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Ncg | group about | navigator the business intelligence portal +46 8 611 76 20

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1 ncg | group about | navigator the business intelligence portal +46 8 611 76 20

2 ncg | group tougher business climate sets higher and higher requirements to discover as well possibilities as causes to deviations as soon as possible the decision maker lacks valid and correct information when to make decision information volume ”to large” and spread on a number places within the company the management require the time from an occurrence through a deviation analysis to a taken decision and measure reduced about | why business intelligence?

3 ncg | group decision administration means that vi have put the decision and the decision maker in the focus it means that we in our concepts and solutions focus on the decision makers need for valid and correct information about | decision administration

4 ncg | group about | with or without business intelligence event analysisdecisionmeasure time profitability/quality without business intelligence with support from solutions/concepts that supports decision administration the decision maker is provided company information that guide him to better and faster decisions with business intelligence time profitability/quality

5 ncg | group reacting (correcting) acting (planed and proactive) about | decision types

6 ncg | group fast – available immediately enough – not to much nor to little analyzing – dimensions and decomposable right quality – for correct decision about | decision information need

7 ncg | group solve the problem with presentation and the storage of valuable company data include effective tools for conversion of data (read collect, calculate and analyze) to strategic business information about | requirements on a business intelligence concept

8 ncg | group contents methods for identification and structuring of a company´s steering business key ratios ready for use concepts/solutions information formed as tables, maps, diagrams or reports simplifies the analysis of possibilities and problems within the company the possibility to react and act immediately about | navigator - the business intelligence portal 1(4)

9 ncg | group results in better service more satisfied customers/suppliers higher revenue/lower costs improved profitability supports decision makers in their work to customer orient (CRM) and supplier orient (SRM) the company with the objective to, through increased knowledge about the company and it´s customer and markets, increase quality and profitability about | navigator - the business intelligence portal 2(4)

10 ncg | group about | navigator - the business intelligence portal 3(4) formula sap jeeves navision axapta navision xal navision attain ifs baan go to navigator | industry go to navigator | trade go to navigator | services navigator | medianavigator | xlreportnavigator | xlforecast transactions strategic information indicators ratios

11 ncg | group designed for manufacturing companies and with over 460 indicators/ratios the solution cover the most important ratios for decision makers in this type of business provide you the possibilities you need to customize the information views and it´s indicators/ratios to your decision makers no matter if your business is process-, project-, serial- or piece production oriented about | navigator | industry go back to about | navigator the business intelligence portal 3(4)

12 ncg | group the solution for companies that by and sale products (ex. retailers, wholesalers, trading houses or chain stores) includes over 400 indicators/ratios which makes us certain that we got the solution for you and your decision makers about | navigator | trade go back to about | navigator the business intelligence portal 3(4)

13 ncg | group the solution for you who in your daily work are thinking about ratios in form of debiting degree, average price per hour, capacity degree etc. turns with it´s over 350 indicators/ratios to decision makers who controls the company, department, the project or employees within for example consultant-, lawyer- or advertising business etc. about | navigator | services go back to about | navigator the business intelligence portal 3(4)

14 ncg | group implies lower investments/faster payback higher quality shorter implementation time gives comprehensive information – shows indicators /ratios for the business (what it looks like and why) detailed information - gives clues for how the decision maker can/shall change current situation about | navigator - the business intelligence portal 4(4)

15 ncg | group navigator | data warehouse the in the microsoft sql server standardized structure capital (information bank) with more than 500 indicators and dimensions navigator | media the tool that simplifies your work to analyze and communicate business problems and possibilities navigator | xlreport the tool that automatically presents your reports in microsoft excel navigator | xlforecast the microsoft excel integrated tools for effective management of budgets and forecasts about | navigator including components go to about | xlreport go to about | xlforecast go to about | media

16 ncg | group clearly defined goals and strategies firmly established in the management high business knowledge combined with expert knowledge in data warehouse construction quality assurance of data professional control of project about | key success factors

17 ncg | group high business competence and it-competence combined with ready to use concepts and reliable methods is the safest road to measurable quality for you as a customer about | quality

18 ncg | group about | navigator the business intelligence portal

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