Derivative Chemistry
ANGUS produces four basic nitroalkanes and derivatives Nitromethane Nitroethane 1-nitropropane 2-nitropropane Derivatives (nitro alcohols, amino alcohols, oxazolines, oxazolidines and hydroxylamines) General Benefits Achieved Neutralization (acidic ingredients, impurities) Alkaline pH development pH buffering Dispersancy Moisture scavenging Formaldehyde scavenging Wetting and moisture displacement Emulsification (oil/water; water/oil) Corrosion inhibition

7 Leather ZOLDINE™ Synthetic Tanning and Cross-linking Agents improve properties of finished leather Performance-enhancing Oxazolidine-based, fast-reacting Cross-linking agents for collagen and casein Vegetable tanning materials (condensed tannins)

8 Leather ZOLDINE™ Synthetic Tanning and Cross-linking Agents
Improve processing and finished products when used in combination with chromium sulfate, aluminum sulfate, vegetable extracts and phenolic syntans Versatile use in production processes: Pre-tanning Tanning Re-tanning Excellent for chrome and chrome-free (metal and non-metal) wet white tannages

9 Life Science Utilities
ANGUS products used in a wide variety of pharmaceutical, ophthalmic and other life science applications ANGUS helps to reduce raw material and supply chain costs by providing: Biological buffers Biochemicals Diverse sourcing capabilities

10 Life Science Utilities
ANGUS is the inventor and leading manufacturer of TRIS AMINO™ Tromethamine products Only back-integrated manufacturer compliant with cGMP Serves as a synthesis or analytical buffer, neutralizer, solubilizer and stabilizer

11 Metalworking ANGUS produces unique problem-solving specialty additives that allow for the formulation of superior fluids: CORRGUARD™ Amino Alcohols ALKATERGE™ Surface Active Agents (oxazoline-based chemistries work as emulsion stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors) AEPD™ 85 (low-VOC corrosion inhibitor) DMAMP-80™ (vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor) PRIMENE™ amines (control reactivity) Our portfolio helps achieve desirable properties such as systems in control, longer-life fluids, corrosion resistance and reduced biocide dosing.

12 Metalworking ANGUS is an innovator for formulated metalworking fluids
CORRGUARD™ portfolio Increase life of formulated fluids Work synergistically with biocides Improve corrosion resistance. Provide neutralizing and emulsification properties Patent-pending CORRGUARD EXT Superior synergy with biocides for longer fluid life; biocide use level reduction Improves corrosion control of ferrous metals Increases pH stability Favorable EH&S profile

13 Paint and Coatings ANGUS helps formulators get the most out of their formulations. We are the leader in multifunctional amine technology to the Paint and Coatings market with a range of specialty additives. AMP™ is the industry standard for multifunctional amine technology Effective pH control Efficient pigment dispersion, resulting in lower dispersant levels Provides significant benefits to overall performance of the coating

14 Paint and Coatings “Lose the VOCs…Lose the Odor…Keep the Performance” with the new AEPD™ VOX 1000 Multifunctional Amine Formulate no (<5g/L) VOC No odor paints Same or better performance characteristics as with AMP Provides all-around performance

15 Paint and Coatings Additional specialty additives from ANGUS for paints and coatings DMAMP-80™, a vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor ALKATERGE™ Surface Active Agents, oxazoline based chemistries work as emulsion stabilizers and corrosion inhibitor ZOLDINE™ MS-PLUS Moisture Scavenger, fast-reacting, low-viscosity oxazolidine-based water scavenger

16 Personal Care More than 30 years experience in amino alcohol development ULTRA PC amino alcohols set the quality benchmark as preferred neutralizing agents, providing multiple functionalities. ANGUS experts can assist with formulation support. ANGUS manufactures the highest purity amino alcohols for personal care and cosmetic products AMP-ULTRA™ PC Neutralizing Amine AMPD™ ULTRA PC Neutralizing Amine TRIS AMINO™ ULTRA PC Tromethamine

17 Personal Care ULTRA PC products meet global compliance needs
European Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC and its latest amendments The Ministry of Health (MOH) of the People’s Republic of China Hygienic Standards for Cosmetics (2007 version) The 2008 ASEAN Cosmetics Directive

18 Synthetic Rubber CHAINGUARD™ I-15 Polymerization Shortstop can help benefit the synthetic rubber manufacturing process. Maintains excellent Mooney viscosity stability Helps prevent popcorn polymer fouling of equipment Minimal carry over into the recycled monomer, which helps to avoid problems initiating polymerization of recycled monomers Contains no secondary amine

19 Synthetic Rubber Efficient, multi-purpose free-radical scavenger and shortstop Rubber complaint with the German regulation TRGS 552 (which regulates certain volatile N-nitrosamines)

20 Fuels and Lubricants Reaction products formed from PRIMENE™ amines provide Solubility in hydrocarbons Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability Controlled reactivity Ideally suited as building blocks for a wide variety of specialty additives Resulting additives offer un-matched performance – from extreme pressure/anti-wear protection in gear oils to UV stabilization of polyolefin films Used as components in processing aids used in a variety of applications Anti-foulants Corrosion inhibitors Solvent exchange liquors Diesel fuel stabilizers

21 Fuels and Lubricants AUTOMATE™ concentrated, liquid solvent dyes
Used to color to fuels, automotive and industrial lubricants, candles, and writing inks Fluorescent dye used in system fluids to detect leaks in engines, hydraulic systems MORTRACE™ and SPECTRACE™ marking technologies Quick, accurate petroleum product integrity testing for convenient and effective field surveillance Supporting governments and major fuel marketers for more than 30 years to develop proprietary, technologically advanced solutions relative to fuel adulteration or lubricant counterfeiting

22 Basic Nitroalkanes Products
Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Intermediates Leading supplier of Nitromethane NM™ used to produce a variety of fumigants for agricultural applications, including Chloropicrin Top supply leader of critical pharmaceutical intermediates Used in a variety of pharmaceutical applications, including anti-tuberculosis drugs and X-ray contrast media agents Nitromethane NM and Nitroethane NE™ are used in the basic synthesis of raw materials; Serve as high-quality starting materials for the preparation of pharmaceutical intermediates AB™ Amino Alcohol and TRIS AMINO™ Tromethamine

23 Basic Nitroalkanes Products
Solvents and Thinners FLEXITANE™ CA 6000 Specialty Coatings Additive and NIKANE™ Multifunctional Solvent products Range of chemicals providing formulating performance attributes in specialty applications Reduce the amount of higher-cost active solvents required Enhancing product performance

24 We’re listening – how can we help you succeed?
®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) or an affiliated company of Dow We’re listening – how can we help you succeed?

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