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The Ch’i-lin Purse Day 2.

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1 The Ch’i-lin Purse Day 2

2 What are the rewards in helping others?
Concept talk What are the rewards in helping others?

3 Partner Share How can being stranded cause a person great distress?
Describe a time when you did a favor for someone. Why is it important not to panic in a difficult situation?

4 Amazing Words Praise- if you praise someone, you express warm approval or admiration She loved the praise her mom gave her. Nurture- means to bring up or care for Chuck and Jen nurture the baby bird until it was able to fly away. Teach your partner what these amazing words mean.

5 Word Analysis Suffixes –tion, -ion When you add the suffix to a word, you change what the word means. The suffix –tion and –ion changes a verb into a noun that means “the state or result of”.

6 Word Analysis The word fascination has the suffix –tion. The base word is fascinate. Fascinate is a verb that means “to interest intensely”. Adding the suffix -tion changes the verb fascinate into the noun fascination, which means “the state of being intensely interested”.

7 Literary Terms We are going to need our books now. 1-5 6-10 11-15
16-20 21-26

8 Literary Terms Symbolism A symbol is a person, place or thing that represents an abstract idea. For example, one common symbol is a dove. It is a bird, but it also stands for peace.

9 Symbolism Let’s look at “Ah Tcha’s Leaves” on page 233. In folk tales, characters often symbolize, or stand for certain types of people in real life. Ah Tcha is very wealthy at the beginning and end of the story. I think he symbolizes wealthy, powerful people.

10 Resolution In author’s story structure their stories with plot elements such as conflict, rising action, climax, and resolution. In the resolution, the conflict is resolved, the action winds down, and the story ends.

11 Resolution When I look at “Ah Tcha’s Leaves” I see that the resolution is when Nu Wu charms the leaves and Ah Tcha is able to stay awake. The action winds down and the story ends as we learn that Ah Tcha becomes wealthy again. I can see how other events in the story lead up to this resolution. The resolution solves the problem of Ah Tcha falling asleep. I remember Nu Wu appeared earlier, so it makes sense she is part of the resolution.

12 Vocabulary Astonished- syn- surprised shocked, surprised
Behavior- syn-way of acting the way a person acts or behaves Teach your partner these words.

13 Vocabulary Benefactor- someone who helps someone out financially with no expectation of payback Distribution- syn- giving out To give or pass out something TEACH YOUR PARTNER THESE WORDS

14 Vocabulary gratitude- syn- thankfulness To be grateful or thankful
Procession-syn-group moving together A group of people or animals moving together TEACH YOUR PARTNER THESE WORDS

15 Vocabulary Recommend- syn-heartily suggest To suggest or offer
Sacred – syn- holy Something that is considered holy Traditions- things that you do for certain events TEACH YOUR PARTNER THESE WORDS

16 GREEK AND LATIN ROOTS I took a photograph of the mountain.
In Greek, photo means “light” and graph means “to write”. This makes sense in the sentence because I know that I need light to take a picture with a camera and the light “writes” the image. Knowing this word will help me understand other words with the roots photo and graph, such as a photographic, biography, and telegraph.

17 GREEK AND LATIN ROOTS What is the meaning of photographic?
What is the meaning of biography? What is the meaning of telegraph?

18 Conventions Action and linking verbs: Jana ate the sandwich.
Pedro is happy today. “ate” is an action verb, it describes the action of eating. “is” is a linking verb, because it links Pedro with being happy without using an action.

19 Spelling Vowel sounds with r

20 Lets take a look at our Daily Fix it

21 Writing Poems include: Verse Rhyme Rhythm They use techniques like:
Onomatopoeia-words imitate sounds Assonance-repetition of vowel sounds Alliteration- repetition of beginning letter sounds

22 The Ch’i-lin Purse What might make us want to do a good deed?
What kinds of good deeds have you or others? What reward did you receive for doing that deed? How long might it take to be rewarded for a good deed?

23 Folk Tale A folk tale is a story that has been passed down through oral tradition over many generations. Folk tales often reflect the customs and beliefs of a particular culture. The characters are often stereotypes, and they fulfill one particular function. The conflicts are usually resolved by good being rewarded and evil being punished.

24 The Ch’i-lin Purse Think about how good deeds can come back to help people later. Read to page 243.

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