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DC Water Town Hall Meeting Series 2013 General Manager George S. Hawkins.

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1 DC Water Town Hall Meeting Series 2013 General Manager George S. Hawkins

2 Blue Plains Tunnel Blue Plains Site 2 of 16

3 Digester and ENR Projects at Blue Plains 3 of 16

4 DC Water in the Community 4 of 16

5 DC Water-Providing Essential Services 24 Hours a Day Potomac River Water treatment provided by the Washington Aqueduct Distribution System Blue Plains Regional Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Wastewater Collection System 5 of 16

6 DC Water by the Numbers four storage tanks five pump stations five reservoirs nine wastewater pumping stations 16 stormwater pumping stations 153 acres of land at Blue Plains 500 fleet vehicles 1,100 dedicated full-time employees 1,300 miles of water pipes 1,800 miles of sewer lines more than 9,300 public fire hydrants 36,000 valves 6 of 16

7 Clean, safe water is crucial for human health. Drinking water treatment has virtually eliminated waterborne diseases and increased life expectancy in the U.S. by 30 years. America’s public water systems impact nearly every sector of the economy. Clean water and wastewater treatment are essential to economic growth. Clean water supports industry, recreation, tourism, agriculture and governmental functions. 7 of 16 Drinking Water is important

8 FY 2014 Budget Drivers Debt Services –Driven by size of the CIP Personnel Services –Capital in-sourcing –Increased health costs Utilities –Anticipated increase in electricity costs Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) –Pass through from the District tied to retail rate increases Chemicals –Anticipated increase in unit prices Biosolids –Anticipated increase in hauling costs Contracts –Tied to market pricing 8 of 16

9 Capital Improvement Priorities Health and safety of customers Mandates Good engineering practices/high payback Potential infrastructure failure Good engineering practices/low payback High profile/Good neighbor Board policy 9 of 16

10 Clean Rivers Project Overview The Clean Rivers Project is DC Water's ongoing program to reduce combined sewer overflows into the District's waterways-the Anacostia and Potomac rivers and Rock Creek. The Project is a massive infrastructure and support program using Metro-sized tunnels designed to capture water during heavy rainfalls and clean it at Blue Plains before it ever reaches our rivers. Construction has begun on the first portion of the Project, the Blue Plains Tunnel. Construction on the Blue Plains Tunnel should be completed in 2015, and all the facilities south of RFK should be done by 2018. Total budget for the Clean Rivers Project is $2.6 billion. 10

11 Green Infrastructure Initiative. What Are We Proposing? Anacostia River Projects Potomac & Rock Creek Projects DC Water is Implementing Tunnels Most severely impacted by CSOs There is time to consider new approaches if we move forward now GreenGrayHybrid Green will provide additional CSO control 11 of 16

12 Recommended Rate Adjustments Units Actual FY 2013 Proposed FY 2014 DC Water Retail Rates WaterCcf3.42$ 3.61$ DC Water Retail Rates SewerCcf4.18$ 4.41$ DC Water Clean Rivers IACERU9.57$ 12.77 $ DC Water Customer Metering Fee 3.86$ $ District of Columbia PILOT FeeCcf0.50$ 0.53$ District of Columbia Right of Way FeeCcf0.16$ 0.17$ District of Columbia Stormwater FeeERU2.67$ $ 5/8 ” 12 of 16 Operating Revenues Retail revenue required to pay for operating and infrastructure improvements

13 13 How Will DC Water Spend Each $1.00 Received From The Average* Residential Customer Bill? *Data based on average bill of residential customer using 6.69 Ccf of water each month

14 Average Residential Monthly Bill (FY 2012 – 2014) FY 2014 Rate Proposal 14 of 16

15 Average CAP Residential Monthly Bill (FY 2012 – 2014) FY 2014 Rate Proposal 15 of 16

16 Public Hearing Contact DC Water with your comments: Public Hearing May 8, 2013 Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments 777 North Capitol Street, NE 6:30 pm E-mail: Fax DC Water: (202) 787-2795 Mail to: Board Secretary 5000 Overlook Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20032 16 of 16

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