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Concentrating PV – More Energy Production for Low Cost Electricity

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1 Concentrating PV – More Energy Production for Low Cost Electricity
Nancy Hartsoch

2 SolFocus Overview Founded November 2005 Organization/Funding
C Corporation incorporated in Delaware A and B Rounds: $94.7M led by New Enterprise Associates C Round: $77.6M led by Apex Ventures Headquarters Mountain View, California Employees 120 globally Technology CPV using reflective optics Intellectual Property 4 patents issued; 15 filed and pending Products SF-1100S 1st Generation – marketed 2008 SF-1100S 2nd Generation – marketed 2009-present SF-1136-S – to begin deployment Q3 2011` Training and Support Services Installed Base 10MW deployed or under construction US (California, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii), Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Australia, Korea Target Customers Power plant developers, utilities, municipalities, industrial distributed generation

3 CPV Consortium – Industry Organization
Manufacturing Equipment Materials Developers/ EPCs Power Generators Module Suppliers Cell Suppliers Research Organizations & Universities Tracker

4 Concentrating Solar Power
Many Solar Harvesting Technologies CSP Concentrating Solar Power Photovoltaics (PV) Conventional - Si CPV Concentrator PV Thin Film 4

5 Concentrator PV Value Proposition
Provide Lowest Cost Solar Energy in Sunny Locations With Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) Systems

6 CPV Technology - Optics
Optics Collect Large Area of Sunlight Focus Sunlight on Small Area of PV Cell Concentration: (HCPV) 650 Suns Currently Approach: Reflective (Mirror) Optics

7 CPV Technology – PV Cells
Utilizes High-Performance Multi-Junction Cells >2X Efficiency of Silicon PV Cells

8 CPV Technology - Tracking
Incorporate Dual-Axis, Precise Tracking Systems Accurately Track the Sun Throughout the Day Excellent Match to Peak Demand

9 Differentiated Solar Technology

10 The Solution for Solar Rich Regions
Delivering Highest Energy Production in Regions with High DNI Southwest US Latin America Africa Middle East Australia 10

11 HCPV: High Efficiency…and Headroom
Efficiency Comparison of Solar Technologies

12 Best at High Temperatures

13 Consistent Energy Production
Peak Demand

14 Highest Energy Production

15 Compelling Cost Advantage
CPV has a leading LCOE in its target market Higher consistent energy production Increasing system efficiency Decreasing manufacturing costs Source: GTM Research 2011

16 Minimum Environmental Impact
Optimum use of land No permanent shadowing Preserved wildlife corridors Minimized water runoff erosion Distributed generation Dual land usage possible Flexible layout of sites Minimal land coverage/disruption Best cradle-to-cradle footprint Low lifecycle GHG intensity High recyclability (97%) Short energy payback No water consumption Land use for site generating 1 GWh/Year with: SolFocus 25% CPV 11% Efficient Thin Film Material Content 16

17 Rapid Deployment and Scalability
Fields Can be Deployed Rapidly - Fast Time to Cash Projects can be Flexible in Deployment and be Taken Operational in Phases to Deliver Early Project Revenue Highly Scalable Manufacturing with Low CapEx for Manufacturing Installed CPV Manufacturing Capacity Currently 2-3X Forecasted Demand Rapid Expansion as Market Growth Accelerates

18 Global CPV Deployments

19 CPV Market Forecast 2011 Sources: EPRI; CPV Consortium 2011 Report

20 Global Installations Installed Base Palo Alto Wastewater (2007)
APS, Arizona (2007) KGO, California (2008) NELHA, Hawaii (2008) ISFOC, Spain (2008) City of Mesa, Arizona (2008) EDF Utility, Italy (2009) ADP Public Utility, Portugal (2009) Victor Valley College, Victorville, CA (2010) Volkswagen, Puebla, Mexico (2010) SDG&E San Diego, California (2010) BECC, Juarez, Mexico (2010) Cate Street, Colorado (2010) Alice Springs Airport, Australia (2010) Frito Lay, Arizona (2010) Environ, Crete, Greece (2010) Reunert, South Africa (2010) Sumber, Malaysia (2010) Ares, Malta (2010) Coachella Water – JCI, California (2011) Nichols Farms (2011) Mesa Water, Arizona (2011) Vision, Saudi Arabia (2011) SolFocus Commercial Installations SolFocus Pilot Projects 5.5 MW Installed Base

21 Largest CPV Plant in North America
Victor Valley College Victorville, CA; 7.2 DNI Competitive RFP 6 best and final proposals Beat best in class SiPV tracked, fixed tilt SiPV and thin film 122 arrays; 6 acres College economic analysis* Project cost $4.7M Estimated LCOE without incentives 8.5¢/kWh Payback period: 5 years Rapid Deployment Ground breaking March ‘10 Construction Completion May ‘10 2.5 million kilowatt hours per year 30% of the college’s electricity demand * College project primarily funded by low cost capital bonds; reported LCOE reflects the low cost of capital. Project economics? Largest CPV Plant in North America 21 21

22 Alice Springs Airport Alice Springs Airport, Australia; 7.2 DNI Competitive RFP Beat best-in-class thin film and best in class SiPV Selected based on “price and iconic technology” 28 Arrays for 235kW providing 30% of the Airport’s energy demand Rapid Deployment Ground breaking May ‘10 Completion Aug ‘10 Note: Image of projected deployment.

23 Recent Installations: Nichols Farms
Hanford, California, 1MW Pistachio Farm and Processing Facility 113 arrays; 6 acres Provides 70% of Processing Facility ‘s Annual Power Owner Chuck Nichols Projects Six Year Payback of Investment Project economics? First CPV Plant in Agribusiness Market Segment 23 23

24 Recent Installations: Vision (Saudi)
Vision (Bin Laden Group) 132kW Pilot Project in Bahra; Additional 70kW being Deployed Estimated Operational May 15, 2011 MOU for 2MW of Deployment in Next 12 Months; 10MW following 12 Months

25 Recent Installations: Coachella Water
Developer Johnson Controls – 420 kW Installed by Rosendin Electric Metal Foundations – 50 installed in 24 hours Operational March 21, 2011 Announcement Event - April

26 Proven in the Field, Scalable at the Factory
Proven, Reliable Product Certification: IEC 62108, CEC-listed Field performance data: 3 years on sun Third party power warranties Predictable Performance and Cost Metrics Validated performance and financial models LCOE Analysis: advanced modeling Scalability to 100’s of Megawatts Discuss the biggest challenge which is Bankability. Touch on the following: New Technology is perceived higher risk – Analysis to investors includes a risk premium of 5-10% Need to educate developers on the metrics and technology benefits to level the playing field. Need to prove technology reliability 26

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