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Wind farm project “Pakline – Ljubusa – Kupres” Sarajevo, 15 March 2011.

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1 Wind farm project “Pakline – Ljubusa – Kupres” Sarajevo, 15 March 2011.

2 WF Ljubusa WF Pakline WF Kupres1 WF Kupres2 Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina Tomislavgrad and Kupres municipality

3 Basic site information: Wind measurement: altitude 1100-1300m good terrain configuration main road and 110 kV line crossing the location WF Pakline - central most windy part, 20km 2 WF Ljubusa - south part, 14km 2 WF Kupres - north part, two separate areas, 25km 2 two 50m masts, one-year measurement during 2007. average wind speed 7m/s (50m) three new 60m masts installed at January 2011 (according to IEC 61400-12-1 standard, with professional calibrated equipment)

4 Preliminary design and energy yield: Wind turbine class: (2)-3MW Total power planned: 350MW For 1st phase: 102MW Capacity factor without losses (average): 32% Moderate turbulence (WT class IIA) Status of approvals: concession contract signed with county (Hercegbosanska zupanija) contract with Tomislavgrad municipality for land use preliminary measurement done preliminary layout done preliminary grid connection solution proposed environmental approval issued preliminary design almost finished (1st phase) location permit expecting for 1-2 months (1st phase)

5 CAPEX: 1.308.000 €/MW Total (350MW): 437.5 M€ First phase (102 MW): 133.5 M€ OPEX: First phase: 4.700.000 €/annual Costs Primary depending on feed-in tariff (not known yet) Assumed: 90 €/MWh for 1st year incerased with inflation rate, duration 12 years after 12th years, market prices assumed First phase (102 MW): Net energy: 271800 MWh/annual Income: 25.800.000 €/annual (1st year) Project valuation (WACC = 10%): Project IRR: 13.95% Project NPV: 367.200 €/MW (total 37.455.000 €) Payback time (from project free cash flow): 11 years Equity return (70/30 debt/equity, interest rate 6%, upfront fee 3%, loan duration 12 years, discount rate 12%): Equity IRR: 23.1% Equity NPV: 380.300 €/MW (total 38.800.000 €) Payback time (from equity free cash flow): 7 years Project /equity valuation (profitability)

6 Owner/Developer: Kamen – dent d.o.o., Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Email: Tel: 00387 63 82 01 68 Technical support: Fractal d.o.o., Split, Croatia Email: Tel: 00385 98 286 314 Contacts: Project financing Equity: 20-25% Developer’s costs and fee: 1/3 of equity Strategic partner: 2/3 of equity Debt: 70-80% Contracitng responsibility: strategic partner Financing

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