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Things Fall Apart So Young Park Chapter 19-25

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1 Things Fall Apart So Young Park Chapter 19-25
Vocabulary Enricher Things Fall Apart So Young Park Chapter 19-25

2 Cassava Synonym: plant roots,
Sentence: Cassava is cultivated for its edible starchy root which is a major source of carbohydrates. Cassava Definition: woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) native to South America. Etymology: 1555, from Port. cassave, from Taino (Haiti) caçabi. Page number: page 143, par.5. Anonym: Cassava tree (not the roots as used in the context)

3 Cassava This word comes up very often in the novel Things Fall Apart. When I looked up the meaning it meant a plant root that was commonly eaten in Africa. This word characterizes the unique and rural African setting of the story.

4 Resilient Synonym: flexible, tough, durable
Sentence: Harmattan winds come along with dust to the village. Resilient Definition: Marked by the ability to recover readily, as from misfortune Etymology: from the Spanish harmatán, which was the native (Twi) name in western Africa Anonym: rigid, inflexible Page number: page 148, par.1.

5 Resilient This word evoked the image of a person who never gives up, like Okonkwo. Even when he was under the worst circumstances (the first year of his farming) he never gave up and became rich. This word can carry both negative and positive connotation. When it is used for natives’ resilient characteristics, it is positive but when it is used to refer to the whites who never give up their ambitions it might have negative connotation.

6 Abomination Synonym: repugnance, disgust
Sentence: She had Frank, a perverse stalker, in abomination. Abomination Apologies for those who were eating…just don’t look at this for more than 2 seconds (I put the mosaic effect though) Definition: something that is strongly hated or abominated, something that causes hatred or repugnance. Etymology: c.1325, "feeling of disgust, hatred, loathing," from O.Fr. abomination, from L. abominationem (nom. abominatio) Page number: page 148, par.2. Anonym: fondness, attraction

7 Abomination Abomination is a very strong form of hatred which is often apparent in this story, including the hatred of villagers towards the whites who disparaged and ruined their civilization.

8 Definition: to deliver a sermon
Sentence: The priest solemnly preached about the faith in god. Synonym: lecture, sermonize Preach Definition: to deliver a sermon Etymology: late O.E. predician, a loan word from Church L., reborrowed 12c. as preachen, from O.Fr. prechier (11c.), from L.L. predicare "to proclaim publicly, announce" (in M.L. "to preach"), Anonym: gossip, chat, converse Page number: page 153, par.1.

9 Preach I chose this word because it was specifically related to religion, which was a major theme of the book. This word makes me feel suddenly solemn because it evoked the image of a preacher seeking for the meaning of god.

10 Definition: north African spice that include the seeds and seed pods
Sentence: Some overzealous fans followed the pop star’s every action. Synonym: fervent, passionate Overzealous Definition: north African spice that include the seeds and seed pods Etymology: seeds have a papery skin enclosing them and the bumps of the seeds within this skin is reminiscent of an alligator's back Page number: page 159, par.2. Anonym: indifferent, dull, sullen

11 Overzealous This is a good word to describe someone who is excessively fervent. This word has slightly negative connotation, as it describes something as being too enthusiastic as to an extreme degree.

12 Definition: a short disorganized fight
Synonym: fight, brawl, fray, clash Sentence: The irate protestors got into scuffle with police force. Scuffle Definition: a short disorganized fight Etymology: 1768, from Scottish, probably from a Scand. source related to O.N. skufa, skyfa "to shove." Anonym: concord, harmony Page number: page 166, par.3.

13 Scuffle This word fits in the story because manly villagers are likely to fight or scuffle. This word doesn’t make me think of bloody battle or any atrocities but rather closer image to skirmishes or random fights.

14 Sentence: All his life, he growled his teeth with vengeance to his father who has abandoned him when he was young. Synonym: revenge, payback Vengeance Definition: the act of killing, injuring, or harming someone for revenge Etymology: c.1400, hoveren, freq. of hoven "hover, tarry, linger" (c.1250), of unknown origin, chiefly nautical at first, of ships standing off a coast. Page number: page 171, 2 par. Anonym: blessing, benefits

15 Vengeance Vengeance is common in any novels. It is the start of conflict that builds up the story. This word makes me feel of the internal anger piling up and readying for a chance to revenge against my enemy. This definitely carries negative connotation.

16 Sentence: Farmers laid down bales of hay under the scorching sun of October afternoon.
Synonym: pack, bundle, parcel Bale Definition: A large package of raw or finished material tightly bound with twine or wire and often wrapped Etymology: "large bundle or package," c.1325, from O.Fr. bale "rolled-up bundle," from a Gmc. source (cf. O.H.G. balla "ball") Anonym: a piece, one Page number: page 175, par. 2

17 Bale I think this word is appropriate for describing th erural lifestyle of Umuofia. Just as I have used bale of hay in the previous slide, this word makes me feel of simple civilization.

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