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SkyPipeTM Day Light Harvesting A Natural Light Source

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1 SkyPipeTM Day Light Harvesting A Natural Light Source
Brought to you by Eview Global Pvt Ltd

2 What is SkyPipeTM Day Light Harvesting
Day lighting is lighting an indoor space with windows and skylights that allow daylight into the building. This is chosen to avoid adverse effect of Static / over / under-illumination by artificial light. The amount of daylight received into an indoor space depends on the day light factor SkyPipeTM Day Light harvesting reduce artificial lighting energy by using fewer electric lights or dimming as daylight is present. Resulting to Power Saving.

3 How we react to Day Light
When we have excess day light we block it and switch on artificial lights. When we do not have enough daylight we switch on artificial light.

4 Day Lighting system – Advantages
Any modern natural day lighting system should:- Provide Natural Day Light minus the heat. Provide for air movement / circulation Gives all medicinal values of being under natural light like vit D etc.

5 The working SkyPipeTM Commercial/Industrial/Ware House Applications
SkyPipe is tailored made for each requirement of the area where it is to be installed. Dome collects and concentrates the ambience day light. Highly reflective tube delivers high light levels despite long tube or angles or overcast for max illumination with reflectance of over 95% Commercial/Industrial/Ware House Applications Can reduce total energy requirement appx by over 50%. Stylish diffuser diffuses light evenly in wider area

6 Quality of Light Optical diffuser gives uniform and broader light dispersion. Can deliver day light even in dark corners The system is Aesthetic and creates better ambience.

7 SkyPipeTM Can reach under false ceiling.

8 Wider reach without hot spots and UV
Can deliver light effectively through out the day even at low sun angles. Transparent sheet lights up area beneath the sheet and creates bright hot light spots. Blocks UV to a great extent. Transparent sheets

9 Almost zero maintenance
Avoids Roof top accidents SkyPipes are clearly visible from a distance. Transparent sheets gets camouflaged due to dust settled over it allowing roof top accidents. Almost zero maintenance Dust does not settle as it is hemi spherical and designed accordingly. Maybe cleaned occasionally with a dry cloth. Works well till the structure lasts. Very long life.

10 Minimal Heat Transfer SkyPipeTM has a static air column which reduces the heat transfer. Longer length tube further reduces heat transfer. The surface area of SkyPipeTM exposed to the Sun is very insignificant. Heat Insulation can be put from the inside to the roof which other wise not possible with Transparent sheets.

11 Other Products offered
SkyPipeTM Turbo Other Products offered Meets the need for Natural Light and air circulation. Ensures Effective and uniform Light and Air circulation. No power cost for Light and air circulation. Common roof opening for SkyPipeTM and turbo thus maintaining the strength of the roof. Effective in releasing hot air and fumes from the inside without maintenance. Water seepage and dust thru turbo fins will not enter the shed during very strong wind. Open able duct option in case cleaning required. Cost effective as no additional installation cost. 100% customized design as per the areas requirement.

12 SkyPipeTM Light Vent Installed on to window / side vents or puncturing the side wall. Even dispersion of light from 8 to 10 meters.

13 SkyPipe TM Roshni - CSR Lighting
Illuminating hutment with Roshni Provides pure white light. No heat transfer. Air vent for Cooking smoke release. Long life of about 10 to 12 yrs. Totally maintenance free.

14 Payback calculation (SkyPipe is 100% customised
Payback calculation (SkyPipe is 100% customised. Price mentioned is only for calculation purpose) Total Investment Number of units (A) Price Per Unit (B) total cost (AXB)=(C) Vat 2% of ( C)= (D) Service tax 12.36% (E) Total cost Material cost 1 21000 420 NA 21,420 C+D=F Installation cost 1500 185.4 1,685 C+E=G Transportation H 23,105 F+G+H=# Depreciation Year 1 30% of 80% of # (I) Year 2 30% of 20% of F (J) Total depreciation (K) 5,545.30 1,386.32 6,932 Cost of power Saved per year KW Hr (A) Cost of Power Rs (B) Power saving hrs/day ( C) Power daving days per year (D) Total power saving per year (AXBXCXD=(E) Watt / Lamp No. Of Lamp 0.28 7.5 10 350 7,350 280 Maintenance cost saving on artificial of Rs 0.90/ unit for 10 hrs a day for 350 days/ year Number of hrs saving per day (B) Number of days per year ( C) Saving cost per unit Rs 0.90 (D) Total Saving per year (AXBXCXD)=E 0.9 882 Payback with cost escalation of 7% PA included from year 2 in power and maintainence year 2 3 Payback in under 2 years Invstment a 7,942 -866 Depreciation (K) b Cost of power c 7,865 8,415 Maintainence saving d 944 1,010 Balance C/F to next year -10,291 NO HIDDEN COST

15 Cost comparison of SkyPipe Vs Transparent sheets
(SkyPipe is 100% customised. Price mentioned is only for calculation purpose) A Life of Transparent sheet in years 5 D Life of SkyPipes in years 20+ B Cost of one transparent sheet in Rs 8000 E Average Investment in 1 SkyPipe in Rs 25000 C Increase in cost of transparent sheets over period of every 5 years 20% F Accelerated depreciation 30% as per IT act 7500 G Balance after reducing depreciation Point E 17500 Year Transparent sheets Cumulative Investment In Rs (H) SkyPipe Day light harvesting Cummulative payback in Rs 1 New Sheet investment in Rs At the end of year one. G-H 9500 6 Replacement in year 6 at increased cost by 20% 9600 Balance of SkyPipes at the end of year 6 is -100 11 Replacement in year 11 at increased cost by 20% over year 6 11520 Balance of SkyPipes at the end of year 1 is -11620 Total investment after 11 years 29120 Total saving after 11 years 11,620

16 Size, Type, Lux, Length & Coverage
Size in MM / Eq. watts (appx) Floor to diffuser height *Lux level Average with ambience lux of Maximum Length Allowed based on site conditions. # Coverage area from roof / Sq. Feet 300 / 120 <= 3mtrs 325 to 375 + 3 to 5 200 to 250 400 / 200 <= 5 mtrs 300 to 350 + 6 to 8 350 to 400 500 / 280 <= 9 mtrs 225 to 275 + 8 to 10 450 to 550 600 / 360 <= 12 mtrs 150 to 200 + 3 to5 550 to 650 700 / 440 <= 15 mtrs 125 to 175 + 1.2 800+ Manual dimmer Optional. Recommended for conference rooms and offices Angles Up to 90 Thru side wall As per requirement # Subject to floor layout Installation done by our specialised team trained for the installation. The pipe and diffuser are custom made for the purpose. * Subject to weather conditions and length of the pipe used. Indicative

17 Stages of SkyPipeTM demonstrates the effect in the area
Natural Lighting thru Transparent sheets Trial of SkyPipe for Natural Lighting along with Transparent sheets Natural Lighting thru SkyPipeTM

18 Before and after SkyPipeTM

19 Effect of Light on our body
Effects of light Morning Effects of light Night time and Sleep Onset Increasing light levels signals body clock, it should begin active cycle Melatonin and other night time hormones > endocrine system and blood stream Body clock responds by producing serotonin, adrenalin and cortisol, etc. Effects of light Daytime Body temperature drops as melatonin is released Level of these hormones rises, as well as temperature and metabolism Effects of light Twilight and Awakening By mid afternoon, body's metabolism has reached peak Effects of light Evening As darkness > twilight, body clock shuts down production of melatonin Daylight intensity diminishes, body clock signals pineal gland to convert It begins active cycle again. serotonin into melatonin > decrease body temperature Body is regulated thru dynamic lighting with the regulation of hormones

20 Human Benefits of Daylight
Human body functions are affected by patterns of light & dark. Specifically by blue light waves found only in daylight. Studies worldwide suggest natural dynamic light helps us maintain hormonal balance and provide us with likes of vitamin D etc and that productivity is enhanced in natural light, Daylight connects people with the natural environment outside, and people feel happier and less fatigued in natural daylight. Daylight is widely accepted to have a positive psychological effect on the humans. In recent years, work has taken place to recreate the effects of daylight artificially without much success.

21 About Team Eview Group of young professionals qualified from M. Tec MIT (USA), M. Tec IIT Kanpur, PG from IIFT Delhi. The team has worked in the industry with experience ranging from 12 years to 22 years. The team has worked in large organizations in India and abroad as CEO, COO, Head of marketing, CTO, Head of various departments. The team consists of varied experience ranging from top management right to the floor level implementation of projects.

22 Our satisfied customers. (Not exhaustive list)
Mahindra and Mahindra Shree Cement Hindustan UniLever Pidilite Tata motors Arvind Mills Ichapur rifle Factory. Cummins Bosch Saint Gobin Bajaj Auto Ashok Leyland IFFCO Phoenix Mecano Essar Oil Hindustan Rubber Apollo Tyres Balmer Lawrie-Van Leer Ltd Sula Wines. Sushruta Hospital Godrej Industries. KSRTC

23 For more details please visit Important contacts. Core team
Important contacts. Core team Mumbai-Rajiv Gupta (CEO) , Kanpur – (Projects) Anand Bajpai Hubli – (Factory) Shivanand Balehosur or write to

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