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IMI Graduates do GREAT things Asger Andersen R&D Manager IMI Hydronic Engineering Switzerland.

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1 IMI Graduates do GREAT things Asger Andersen R&D Manager IMI Hydronic Engineering Switzerland

2 Who are we? IMI is now a specialist flow control group entirely focused on industrial end markets. This strong foundation creates greater opportunities for technical and operational synergies and provides an excellent platform for future growth. Our businesses comprise approximately 12,000 employees providing innovative knowledge-based engineering solutions for market-leading customers around the world. Our Critical Engineering division is a world leading provider of highly-engineered flow control solutions for critical applications that are able to withstand temperature and pressure extremes and intensely abrasive and corrosive cyclical operations. Our Precision Engineering division specialises in the design and manufacture of pneumatic and other flow control technologies for applications where precision, speed and reliability are essential. Our Hydronic Engineering division is the leading global provider of technologies that deliver operational and energy efficient water-based heating and cooling systems inside buildings.

3 What we do in IMI You are never far away from an IMI product. In fact, we’re one of the world’s biggest, most innovative engineering companies with a history spanning 150 years. In 2010, we entered the FTSE 100, and these days we have operations in over 20 countries right across the globe.

4 What we do in IMI

5 ‣ IMI Hydronic Engineering is the world leader and expert in hydronic distribution systems. ‣ Worldwide sales of GBP 305 million (2013) ‣ Approximately 1,900 employees worldwide ‣ 3 strong product ranges form the cornerstones of the Company IMI Hydronic Engineering – what we do

6 Energy Efficiency – a global concern ‣ 40% of the world’s energy is used in buildings* ‣ 50% of this energy is used in HVAC systems* ‣ Hydronic optimization can reduce the total energy consumption of the HVAC system by 30% on average (*) Sources: European Commission EPBD (point 6, pp1) & US Department of Energy’s “Buildings Energy Data Book”

7 CO 2 ~12 days ~7 years 7 Loft Insulation 3-5 years New windows more than 30 years Boiler 10 years Balancing and Room Temperature Control 10 months Carbon footprint and Economic Payback Our goal: to spread awareness among consumers that good hydronic balancing and room temperature control constitute one of the highest energy saving measures, at the lowest cost and offering the fastest pay-back.

8 Hydronic System Solutions ‣ Our broad and innovative range of products comprises all HVAC installation distribution requirements: from Pressure maintenance and water quality on Balancing and Control to thermostatic control. Each product has been specifically designed to do its job with maximum efficiency. Thermostatic Control Pressurisation & Water Quality Balancing & Control

9 Example: TA-FUSION-P control valve series DP Controller – dynamically working valve which does not require external power supply! DP controller allows to keep constant flow throughout the valve despite the Δp what have a great impact on the comfort and energy efficiency in the system DP plug – opens and closes automatically to keep constant flow on desired level Example of our new control valve range, the TA-FUS1ON series Unique shape of channel allows for high water velocity without noise generation

10 Olkusz, Poland 2005, 210 employees Füllinsdorf, Switzerland 1909, 120 employees Dallas, US 1970, 30 employees Ljung, Sweden 1897, 430 employees Brežice, Slovenia 1968, 60 employees Erwitte, Germany 1928, 340 employees Global footprint at IMI Hydronic Engineering

11 Dallas, US Balancing Control Füllinsdorf, Switzerland Pressurisation & Water Quality Ljung, Sweden Balancing Control Brežice, Slovenia Balancing Control Erwitte, Germany Thermostatic Control Olkusz, Poland Pressurisation, Balancing & Thermostatic Control Centres of excellence at IMI Hydronic Engineering

12 Our Graduate Programme: rise to the challenge ‣ 2 year engineering programme – make progress and discover your potential ‣ Enjoy real responsibility – stretch yourself and contribute to your own path ‣ Culture of innovation – push boundaries, open new doors and see new possibilities

13 Graduate programme - why Hydronic Engineering? ‣ We have a clear 5 year plan set for growth ‣ To achieve this we will boost our talent pool within engineering specifically ‣ A key part of the talent boost will come from the Graduate Programme ‣ 7 Graduates to start in first year in Hydronic Engineering ‣ 4x6 months placements at key eng. competence centers ‣ Placements in 4 different engineering fields: R&D, Production engineering, Project Management and Technical Sales Engineering

14 What do we look for? ‣ You should be working towards an engineering degree in the following disciplines: ‣ Mechanical ‣ Manufacturing ‣ Electronic ‣ Mechatronic ‣ Work experience: ready to tackle challenges and create solutions ‣ Skilled in German, Swedish or Polish ‣ Fluent in English ‣ Eligible to work in the country you apply to

15 R&D Engineering – why is it great? ‣ It is where you start the creative process to form new products! ‣ Massive focus on new technologies & products… ‣..and it’s not just talking.. ‣ Monthly global NPD meeting ‣ Simplified NPD process ‣ Global R&D team working as “one” Pipeline 2012 Pipeline 2014 2012 V-Exact Dynacon 2013 TA-FUS1ON A-Exact S-head US Ball valve Vento EcoEfficient Light Vessels TA-SCOPE light Multilux Multibox Mini 2014 TA-Compact-T Zeparo Cyclone TA -Pilot TA-COMPACT-P Equalizer Compresso Connect

16 R&D Engineering – why is it great? Drivers: Sustainability, Quality and Comfort – Tool: innovation ‣ Pressurization & Water Quality: ‣ Zeparo Cyclone: ‣ Balancing & Ctrl: ‣ TA -FUS1ON ‣ Thermostatic Ctrl: ‣ A-exact:

17 Production Engineering – why is it great? ‣ It is where you finally bring the ideas to life! ‣ More than 1000 employees bring more than 30M pieces to life yearly ‣ We invest in our production to stay ahead - 70 Million GBP spend this year: own foundries, own injection moulding, deep drawing... ‣ We implement modern quality processes: lean, 5S… A Work Order or Sequence Standard In process Stocks Work Content Within Takt Achievement of Takt Continuous Flow Production A Pull System Heijunka (Leveling)

18 PM Engineering – why is it great? ‣ It is where you ensure we keep control and hit spot on ‣ We have a global PMO organization across Engineering ‣ Standardized processes ‣ Project Management Manual ‣ Advanced Product Quality Planning [APQP] checklist ‣ Decision Plan [DP] checklist

19 Technical Sales Engineering – why is it great? ‣ This is where you finally combine the product innovations with your broad engineering knowledge to solve the most complex costumer problems! ‣ We offer a thorough HVAC training package through our dedicated Hydronic College ‣ Understanding the HVAC system ‣ Selection of components

20 Graduate programme intro who to contact? ‣ IMI Hydronic Engineering Divisional lead: ‣ Asger Andersen, contact: +41798706346 ‣ IMI Hydronic Engineering HR lead: ‣ Regine Gandner

21 About you ‣ Ambitious ‣ Can-do ‣ Want to make a difference ‣ Focused and determined ‣ Committed ‣ Excited about engineering

22 How can I seize the opportunity? ‣ Applications open 1 st October 2014- end December 2014 ‣ Apply via our website ‣ Start date – September 2015 ‣ In doubt? – Call Asger!

23 Any questions?

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