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The New Mn/DOT Maple Grove Truck Station and Maintenance Center

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1 The New Mn/DOT Maple Grove Truck Station and Maintenance Center
Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

2 Agenda Introductions Team Involvement Program Consolidation Memorial
Site Analysis Sustainability & Strategies Construction Questions Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

3 Introductions Presenters Minnesota Department of Transportation
Tom Lehmann Architectural Supervisor for the Building Services Office in Maintenance Kodet Architectural Group Edward Kodet, Jr. FAIA, LEED AP BD+C, President, Principal-in-Charge Ken Stone AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Vice-President Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

4 Team Involvement Minnesota Department of Transportation Team Involvement Bev Farraher Bill Augello Bob Miller Charlie Giddings Chris Kufner David Jones DeWayne E. Jones Doug Thies Gail Andersen Glenn Heapy Jack Pirkl Jane Marah Jeff O'Brien Jeff Streeter John Bieniek John Hanzalik John Howard John LeMire Julie Libonate Kim Baldwin Mark Pavelich Mike Bauer Pat Jeffrey Ron Lagerquist Ron Simmer Stan Waletko Tom Lehmann Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

5 Program The program was an interactive process where Mn/DOT stakeholders were involved in items affecting the design and function. Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

6 Consolidation Mn/DOT Golden Valley Working Drawing of Mn/DOT Maple Grove Relocation of equipment from Golden Valley to the Maple Grove Maintenance Facility Mn/DOT Golden Valley Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

7 Consolidation 4 welding bays with 1 overhead bridge crane
Storage for 27 vehicles with 2 wash bays and monorail crane 34 vehicle maintenance stalls with 4 overhead bridge cranes Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

8 Consolidation The field supply / inventory center is designed in the center of the building. Access for maintenance crews Mechanic and maintenance secure pick-up counter Deliveries and field supply pick-up counter Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

9 Memorial to John Hanzalik
Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

10 Site Analysis & Sustainability
Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

11 Geothermal wells for cooling.
Sustainability Geothermal wells for cooling. Sustainable Site Design Erosion and Sedimentation Control Conserve Existing Site Features Stormwater Management Drought-resistant Plantings Natural Site Drainage Orientation for Daylighting Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

12 Sustainability Geothermal Technology
Uses constant ground temperature to cool the building Reduces cooling costs 12 Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

13 Sustainability Building Strategies Building Placement
Reduce Energy Use No Tobacco Use Minimize Work Space Contaminants Air Circulation to Control Moisture Acoustics and Positive Soundscapes Personal Control of IEQ Conditions Flexible Planning of Interior Environments Distance to Natural Light Quality of Artificial Light South Facing Monitors – Daylighting Study Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

14 Sustainability Daylighting strategies Day-lit floor areas:
57% of the total building 70% of regularly occupied areas Automated daylighting control: 54% of the total building Window to Floor area Ratio (WFAR): 10% View Spaces and Window Access 14 Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

15 Sustainability Daylighting / Lighting Control Strategies
Stepped Daylighting controls with occupancy sensors in: Offices with windows. Vehicle work areas with skylights. 15 Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

16 Sustainability Mechanical strategies 95% efficient gas boiler
90% efficient Make-up air units HVAC at offices: Water to water Heat pump VAV system Cooling in office spaces from geothermal In-floor heat in office and mechanics shop Use Efficient Equipment and Controls Ease of Access to Equipment Commissioning of System Post-Occupancy Training 16 Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

17 Sustainability Energy savings
Energy Savings of $64,000/Year (4.3 Year Payback), or 54% Energy Savings Xcel Rebate of $20,000 to $27,000 After Rebate, Payback is 4 Years 54% Electric Consumption Savings 69% Gas Consumption Savings 17 Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

18 Sustainability Sustainable Design Strategies Basic Good Design Values
Sustainable Site Recycling and Recycle Materials Energy Efficiency High Level of Maintenance and Monitoring Good Indoor Air Quality Efficient Building Elements Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

19 Strategies Material Strategies Specify Low-Emitting Materials
High Recycled Content Locally / Regionally Produced Rapidly Renewable Materials Ability to be Reused, Recycled or are Biodegradable Materials Boards Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

20 Construction Status Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

21 Construction Status Completed construction is slated for the end of September, We anticipate leading tours of the completed facility later this year. Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

22 Questions? Thank You! Minnesota Department of Transportation
Kodet Architectural Group Tom Lehmann Edward Kodet, Jr. Architectural Supervisor for the Building Services Office in Maintenance FAIA, LEED AP BD+C, President, Principal-in-Charge Ken Stone AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Vice-President Thank You! Kodet Architectural Group, © 2012

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