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Metallized Finishes PL ET 370 Travis Hunter Jose Perez Josh Sindlinger.

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1 Metallized Finishes PL ET 370 Travis Hunter Jose Perez Josh Sindlinger

2 Introduction Secondary ProcessesSecondary Processes Cosmetic or Mechanical EnhancementCosmetic or Mechanical Enhancement Excellent EFI & RFI ShieldingExcellent EFI & RFI Shielding Three Basic ProcessesThree Basic Processes Wide Range of Compatible MaterialsWide Range of Compatible Materials

3 Presentation Outline ApplicationsApplications ProcessesProcesses MaterialsMaterials EquipmentEquipment

4 Applications Cosmetic Enhancement – Faucet HandlesCosmetic Enhancement – Faucet Handles Lighting – Reflector HousingsLighting – Reflector Housings FilmsFilms –Protect Light Sensitive Foods & Products Corrosion ResistanceCorrosion Resistance

5 Applications EMI/RFI Shielding - ElectronicsEMI/RFI Shielding - Electronics Reflective Coatings - CDsReflective Coatings - CDs Adding Electrical ConductivityAdding Electrical Conductivity –Circuit Boards

6 Processes Vacuum MetallizingVacuum Metallizing PlatingPlating Spray/Aerosol PaintingSpray/Aerosol Painting

7 Vacuum Metallizing Vaporized Metal onto Plastic Substrate Vaporized Metal onto Plastic Substrate Thin Coatings Thin Coatings Consistent Thickness Consistent Thickness Most Popular Method Available Most Popular Method Available

8 Vacuum Metallizing PROCESS/EQUIPMENT Part is CleanedPart is Cleaned Surface PrepSurface Prep Part is PlatedPart is Plated Excess Metal is Spun OffExcess Metal is Spun Off –(optional) Sealant (if necessary)Sealant (if necessary)

9 Vacuum Metallizing ADV/DISASADVANTAGES AdvantagesAdvantages –High Quality Finish –Thin Coating –No Environmental Concerns DisadvantagesDisadvantages –Poor Thermal Protection –Line of Sight

10 Plating Electrolytic (Chrome Plating)Electrolytic (Chrome Plating) –Thick Metal Base Coat –Cosmetic Top Coat –Electrical Current Builds Layers ElectrolessElectroless –Chemical Deposition of Metal –Circuit Boards Traces

11 Electrolytic Plating PROCESS/EQUIPMENT P art Ceaning/PrepP art Ceaning/Prep Nickel PlatingNickel Plating Aqueous BathAqueous Bath Copper PlatingCopper Plating Nickel PlatingNickel Plating Chrome PlatingChrome Plating (if necessary)

12 Electroless Plating PROCESS/EQUIPMENT Part Cleaned & EtchedPart Cleaned & Etched Catalyst Released onto Part SurfaceCatalyst Released onto Part Surface Electroless Copper PlatingElectroless Copper Plating Electroless Nickel PlatingElectroless Nickel Plating Sealant (if necessary)Sealant (if necessary)

13 Plating ADV/DISASADVANTAGES AdvantagesAdvantages –High Quality finish –Covers Irregular Surfaces –Wear Resistant DisadvantagesDisadvantages –Caustic Chemicals –Very Slow Process

14 Spray/Aerosol Painting Parts Coated with Conductive PaintParts Coated with Conductive Paint Little Specialty Equipment NeededLittle Specialty Equipment Needed Four MethodsFour Methods –Air Atomization –Airless –Electrostatic Spray Painting –Dipping

15 Spray/Aerosol Painting PROCESS/EQUIPMENT Part is Cleaned & Prepped (if necessary)Part is Cleaned & Prepped (if necessary) Surface is Coated with PaintSurface is Coated with Paint Coating Baked or Air DriedCoating Baked or Air Dried Well Ventilated Booth NecessaryWell Ventilated Booth Necessary

16 Spray/Aerosol Painting ADV/DISASADVANTAGES AdvantagesAdvantages –Good to Excellent Finish –Low Cost DisadvantagesDisadvantages –Poorer Adhesion –Uneven Thickness –Environmental & Health Concerns –Waste/Overspray

17 Other Processes Hot Film StampingHot Film Stamping Thermal Spray CoatingThermal Spray Coating Selective Electroless PlatingSelective Electroless Plating Direct MetallizationDirect Metallization Metallic Conformal CoatingMetallic Conformal Coating Physical Vapor DepositionPhysical Vapor Deposition

18 Materials Amorphous Thermoplastics Higher surface energyHigher surface energy –ABS (Most Common) –HIPS, PMMA, and PC Also Common

19 Materials Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastics and Thermosets Low Surface Energy and GoodLow Surface Energy and Good Chemical Resistance –Polypropylene –Acetal –Nylon –Most Epoxies and Polyesters

20 Processing/Design Requirements Reduce Sharp CornersReduce Sharp Corners Low Residual StressesLow Residual Stresses –Slow Fill Times –No Gating Onto Area to be Metallized Avoid Weld LinesAvoid Weld Lines Avoid Release AgentsAvoid Release Agents

21 Additional Requirements Surface Cleaning & PrepSurface Cleaning & Prep Need High Surface EnergyNeed High Surface Energy Sealant May Be UsedSealant May Be Used Processes Sensitive to Heat & MoistureProcesses Sensitive to Heat & Moisture

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