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The Vmux-Gmux Voice Trunking Family Presented by: CBNetworks Technical Support

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1 The Vmux-Gmux Voice Trunking Family Presented by: CBNetworks Technical Support

2 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 2 - Agenda Introduction Applications Products & Features Management Summary

3 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 3 - Voice Trunking The Vmux voice trunking family: Enables up to 16:1 compression of E1/T1, and analog lines Transmits the traffic over a single E1/T1, Serial, or IP link n x E1/T1 PBX/ Switch n x E1/T1 PBX/ Switch CVS TDM, IP, SDH, Satellite, Wireless… While … Maintaining high voice quality Supporting any type of signaling Without … Affecting current investments in infrastructure Compromising Fax, Modem or telephony features

4 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 4 - Mobile Applications

5 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 5 - Inter MSC Trunking Benefits Significant bandwidth reduction (up to 16:1) translates to significant cost savings Full redundancy, including voice cards Flexibility - Transparent to any type of signaling Future proof - Seamless migration from TDM to IP networks Compact, scalable and simple to deploy MSC/BSC STM-1 MSC Gmux-2000 STM-1 TDM/IP Network E1s Gmux-2000 MSC Vmux-2100 E1s E1 FE GbE Target Markets Cellular Operators

6 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 6 - Introducing the New MSS Topology This solution enables the operator to avoid 2G MSC forklifts in order to support 3G services Leverage the existing backbone segments while introducing NG-MSC switches Signaling compatible with NG-MSC and softswitches STM-1 Gmux-2000 STM-1 Gmux-2000 MSC MSC/BSC Vmux-2100 E1s MSC Site Remote MSC Site TDM Network Voice Trunking and Media Gateway IP Network TDMoIP MGW NG-MSC VoIP NG-MSC VoIP H.248 + SIGTRAN MSC-S (Softswitch) NG-MSC AMR/IP

7 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 7 - Satellite Applications Applications

8 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 8 - Application #2: PBX and LAN Extension over Satellite Target Markets Oil/Gas Maritime Mining/Construction Broadcasting Disaster Recovery Government/Military Benefits Significant bandwidth reduction (up to 16:1) translates to significant cost savings Transparent to all telephony features Compact, scalable and simple to deploy Vmux-2100 PBX E1 PRI Vmux-110 E1 PRI Remote/Mobile Platforms Headquarters / Control Center FXS 2-way Radio LAN Cargo Ship Vmux-210 Vmux-110 FXO LAN PBX E&M Phones LAN Vmux-110 E&M LAN Key System E&M Trunking System Broadcasting Van Oil/Gas Platform

9 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 9 - Products

10 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 10 - Voice Trunking Product Line ProductVoice Service Network Links Additional Services Vmux-2100 1U (H) 19” (W) Up to 16x E1/T1/PRI 10/100BaseT E1/T1 PS Redundancy IP-TDM Backup Super-Tandem User LAN Vmux-110 1U (H) 9.5” (W) 4 FXS/FXO/E&M 8 FXS/FXO/E&M 1 E1/T1/PRI 10/100BaseT E1/T1 Serial Ethernet Switching Vmux-210 1U (H) 19” (W) 12/15/24/30x FXS 10/100BaseT E1/T1 Serial Ethernet Switching Gmux-2000 6U (H) 19” (W) 112 x E1/T1 2 x STM-1 E1/T1 STM-1 GBE PS Redundancy CL Redundancy STM-1 Redundancy GBE line Redundancy

11 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 11 - Vmux-2120 Highlights Voice Trunking and 3G Media Gateway services Up to 16 E1/T1 Full redundancy in 1U unit Echo Cancellation of up to 128 Msec Dual Channelized E1/T1 up links Dual Fast Ethernet ports 10/100 Mbps End to end clock synchronization

12 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 12 - Vmux-2120 Redundancy Capabilities Redundant power supply - AC/DC Redundant TDM uplinks. Redundancy between IP and TDM up links Redundancy between ETH ports Main card redundancy - Full redundancy with hot swapability Ability to switch to different / redundant MGC/MSS in 3G applications

13 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 13 - Vmux-2120 Redundancy Capabilities PS redundancy ETH redundancy TDM redundancy Card redundancy with hot swapping (Back view) TDM to IP redundancy Vmux-2120 Vmux-2120 Main Module

14 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 14 - Vmux-2100 Uplink: Enables up to 16 E1 or T1 links to be extended over two independent channelized E1, T1 links or an IP link Main link supporting E1/T1 or IP interface User ports: Four slots for Voice modules with 2 or 4 E1/T1 ports each User LAN Power: Two redundant, hot swappable AC/DC power supplies Uniquely High density: up to 16 E1s/T1s in 1U Voice Modules Main ModulePower Supplies

15 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 15 - Vmux-110 User LAN portUplink to IP NetworkSerial UplinkFractional Voice E1 E1 uplink Uplink: Serial, E1/T1 or 10/100BaseT uplink User Ports: 1 E1/T1 digital voice port or 4/8 FXS/FXO/E&M analog voice ports 1 User Ethernet port (with priority & rate limiting) Power: Internal AC/DC

16 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 16 - Vmux-210 Uplink: Serial, E1/T1 or 10/100BaseT uplink User Ports: Connects up to 12/15/24/30 FXS analog voice ports 1 User Ethernet port (with priority & rate limiting) Power: Internal AC/DC

17 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 17 - Gmux-2000 – Central Office Voice Trunking Gateway - Introduction Carrier-class central site solution for Vmux voice trunking gateways Compresses up to 112 E1/T1s or 96 VC-12s over a GBE/STM-1/E1/T1 network connection Modular solution – each card equivalent to a Vmux-2100 3 redundant load sharing power-supplies 2 redundant management cards (CL) 2 redundant STM-1 cards 6U high chassis suitable for ETSI or ANSI installations Smallest footprint solution in the market Lowest cost solution in the market

18 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 18 - Gmux-2000 Voice Compression Module - Features 16 External E1/T1s (Telco Connector) Server card architecture 2 E1/T1 uplinks: Redundant or P-T-MP Interoperable with all Vmux voice trunking gateways (Vmux- 2100, Vmux-110, Vmux-210) Full support of Vmux voice trunking features, including: Voice compression codecs Silence suppression Echo cancellation HDLC/SS7 optimization Fax/Modem relay Super-Tandem Bandwidth Control

19 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 19 - Gmux-2000 Module View 2 Slots for CONTROL Modules System Slots I/O SlotsFan Tray 5 Slots for VMX E1/T1 GbETH STM-1 VMX E1/T1 GbETH STM-1 VMX E1/T1 Power Inlet (PI) Module 3 Slots for PS Modules

20 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 20 - Features & Benefits

21 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 21 - Features & Benefits Up to 16:1 voice compression ratio VAD & Silence Suppression Equipped with both TDM & IP uplinks Supports any type of signaling including CAS and CCS Transparent to all telephony features including: fax, modem, CLIP, IVR, MFC, etc. Compact, Scalable and Simple to deploy Maximum reduction of voice transmission costs No bandwidth consumed when channels are idle Seamless migration from today’s TDM networks to tomorrow’s IP networks NO compromise of existing telephony features and NO retraining of staff Minimizes Initial Investment & Collocation Costs

22 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 22 - Advantages over standard VoIP Solutions (for trunking applications) TDMoIP multiplexing provides higher bandwidth savings (16:1) than any standard VoIP solution Full signaling transparency ensuring seamless integration with no retraining costs or lost functionality Provides bandwidth reduction even without migrating to IP networks Backup between IP and TDM uplinks with the same bandwidth savings Single compression cycle end-to-end (Super-Tandem) Better resiliency to packet loss Supports bandwidth control mechanisms to better cope with situations of bandwidth overflow

23 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 23 - Bandwidth Considerations User configurable parameters: Voice codec used (between 5.3k & 64k) Packet size (tradeoff between bandwidth & delay) Packet type (AAL2oMPLS header - smaller than TDMoIP - for TDM networks only) Application dependant parameters: Number of compressed voice channels in a single bundle (The more channels, the less header overhead) Actual silence percentage (typically – 50% in fixed line networks, 35% in cellular networks) Easy to use calculator for case-by-case estimation of compression ratio

24 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 24 - Management Options Management options: ASCII Terminal Telnet * SNMP * RADview-SC/Vmux * * - In band or Out of band - Dedicated RS-232 or 10/100BaseT ports Benefits of RADview-SC/Vmux: Network topology view Real-time status update End-to-end circuit provisioning Enhanced performance monitoring User-friendly GUI Vmux E1/T1 NMS Ethernet Switch/ Router IP Switch/Router TDM

25 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 25 - RADview Service Center Vmux Configuration Configuration of all managed elements End-to-end circuit provisioning Remote download of software and configuration files Performance Performance counters Bandwidth Measurement 24-hr graph display Fault Event log based on SNMP Traps Filtering/forwarding of events Real-time update of status based on polling/events Enhanced diagnostic capabilities including loopback tests End-to-end circuit monitoring

26 VMUX_TS2009.ppt - Slide 26 - Summary Excellent compression ratio Compact and easily installed Protects investment in infrastructure & legacy equipment Wide range of applications Wide installation base RAD’s Vmux Trunking Solutions: INCREASES Bandwidth Efficiency REDUCES costs UNRIVALED quick payback

27 thank you for your attention Technical Support

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