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Source Reduction of Toxics May 10, 2007 Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Cristy Williamson.

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1 Source Reduction of Toxics May 10, 2007 Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Cristy Williamson

2 SITE 2 U-2 Upgrades/ PDM/ Flight Test SITE 7 SITE 8 Shipping/Receiving Air Force Plant 42 LM Aero Plant 10 Marietta, GA HQ – Fort Worth, TX R&D Prototyping Classified Composites F-117 Upgrades/ PDM/Flight Test



5 P 2 results in risk reduction through: –Incorporation into design Design for Environment –Material Substitution –Recycling –Sharing Best Practices –Etc. RISK REDUCTION

6 REDUCE TOXIC CHEMICAL USAGE BY 10% PER YEAR (chrome and selected solvents) Baseline: 7,924.0 lbs. Goal:5,800.0 lbs. PERFORMANCE TRACK COMMITMENTS 1313.8


8 Specialty Coating Reformulation: –Reduction in Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK). Electrodag 501/502 are MEK-laden. –Alternative: Lower-VOC Water-Based Specialty Coating. REDUCTION IN TARGETED PT CHEMICALS

9 Reduction in Class II ODCs. –Remove products containing HCFC-141b. –Focus: Mold-Release Agents –Old Miller-Stephenson Chemical Products: MS-143DF bulk liquid MS-122DF aerosol MS-122N/CO2 aerosol REDUCTION IN TARGETED PT CHEMICALS

10 New Miller-Stephenson Chemical Products: –MS-143XD bulk liquid –MS-122AD aerosol Testing included: Ease with which urethane part releases from tool/coupon Appearance of urethane part Hardness testing of cured urethanes Crosscut tape adhesion testing on painted urethanes Shop-employee feedback REDUCTION IN TARGETED PT CHEMICALS

11 NON-CHROMIUM COATING SYSTEMS * Turco 4215-NCLT alkaline clean, DeOxit 22L deoxidizer. ** Surface prep by Scotch-Brite/Bon-Ami. *** Turco 4215-NCLT alkaline clean, Metal Glo 6 deoxidizer. 2000 Hour Neutral Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance

12 NON-CHROMIUM COATING SYSTEMS Comparison of Deft MIL-P-85582 and MIL-P-23377 Non-Chrome Primers Deft 44GN098 Water Reducible VOC = 330 g/L Sec-Butyl Alcohol: 12% Nitroethane: 10% Diethyl benzene:.01% Deft 02GN084 Solvent-Borne VOC = 337 g/L Benzene,1-chloro-4 -trifluoro methyl: 16% MnPK: 12% MAK: 3%

13 NON-CHROMIUM COATING SYSTEMS Comparison of Hentzen and Deft MIL-P-23377 Primers Hentzen 16708 Solvent-Borne VOC = 340 g/L MAK: 25% IPA: 5% Benzyl alcohol: 5% MIBK: 3% MEK: 1%

14 Evaluation of non-chromated coatings has been on-going since the 1990s. –Primer successes on aircraft. Commercial products are not quite there yet, but are getting very close. Our testing is an effort to identify a a total non-chromated system (pretreatment and coatings). NON-CHROMIUM CONVERSION COATING Contact: John Beale,, (661) 572- 7920

15 LOW-VOC MOLD-RELEASE Test & evaluation conducted in concurrence with low-VOC wipe-solvent research. –More specifics on following slides. Effort is to identify replacement for: –Henkel Frekote 44-NC (746 g/L VOC) –Henkel Frekote 700-NC (754 g/L VOC) Products Evaluated: –Henkel Frekote 900-WB / 901-WB (0 g/L VOC) –McGee Industries Inc. MAC-507 (0 g/L VOC) –Zyvax Inc. Water Works Departure (0 g/L VOC) –Henkel Frekote 710-LV (115 g/L)

16 Frekote 710-LV To-Do List: –Test & Evaluate –Conduct Shop Trials –Procure in Presaturated Wipers –Change Specifications LOW-VOC MOLD-RELEASE

17 Previous Approach – Focus on toxics Current Approach – Focus on quantity (usage) –Where can we get the biggest “bang for our buck”? Answer: Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) LOW-VOC WIPE SOLVENT

18 2005 VOC EMISSIONS Other VOC 21,540 lbs 55% IPA VOC 17,394 lbs 45% 38,934 lbs 4,857.29 lbs 28% 12,537 lbs 72%

19 Test & Evaluation - Focus on tool-cleaning operations. –Steel –Aluminum –Composite –Foam Approximately 30 cleaners/dilutions evaluated. Test and Evaluation included: –Visual evaluation –Number of wipes/strokes required to remove contamination –Water-break evaluation –Corrosion testing –Fluid-soak testing –Lay-ups »Paint-adhesion testing »Lap-shear testing LOW-VOC WIPE SOLVENT


21 Two products have passed final qualification requirements: 1)Acetone »Exempt from VOC-categorization in the local Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District. 2) Ecolink 1171 »Solvent blend containing PCBTF, methyl acetate, and d-limonene.

22 Wipe-Solvent Replacement Challenges: –Institute Presaturated Wipers. –Change Specifications. –Meet Environmental and Health/Safety Requirements. –Change culture. LOW-VOC WIPE SOLVENT

23 IMPLEMENTATION Cristy gets shipped out, along with the last drums of IPA !!

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