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Solar Power Presented By G2Power Technologies Saint Louis, MO.

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1 Solar Power Presented By G2Power Technologies Saint Louis, MO

2 Dealers for:

3 Installing a Solar System Installing a solar photovoltaic system is easier than you may think! G2Power handles all of the paperwork and installation for you We assist you with the rebate and other related parts!

4 Grid-tied Solar Grid tied solar means that your solar array is directly connected to your utilities grid. Your array acts like a generator and produces energy that is first used by you and any extra is sold to your electric utility. If you're generating enough electricity to support yourself then your electric bill is considerably lower. However if you use more energy then your solar array generates, your utility will bill you for the difference (net).

5 Location, location, location Usually installed on the roof, photovoltaic panels require some initial planning. Consideration should be given to your building’s location - is your house/business shadowed by large trees or a neighboring building? How large of an array will you need for your project to be viable? What are the rebates and incentives to make your system affordable?

6 1 st Step G2Power determines your system size and provides you with a no cost site survey to assess your site’s viability for a solar photovoltaic system G2Power provides you with an estimate for a 100% turnkey installation. No hidden costs, no bait and switch, no module swapping, no funny business or lies about incentives like others do!!!!!

7 2 nd Step Once you’ve decided to move forward – G2Power provides you with your contract in plain language spelling out all aspects of your agreement. Our contract is 100% ironclad – We stand behind our installations and don’t pass you off to a subcontractor if there’s problems! You are dealing with G2Power 100% of the way!

8 2 nd Step G2Power uses only top of the line components. All things are NOT equal in solar components! G2Power WILL NEVER module swap – sell you one size and substitute a cheaper module like one competitor is known to do! G2Power is the oldest solar company in Missouri – we solidly defend our reputation for treating the customer right!

9 3rd Step Upon a signed contract G2Power begins the paperwork process. We create all utility required documents and submit the paperwork to the local code authorities for the permit and then G2Power brokers the utility agreement for you.

10 3rd Step Example: Ameren Missouri Netmeter agreement and permits

11 4th Step Installation of the racking system firmly attached to the building’s framing NOT the decking as some inexperienced installers may do!

12 4th Step Installation of the solar modules and inverter(s) and other electrical components.

13 Completed Installation

14 4th Step Call for final inspections

15 4th Step Submit final portion of utility agreement and submit application for Solar Rebate.

16 4th Step Utility will upgrade meter to be bi- directional meaning it can spin both directions and accept excess power from your solar array.

17 The Utility Meter The meter takes the amount of 120 volt AC energy your cells have created and measures it in the form of kilowatts (kW), with each kilowatt being equal to 1,000 watts of energy. To understand how much energy is within a kilowatt, to generate one kilowatt, a 200 watt solar system would have to operate at peak efficiency for five hours. As the electricity is transferred from the inverter to the grid, the utility meter measures the amount and at the end of the month the power company compares the amount of electricity you use against the amount you added to the electrical grid.

18 What Is The Cost of Installing Solar The cost involved with setting up solar electrical power systems (plus the associated payback period) was prohibitive in the past. Systems are now much more reasonably priced and better looking. The price of photovoltaic (PV) panels has dropped significantly in recent years. Due to financial incentives such as installation rebates, improved efficiencies and improved power capacity, it is a very attractive to the average home or business. Modern systems are essentially a plug- and-play technology that require little interaction on the part of the owner. It now makes excellent sense to install solar panels for our home or business energy needs.

19 Rebates & Incentives Missouri Consumers For Ameren, KCP&L and SP&L customers -you will receive a $2/watt rebate. Which means system size (watts) x $2 = Cash rebate (COOPs do not participate in the rebate program) 30% Federal Renewable Energy Credit Businesses also can use the MACRS – Accelerated Depreciation Schedule Agrigcultural – various grants and loan programs

20 Are There Other Forms of Solar Energy? Solar hot water heating has become the norm in countries such as Austria, Australia, Israel, Germany and Greece. Canada has an increasing deployment of Solar Warm Air systems. G2Power installed North America’s Largest Solar Warm Air collector array to MODOT’s St. Clair Maintenance facility in April of 2010 which also included two Solar Hot Water systems

21 Thank you! Copyright G2Power Technologies, LLC 2013 G2Power Technologies, LLC Saint Louis, MO

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