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1 Please make sure you are using your CHROME browser Before we begin…

2 Are you ready to take the next... Step? ASCD Meeting January 16, 2015 Robyn (Seifert) Decker January, 2015

3 Please make sure you are using your CHROME browser

4 Objectives Introduce Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-Step) Uncover embedded features and functions Explore sample items Examine student perspectives regarding online items

5 Focused Read pages 1-3

6 Focus Read - Annotate Read – the handout Annotate - as you read using the following markings: √ = Got it. I know or understand this ! = This is really important information ? = I’d like clarification or elaboration of this material

7 Small Group Share As a triad, share your thoughts (5 minutes) Reference any questions/comments Ask clarifying questions What connections did you make?

8 Key Take Aways → The M-STEP (Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress) test replaces the 44-year old MEAP test. → The Spring 2015 assessment will include Michigan-developed content as well as content from the multi-state Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. → Michigan continues to offer paper/pencil waivers for schools through a deadline of November 21, 2014.

9 You must be in Google Chrome!!

10 Teacher Awareness Course

11 M-Step MDE Resources,4615,7-140-22709_70117---,00.html

12 Classroom Activity, Performance Task, Rubric ments/mde/GR_5_Working_To _479154_7.pdf Updates are happening daily Measures depth of understanding, writing, research skills Approximately 2 class periods Taken on the computer, but not computer adaptive

13 Classroom Activity Purpose Focus on vocabulary Key contextual topics Scripted Notes and recorded information allowed during the activity but not allowed during the Task Activity must be administered before the Task and within 3 days 30 minutes and only administered once Supplementing with content is not allowed

14 Technology Accessible devices 13-14.pdf 13-14.pdf Checklist for Student Technology Skills District Plan for Online Assessment Success Technology Enhanced Item Video Timelines Accommodations

15 Practice Test vs. Training Test AC_PT&v=74 Practice test Released in Spring of 2013 Approximately 30 items New features continue to be added Training Test Released January 30, 2014 Used for functionality of the software & interface features All tools, designated supports and accommodations

16 Time to Practice M-Step Preview

17 Smarter Balanced Practice Tests These are for practice, the M-STEP test may look different

18 Smarter Balanced Login https://login4.cloud1.tds.airast.or g/student/V74/Pages/LoginShell. aspx?c=SBAC_PT&v=74

19 Smarter Balanced Test Selections

20 Features to Explore Instructions and Help





















41 “Trick” Question? Identify all the concerns Identify all the ways your students will be successful Post these on chart paper Facilitator discusses commonalities of concerns and successes Teachers take 5 Take a break out of the room to discuss

42 Share Student Responses Difficult… “I thought the picture would exactly math the fraction” “2/6 matched to second picture because the same numerator” “1/4 in first drawing 1 shaded 4 not shaded” “3/6 just didn’t think it could be 1/2” Easy… “I just split it into 2 equal parts (drawing 3) 1/4 x 2/2” 3/6 = 1/2 so I know drawing 4 showed 1/2


44 Flow of Connected Questions Instructional Strategy Flip the question Students are given a question first Teacher analyzes student answers Teacher listens to students reasoning of the steps they took to complete the question New math vocabulary is introduced Mathematical Practice 6: attending to precision - use clear and precise language in their discussion with others and in their own reasoning

45 “What would your friends and students in other classes need to know in order to be successful with this online test.” Student Dialogue

46 “The bubble in the straw is VERY important” - Ethan, grade 3 Student Dialogue

47 If the blinky line isn’t in the box where you want your words to go, you can press the letters all you want..... words won’t appear. - Brittney, grade 3 Student Dialogue

48 “I thought it was confusing that the computer let you to click on more than one answer. You had to be careful to unclick when you changed your mind or you could put in two or three answers to one question.” - Ben, 11 th grader

49 “Whatever happened to ‘when in doubt pick C?’” Student Dialogue

50 Student Navigation Students (and teachers) need to practice often

51 Take Aways Teach the students the technology and test taking strategies simultaneously Just as we have prepared for paper testing…. Bubble in the entire circle Don’t make extra marks in the book – record on scrap paper Highlight/underline the important parts Cross out irrelevant information Erase all the extra marks on your bubble sheet These all translate into using the interface of the online test – highlighters, strike-through, line marker Practice online testing often Use computer time to access software programs

52 Academic digital literacy scroll bars, cursers, highlighting, reordering text, drawing lines / undoing lines, placing points adding arrows enacting a radio button clicking and unclicking responses, sticky notes flagging items, creating graphs ▫ Pictographs ▫ Line graphs ▫ Bar graphs ▫ Box and whisker using zoom arrows to maximize a screen delete / insert keyboarding

53 Explore Items Pair Share – What are you discovering?

54 Additional Resources

55 Thank you! Robyn (Seifert) Decker

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