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Case Studies in Energy Independence 2013 TAUD March 14, 2013 David Wrightsman, P.E. Energy Systems Group

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1 Case Studies in Energy Independence 2013 TAUD March 14, 2013 David Wrightsman, P.E. Energy Systems Group

2 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Agenda So What? WEF Roadmap The Path Examples Wrap-up

3 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN So What? A.Economics – Need to control rate increases – Uncertain future electric prices B.Communities need environmental leaders – Demonstrate tangible examples C.Move thinking from disposal to recovery – Find other sources of revenue – Challenge accepted thoughts Why should I care about this? Why should I do something different?

4 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN WEF Roadmap 1.Strategic Management 2.Organizational Culture 3.Communication and Outreach 4.Demand Side Management 5.Energy Generation 6.Innovating for the Future Roadmap Webcast:

5 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN The Roadmap Levels - Enabling - Integrating - Optimizing 1 – Strategic Management 2 – Organizational Culture 3 – Communication Outreach 4 – Demand Side Management 5 – Energy Generation 6 – Innovating for the Future

6 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN The Path Energy sustainability is achieved through a combination of advancements in technical and organizational aspects of a utility.

7 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN The 3 C’s of Technology Adoption CrazyCoolConventional

8 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN The Challenge of Optimization What we want What is efficient What we have

9 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN First Steps A.Complete energy baseline B.Do an energy audit C.Develop list of energy conservation measures D.Prioritize list i.At the end of their useful life ii.Inefficient as compared to current tech iii.Expensive maintenance E.Implement 1

10 Benchmark – Compare to other similar plants – Look at: Kwh/mgd Kwh/pounds of BOD EPRI CEC Report CR-104300, July, 1994, Figure 3-1

11 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN PlanDoCheck

12 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN How to Prioritize Complexity Simple Payback #1 - Simple, fast payback Self Perform #2 - Complex, fast payback Get Help #3 - Simple, long payback Planned replacement #4 - Complex, Long payback Do last

13 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Lo cost/No Cost Examples: – Timers on light switches, blowers – Why that dose of chemicals? – Rate analysis, other fees – Talk to your electric utility (transformers, multiple meters) – Measure, adjust - repeat – Collaborate 1 Use fresh eyes.

14 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Demand Side Management Funding for DSM Projects? A.Utility rebates A.(insert TVA details?) B.Federal grant programs C.Annual appropriations D.Energy Savings Performance Contracts E.Public Private Agreements (PPA) 2

15 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN What is it? Performance contracting is alternative procurement that offers – Capital improvements without rate increases – Collaborative development – Guaranteed results 2

16 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Who does what? One party providing all engineering and construction including financing Intent is to improve infrastructure to improve energy efficiency while reducing operating costs Guaranteed o Savings, Performance, Price. Savings offset costs oEnergy & Operational Qualification Based Selection 2

17 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Tennessee Legislation Energy Savings Performance Contracts Tennessee (no specific legislation) §12-4-115. Energy-related services §12-4-106 Contracts for Professional Services Treated as a professional service Use Request for Qualifications (RFQ) 2

18 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Performance Contract Construction Start Up Design 60% –> 90% RFQ Contract - ESCO (Project Development) Project Scope Development (30% Design) Contract - ESCO (Energy Performance Contract) Final Price 0 months 12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months 2

19 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN City of Winchester, Indiana Fine bubble diffusers Variable Speed PD Blowers DO Control $0.9M project 12 year payback 2 MGD Wastewater Plant 2

20 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Washington Suburban Sanitary District Potomoc, MD Rebuild (6) 50 MGD Raw water pump Recondition (6) 2000 hp motors Metering for 25 smaller pumps $6.3M Project 8 year payback 285 MGD Water Filtration Plant 2

21 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Energy Baseline Study For Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, September 2006 (Base Energy Inc) Technology (99 plant sample size)# of PlantsPercentage Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)6061 % VFD Applications Pumps5556 % Blowers1212 % Compressors33 % Other1313 % Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensors2929 % Advanced Instrumentation/ SCADA systems4747 % High Efficiency Lighting3232 % Solar Aerators or Mixers44 % High Efficiency Blowers1313 % Variable Intensity or UV Lamps44 % Pipe Internal Friction Reducing Coating99 % Screw Press for Sludge Dewatering33 % Centrifuge for Sludge Dewatering1212 % Other1111 % 2

22 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Energy Generation Digester Gas? Solar Wind Hydro Solar Wind Hydro Produce Electricity ? Remove CO2? Remove CO2? Direct Burn Boiler Engine Turbine Fuel Cell Sterling Engine Engine Turbine Fuel Cell Sterling Engine Pipeline Injection Vehicle (CNG or LNG) Pipeline Injection Vehicle (CNG or LNG) NO YES Energy Generation Decision Tree Other Considerations: Regulatory Interconnection Utility Rates Co-digestion Site 3

23 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Electrical Generation What is the relative cost of power? 3

24 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Frederick Winchester Sanitary Agency Winchester, VA Anaerobic Digesters Turbo Blowers New Biosolids Dewatering Co-digestion – Industrial organic waste $35 Million dollar project 20 MGD Wastewater 3 biosolids HSW Digester

25 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN 3 New Primary Switchgear New blowers & Dewatering New aeration & controls New Lighting, HVAC, Controls & Water Treatment New chemical automation New sludge storage mixing New digesters, receiving stations, CHP Plant Sludge storage mixing

26 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Frederick Winchester Service Authority 3 Combined Heater & Power, Anaerobic Digesters

27 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Collaboration EngineerContractorOperatorsVendorsAdministration 3

28 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Strategic Energy Master Plan SupplyUtilizationInformationAlternatives UtilitiesProjectsProgramsFinancing Gas Electric Water/Sewer Asset Modernization Energy Projects Auditing Modeling Training Outsourcing Grants Leases Project Financing ESPC Year 1 Electric tariff Change Lighting Retrofit Staff training on energy SCADA utilization System modeling Self funding Year 2 Natural gas open market Biolsolids handling Process optimization Capital project for energy setup in rate Year 3 Change primary voltage Cogeneration Outside Engineering Bond Year 4 - Solar Energy Outside Engineering Energy Grant

29 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Other ideas Data – Data gathering is labor intensive – How to automate it? Modeling – What if analysis – Simple spreadsheets Operator Training – Gap analysis – Energy conservation – Self-perform work Outsourcing – When to get help?

30 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Wrap-up Economics – Roadmap gives a step by step approach – Change is hard but necessary Environmental leaders – Collaborate Change thinking – Start small and build up

31 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Reference Info Energy Information Agency ( WEF – Energy Conservation MOP National Association of Energy Service Companies - NAESCO

32 2013 TAUD Gatlinburg, TN Questions? David Wrightsman, P.E. Energy Systems Group 317-849-2015

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