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Strictly Private and Confidential 1 Light Emitting Diode Light Fixture Solutions.

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1 Strictly Private and Confidential 1 Light Emitting Diode Light Fixture Solutions

2 Strictly Private and Confidential 2 An Environmentally Responsible Company LED LIGHT TECHNOLOGY LLC LED Lighting & Sustainability

3 Strictly Private and Confidential 3 We are all responsible for this…

4 Strictly Private and Confidential 4 …and for this! ABOVE LEFT: Coal burned to create electrical energy produces over 50 tons of mercury into the atmosphere each year. This is the single largest contributor of CO2, as well as other waste that can only be reduced by trimming electrical energy demand. ABOVE RIGHT: Waste management from short lived products is compounded by any product that contains hazardous materials, such as mercury. LED based Solid State lighting does not include mercury as a component.

5 Strictly Private and Confidential 5 LED Light Tech A Marketing & Sales Company “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has arrived”-Victor Hugo  Our primary strategy is to market and sell LED light fixtures and retrofit solutions for existing traditional fixtures. We will focus on LED solutions required for energy saving and positive environmental impact.  We manufacture or sell only the highest quality LED light fixtures produced by leading LED industry manufacturers.  Our professional sales representatives will survey the customer location and recommend the most appropriate and cost effective solution available.

6 Strictly Private and Confidential 6 Offices-Atlanta, Georgia –Convenient to Atlanta airport & major trucking, rail transportation and manufacturing facilities. Personnel & Support Functions –Executive Management Team –VP Operations –Manager Supply Chain –Manager Customer Service –Manager Sales & Representative Support –Technical Support & Project Manager –Experienced General Counsel Direct and independent sales representatives covering USA, Canada and Mexico. About LED Light Technology Engineer, Design and Manufacture LED Lighting Solutions.

7 Strictly Private and Confidential 7 Why Consider Lighting for Conservation? Lighting Consumes 22% of the Total Energy Converted to Electricity Total U.S. Energy Consumption for Electricity Production Total U.S. Energy Consumption Of Electricity Production from Lighting 1 Quad is Equivalent to 170 Million Barrels of Oil Source: DOE National Lighting Inventory And Energy Consumption Estimate, Sept Lighting = 1.4 Billion Barrels of Oil Each Year

8 Strictly Private and Confidential 8 Why LED Light Technology? Source: DOE National Lighting Inventory And Energy Consumption Estimate, Sept There are significant efficiency gains and environmental benefits related to using LED energy-efficient, eco-friendly forms of lighting Heavily using Inefficient Technologies Not Environmentally Friendly Approaching Performance Plateaus Heavily using Inefficient Technologies Not Environmentally Friendly Approaching Performance Plateaus Total U.S. Energy Consumption Of Electricity Production by Sector and Light Type

9 Strictly Private and Confidential 9 Anatomy of an LED Module LED die ESD protection Wire bond Reflector Lens Substrate Source: LED Lighting Supply, Inc Producing Light Using Science Instead of Heat!

10 Strictly Private and Confidential 10 LED Lighting–Directional Advantage LED Fixture Traditional Lighting –Omni-directional –Lowers Fixture Efficiency (Usable Light) –Wastes Lumens LED Lighting –Highly Directional –Increases Fixture Efficiency (Usable Light) –LED light source can deliver equal or higher light levels with fewer lumens Source: LED Lighting Supply, Inc Up to 60% Light Trapped or Lost Traditional Fixture All the light is directed at the target…no light wasted in reflector Reflector

11 Strictly Private and Confidential 11 Solid State Lighting HID Comparison LEDs improve delivered lumens by more than 40% Target “Average Light” as the Initial Requirement – Lowers initial lumen requirement for LED Systems – Lowers overall system cost by enabling fewer LEDs No re-lamping maintenance further reduces overall system cost Hours Lumens per Watt 20,00040,00060, Typical High Intensity Discharge (HID) Typical Solid State Light (LED) Re-Lamp $$ Re-Lamp $$ Avg. LED Lumens Avg. HID Lumens > 40% Improvement

12 Strictly Private and Confidential 12 LED Replacement Project Examples The heart of the system is the light engine. Light Engines: Fixture Applications: HUGE Electrical Energy, HVAC, Maintenance Cost Savings

13 Strictly Private and Confidential 13 LED Replacement Project Examples Harley Davidson, Vectrix, John Deer Chevron Gas Stations-Canopy lighting. Hydro Quebec-General Illumination. Honeywell-Boeing 787 Dreamliner. LED Lighting Applications Being Rapidly Deployed

14 Strictly Private and Confidential 14 LED Replacement Project Examples Increasing Demand for Energy & Maintenance Saving LED retrofits. Roadway LightingOffice Lighting Warehouse LightingCommercial Lighting

15 Strictly Private and Confidential 15 Office Building Example Candidate for Improved Operating Efficiencies Current Light Levels Below Comfort Zone Transition to LED Lighting Improves Image Industry Leader in Technology & Image!

16 Strictly Private and Confidential 16 Existing Fluorescent 2X2 ~40 Watts Consumed/Fixture Constant Burn- Outs Lamp & Ballast replacement Heat Generators Low Light Levels-Appears Dingy and Dull! Office Building Example Before

17 Strictly Private and Confidential 17 Retrofit LED 2X2 ~16 Watts/Fixture LEDs 50,000 Hour Reliability Virtually No Heat Excellent K Color More than Double the Light Comfortable Light Levels-Appears Clean and Vibrant! Office Building Example After

18 Strictly Private and Confidential 18 6 FixturesFluor.LED Room Window Area33 FC56FC Room Center21 FC60 FC Room Near Door18 FC56 FC Light Level Measurements In Desktop Much More Uniform Light Levels Across The Room! Average of 24 FC verses 57 FC or 2.38 times more light with Less Energy with LEDs!!! Additional Energy Savings Available by Slight Light Level Reduction Before After

19 Strictly Private and Confidential 19 38,000 FixturesFluor.LED Energy Savings $0 $8,291,677 Maintenance Savings $0 $18,324,360 (Bulbs/Ballast/Labor) HVAC Savings $0 $5,527,785 Total Savings $32,143,822 Retrofit Installed Cost $7,296,000 Net Savings $24,847,822 IRR/Simple Payback 105.6% / 2.5 Years –Assumes Lights Operate 12 Hours/Day 7Days/Week –11.4 Year Life Cycle Economics of Office LED Lighting LED Technology Delivers Excellent Results! The rule of thumb for savings in air conditioning cost is 1kw-hr for each 1.5 kw-hr in reduction of lighting load. This installation saves $5,752,096 in direct energy reduction and typically saves about $3.8 million in air conditioning at today's energy rate.

20 Strictly Private and Confidential 20 Parking Garage Lighting

21 Strictly Private and Confidential 21 1,000 FixturesHID LED Energy Savings $0 $725,657 Maintenance Savings $0 $553,000 HVAC Savings $0 $N/A Total Savings $1,278,657 Retrofit Installed Cost $500,000 Net Savings$778,657 IRR/Simple Payback 88.1%-18 Months –Assumes Lights Operate 24 Hours/Day –Ten Year Life Cycle Economics of LED Garage Light Fixtures LED Technology Delivers Excellent Results!

22 Strictly Private and Confidential 22 LED Light Tech Retrofit Program for Data Center 2x4 3 Lamp Fluorescent Fixtures

23 Strictly Private and Confidential 23 Financial Analysis-Data Center 2x4 Three Lamp Retrofit Existing Fixture LED Retrofit Number Fixtures 10 Year Savings Retrofit Cost Net Savings Months Payback/ IRR Scenario #1 F40T12 3-Lamp 2X4 117 Watts VLED C X4 25 Watts 476$1,051,756 $323,378 $728,378 ~36/138% Saves 479,496 kWh/Year Scenario #2 F40T12 3-Lamp 2X4 117 Watts VLED C X4 30 Watts 476$1,010,040 $295,895 $ 714,144 ~35/162% Saves 453,437 kWh/Year Scenario #3 F40T12 3-Lamp 2X4 117 Watts VLED C X4 35 Watts 476 $968,323 $ 270,819 $ 697,504 ~33/191% Saves 427,378 kWh/Year Three estimated scenarios to achieve customer objective of minimum watts for IES recommended light level. IES recommends 20 to 50FC with 6 Foot centers fixture spacing. Greatly reduces electrical consumption and associated heat!

24 Strictly Private and Confidential 24 AT&T Tower Atlanta Installation LED Canopy Fixture Installation BeforeAfter Prior to installing LED Canopy Fixtures from LED Light Technology, the AT&T Tower in Downtown, Atlanta was using 115W Mercury Vapor fixtures. The 78 mercury vapor fixtures were replaced by five 24W LED Canopy Light fixtures. AT&T reduced their annual energy use by 38,232 kWh and annual pounds of CO2 pollution by 5,057, which eliminated maintenance completely for the useful life of 11.4 years.

25 Strictly Private and Confidential 25 Atlantic Station Installation BEFORE ~3 Foot CandlesAFTER ~16 Foot Candles “Prior to installing Low Bay Fixtures from LED Light Technology we were using 175 Watt High Pressure Sodium fixtures. We replaced them with 78 Watt LED fixtures, reduced the energy used by about 60 percent and eliminated maintenance saving us both time and money. This change allows us to focus on more important projects than changing light bulbs and ballasts. Also, the color of the LED light is very pleasant and much brighter than before. We are pleased to support LED Light Technology and their mission to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly LED light fixtures.” – Joel Ward, Chief Engineer–Carter Management, Atlantic Station – Atlanta, Georgia

26 Strictly Private and Confidential 26 Next Steps  Explore a working relationship to accelerate migration to LED lighting technology.  Survey properties.  Recommend LED solutions.  Prepare lighting system comparative financial analysis.  Develop properties implementation plan.

27 Strictly Private and Confidential 27 Thank You!

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