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Getting Started on VAPPS It’s a little like playing Russian roulette.

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1 Getting Started on VAPPS It’s a little like playing Russian roulette

2 Type: and go to Virtual

3 Click on the vapps link. You can start vapps by typing on your web browser. You can also save that link as a favourite.

4 On the welcoming screen, enter your regular Ryerson user name and password. Note that Vapps is not compatible with Google Chrome. With Mac, CCS strongly suggests Firefox If highlighted, check message: 1)It might tell you that you plug-in is not installed 2)You might have security problem that prevents loading (go in Internet option  Security  Trusted site  Add

5 The first time you open Vapps, this window is likely to appear because the plug-in is not installed. Confirm your acceptance of Citrix license agreement and click on the Download button (it will identify your operating system). If this screen pops up and you already have the Citrix plug-in, just click on Already installed to go to the next screen. Under the Windows environment, you might be asked if you authorize the download and the Active X plug-in. Just say Yes. When given the choice to save or execute the application, select the latter. With a new plug-in, shut down your browser and restart.

6 Problems? Complete instructions if you need more explanations. If Vapps is not already installed and the previous screen did not pop up, install the Citrix client add-in that is appropriate to your system. You should not have to do this. Problems? Be patient… wait… If you get an error message, try again. You might shut it down and reload IE If you need to reinstall, remove Citrix from the Program Files using your Control pannel

7 Launching SPSS may take a while and a bunch of command screens will begin flashing; just be patient. Finally, this will be the opening SPSS screen. You may cancel the welcoming window and move right away into the data editor.

8 To facilitate navigation into SPSS, proceed with a few set up changes. Go into Edit, and choose Options. The scree will open in the General tab. In Variable Lists, choose Display names.

9 In the Viewer tab, Initial Output State, scroll down to Note, and click on Shown. You will need to cut and paste the Note output in your lab exercises and assignments. You will have to adjust these setting each time because the software is not installed on your own machine.

10 The best way to master SPSS is to explore and try things. Do not be afraid to damage the software; it won’t happen. Finally, when stuck, just press F1 or the Help menu for tutorial and examples. There are great tutorials on the Help menu for each of the processes.

11 SPSS 21 In SPSS 21, you can open and save files on your own machine, either your hard drive or your memory stick. If using a memory stick, you can bring it to and from the lab and keep working on VAPSS from home. Isn’t that great!

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