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Associated Engineering Westmark Hotel February 27, 2012.

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1 Associated Engineering Westmark Hotel February 27, 2012

2 Questions from Morning Session Working with other systems Works with Asset Condition Reporting System – ACRS Assessment / Inspection Maintenance Reporting Finance Systems GIS Systems Territorial Systems Asset Registers Remember PSAB / BUDGET once per year – AM all year Condition Assessment Question Do your own condition assessment or make it implicit to other things you do. Ownership of Information – It is yours, it remains yours

3 Something you may not know Your PSAB Register (Excel) was created by an AE group in St. Catharines Ontario and is used: Saskatchewan (Provincial Standard) Alberta NWT Eastern Canada

4 Presentation Overview Introduction The “take away” slides Associated Engineering GeoAssets Ltd. The People Services Software Benefits

5 Your Presenters David Watt, O.L.S., C.E.T. – National Practice Lead – Asset and Program Management General Manager, GeoAssets Ltd. Dieter Diedericks P.Eng. – Asset Management Lead, Burnaby B.C. Gwenda Sulem E.I.T. – Whitehorse Office Coordinator Steven Bartsch P.Eng. – Whitehorse Office Manager

6 Take Away Slide(s) We have more information now than we can use, and less knowledge and understanding than we need. Indeed, we seem to collect information because we have the ability to do so, but we are so busy collecting it that we haven't devised a means of using it. The true measure of any society is not what it knows but what it does with what it knows.

7 Associated Engineering - (Services) 850 staff across Canada Engineers Technologists Scientists Knowledge Management Professionals Asset Management Division 35 staff in 7 offices

8 Subsidiary of Associated Engineering AssetNav Software Web Based Open Source ! Simple - 3 clicks or 30 seconds Embedded GIS ½ day training course Handles all infrastructure PSAB Reporting Fully MsOffice compatible Supports inter community collaboration / best practices Bank level security ! GeoAssets Ltd. - (Software)

9 Hosted ?

10 Asset Management

11 The Absolute Truths You all do asset management everyday NOW in your community’s best interest, you : Look at the money you have Weigh the needs of your infrastructure Look at the consequences of not repairing things Pick the best candidates and move forward What you probably don’t do Look at the payback on a continuous basis – was it really worth it, is it asset management really worth it. Look beyond your or infrastructure lifecycles, your children and their children’s needs – THE LONG TERM Repeatable and measurable

12 Beware the Software Salesperson X

13 Our Clients and Projects !

14 Some of our clients Regional District of Nanaimo Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs Public Works and Government Services Canada City of Toronto Metis Settlements General Council Uranium City Ledcor CMI Ltd. Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation Region of Halton Town of Taber Ontario Power Generation

15 A Project Very Much Like Yours

16 Largest infrastructure inventory, valuation, condition and risk assessment in Canada 36 Communities Facility Road / Bridge Water Wastewater 3 Tier Management System Development Integration with Data Sources 2010 CES award of excellence Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs

17 Top down and bottom up approach  $1.1M, 14-month project to assess infrastructure in 36 northern Saskatchewan communities  27,000 significant assets valued at ~ $600M Deliverables – four components Water System Assessments, (WSA), water and wastewater systems Public Sector Accounting Board, PS 3150 statements Develop an Asset Management System and framework for the comparative assessment of community infrastructure GIS output to allow for visualization PSAB and AMS Project Overview

18 Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Policy Development, (SMMA) Northern Municipal Trust Account Management Board, (NMTA) SaskWater 36 northern Saskatchewan communities Partnering for Success

19 Keys to Success

20 Weyakwin Pilot Project The project “off ramp” Purpose: Ensure all project team members and stakeholders were aware of the infrastructure and level of detail required for the project Demonstrate deliverables on small scale Ensure repeatability of project in all other communities

21 InventoryValuation Amortize Financial Statement InventoryValuation Condition Assessment Manage Assets Asset Management Manage contributions, disposal, write downs etc.. Manage additions, rehabilitation, replacements, removals etc.. PSAB Tangible Capital Assets

22 Michel Village Ile-a-la-Crosse Buffalo Narrows Denare Beach Water Wastewater Buildings Roads

23 Bear Creek Camsell Portage Brabant Lake Cumberland House Playgrounds Communications Docks Cemeteries

24 Jans Bay Creighton La Loche Patuanak Land Fills Fleet Recreation Fencing

25 Data Collection: Sled Lake Uranium City Offices Storage Tanks … among others.

26 4 Levels of Reporting ! Community SaskWater Northern Management Trust Account Municipal Affairs

27 The Software Demo - FINALLY AssetNav “Any Town” AssetNav “Northern Saskatchewan” AssetNav “Ontario First Nations”

28 Some other things to remember Decide what you are going to do with the information before deciding what information you are going to collect. Software is secondary, your community infrastructure could be planned on an Excel Spreadsheet Capture your community memory before it is gone – retirement ! Relax – this takes time ! Nothing will ever be perfect but will improve over time There is no easy button !

29 Some really helpful resources! – 2008 TCA / Asset Management Workshop Presentations - Federation of Canadian Municipalities icms - Ontario First Nations CMS icms - the ten steps to effective infrastructure management - PAS 55 - ISO and soon to be CSA standard ! - PAS 55 - Canadian Network of Asset Managers

30 On the USB Sticks

31 Mobile – Follow Me

32 Thank You Elmer Lickers, Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation – ACRS AssetNav “Please express to your audience our ambition is to develop an approach that supports our need for more descriptive information on current infrastructure, details that support short & long term planning, O&M funding analysis and reporting tools to streamline the ICMS & ACRS reporting requirements to Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada.” Ryan Cossitt, Senior Policy Advisor, Province of Saskatchewan Municipal Affairs – SMMA AssetNav YTG and all of you for having me

33 Thank You Kindly for Listening Today Associated Engineering Whitehorse 301-4109 4th Avenue Whitehorse, YT Y1A 1H6 Phone: 867-456-2711 Fax: 604-291-6163

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