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Our Mission To enable Indian manufacturing industry invest in energy security without affecting their current cash flows or bottom line. To enable Indian.

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2 Our Mission To enable Indian manufacturing industry invest in energy security without affecting their current cash flows or bottom line. To enable Indian manufacturing industry replace part of their fossil fuel consumption with Solar thermal energy TODAY! Using commercial finance, without waiting for Government Subsidy or Corporate CSR Funds. We are the proud recipient of CLIMATE SOLVER AWARD 2013 by WWF - India

3 Save the FUTURE, without sacrificing anything TODAY VALUE PROPOSITION Reduce Emissions Enhance your Brand Image Set an example for others Save Fuel Cost

4 Why Solar Thermal? Invest in energy security today and enjoy solar energy at approx. Rs 1 per KWH (maintenance cost) for 20-25 years (asset life) Pay for the investment from tax savings and fuel savings during the first few years without affecting your cash flows or bottom line. Help the country save on foreign exchange. Help the country meet its carbon emission reduction commitments. Protect our future generations from climate change and adverse weather conditions. Save Earth.

5 The Economics 60 to 90 Deg Celsius90-120 Deg Celsius Average costRs 3 - 4 Crores per MWRs 4 - 5 Crores per MW Net Investment (after 100% accelerated depreciation & income tax benefit) Rs 2 - 3 Crores per MW Subsidy is not considered Rs 3 - 4 Crores per MW Subsidy is not considered Fossil fuel savings per year Rs 75 - 100 Lacs per MW Pay back period2 - 3 years3 - 4 years Cost per unit during pay back Rs 4.0 to Rs 5.0 per KWH Rs 5.0 to Rs 6.0 per KWH Cost per unit after pay back (Maintenance cost) Rs 0.8 to Rs 1.2 per KWH

6 Energy Security

7 Success Stories Installation ----->Wheels India Limited Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited Harita Seating System limited Project size & type630 KWth - Auto Hybrid 210 KWth - Auto Hybrid 360 KWth - Auto Hybrid Solar thermal energy produced 3780 KWh / day1260 KWh / day2160 KWh / day Fossil fuel saved360 liters / day120 liters / day198 Kg / day Fuel replacedFurnace oilDieselLPG Total savings on fuel per year Rs. 48,60,000/-Rs. 16,20,000/-Rs. 53,46,000/- Annual carbon abatement 2,80,800 Kg97,000 Kg160,380 Kg ApplicationPre-treatment process

8 Why Aspiration Energy? *Parabolic dish : 16 sq.m. Requires min. 35 sq.m of space between each dish. *Arun dish : 160 Sq.m. RCC structure required to withstand 15 Ton concentrated load within a 3 sq.m area. AEPL ETC and ETHP CSP (Concentrators) Fitted on factory shed type roof top Cannot be fitted on factory shed type roof top* Up to 120 C without tracking mechanism Requires tracking mechanism Low cost per MW and less maintenance High cost per MW and high maintenance

9 Temperatures All Solar not equal PV (Electricity)CSP ThermalAEPL Thermal Cost per MWRs 8 CroreRs 6 CroreRs 3-4 Crore Cost per unit during pay-back Rs 11 per KWHRs 8 per KWHRs 4.0-5.0 per KWH Cost per unit after pay-back Rs 2.2 per KWHRs 1.6 per KWHRs 0.8-1.2 per KWH How AEPL achieved it? Integrative Concentration TM StayLiquid TM : Pressurized ETC FlexiFlow TM : Forced circulation & flow Engg. HybriHeat TM : Switches from Solar to Fuel & vice versa based on temperature.

10 FOR CFOs : Funding Models Model Name -->OutrightPAYS-COPAYS-TPOOLease Finance Fuel Savings Performance risk and rewardTo CustomerShared with customerAE / TPOTo customer Operations ManagementCustomerAE Customer AMC cost absorbed by AE12 monthsMonthly fee tenure 12 months AMC cost after free period (Per year)6% Monthly Fee to AE / Lease CoNA Fixed fee PM with annual inflation 80% of actual savings X fuel cost Fixed lease rental PM TenureNA60 – 84 Months60 – 120 Months60 – 84 Months Asset Transfer price at the end of Tenure or earlier NA Pre-agreedMarket price Down payment / Security Deposit by customer NA10-15%20-25%10% VAT/Service Tax payment and MODVAT Claimby Customer By TPOBy Lease co VAT4% Service Tax on E & C12.36% Service Tax on Monthly FeeNAPartial12.36%

11 FOR CFOs : Funding Models SAMPLE PROJECT DATAOutrightPAYS-COPAYS-TPOOLease Finance Total Project Value incl E&C465.00 Funded from tax savings162.43 - AE's / TPO InvestmentNA 257.57198.140 Lease Finance Co InvestmentNA 418.50 Net Investment by Customer302.5745.00104.4346.50 Fuel Savings per month10.443 Monthly Payment to AEPL / Lease Rental 0 7.838.359.77 Monthly Payment DurationNA8412060 Net Savings for customerNA3.012.080.67 Payback for Customer Investment 29 months 17 months50 months 69 months Accumulated Savings after Payment Tenure 2204162912531880

12 Asset Leasing Model through OPC Assest Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Customer Owned Cranche Investment Model through Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd. Financial Leasing Model through Rent Alpha Private Limited Financial Partners

13 Market Focus: Naturally Economical Niche Segments

14 Niche Market Focus Industrial process heat below 150 degrees C is naturally economical Parablic Dish, Trough, Fresnel, etc Scheffler CPC-ETHP ETHP ETC Flat Plate Collectors HIGH TEMPERATURE As temperature increases, cost per KWHr increases. Economics justified only with subsidies. Higher temperatures produced by Tracking and concentration – Parabolic dish, scheffler, parabolic trough, etc, Tracking makes heavy equipment, does not lend for Truss Factory rooftops. Hence needs ground area or concrete roof. Players: Clique, Thermax, Gadhia, etc. Temperature Deg C Rs. per KWHr Cannot be on roof tops Can be fitted on factory roof 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 50 100150200250 LOW TEMPERATURE Low temperatures <60 deg C, cost per KWHr looks economical. But, application is usually domestic bathing, hotels, hospitals. Low temperatures produced by Flat Plate Collectors Rooftop area difficult for hotels and hospitals No year-round need for domestic customers, so less economical Water quality a HUGE issue for longevity, with metal parts Players: Tata BP solar, Emmvee, and many others OUR SEGMENT – MEDIUM TEMPERATURE Medium temperatures 70-150 deg C, cost per KWHr makes it naturally economical. Economics justified even without subsidies. Industrial Process heat segment - Year round, daily use, Excellent water quality Medium temperatures produced by ETC, ETHP, CPC-ETHP Spread and light equipment, lends beautifully for truss factory rooftops. 20+ years life with no moving parts. Players: ETC: Emmvee, Nuetech, etc. Less focused on industries and more focused on domestic market. ETHP: Not many players. CPC-ETHP: Virtually no players. Temp in Deg C

15 Telecom towers in remote areas: Replacing diesel usage with solar Solar PV + battery power packs: Feasible only with off-grid subsidies Domestic solar water heaters: Not used year around, hence not as economical MW scale Power plants: Only feasible with preferential tariff. Waste space usability % Niche Market Focus There is a large market for industrial process heat which is economics driven without any Government support. Economics driven Conscience driven *Ball size represents market size Commercial Photovoltaic Decentralized PV plants on rooftops.

16 Heating and Maintaining the bath temperature for 7 tank or 9 tank Galvanizing or Phosphating process. Milk Industries - Pasteurisation, cleaning and thermal processes Textile & Dyeing Industries - wet cloth processing, boiler feed water for steam generation. Drying applications - chilli and fruits drying, paint drying, paper and tablet drying. Vegetable oil mills - cooking of seeds, solvent extraction and distillation Agro Industries - food processing, concentration of solvent extracts, bio-mass dehydration. Sugar mills for sap concentration and bio-mass dehydration. In Service Industries like hotels, hospitals and institution for cooking, bathing, washing and sterilization. Target Market

17 Photo Gallery 210 KW Solar Thermal System – SONA KOYO STEERING SYSTEMS LIMITED 630 KW Solar Thermal System – WHEELS INDIA LIMITED

18 Climate Solver Award 2013 – by WWF India Photo : Bhoovarahan Thirumalai, CEO and Manoharan Head Solar Thermal, receiving the award from The Honurable Union Minister Shri Prakash Javedakar.



21 Capabilities, Credentials – About Us Clean Energy Vision Revenue run-rate of Rs.150 Crores in FY 2012-13 ISO 9001:2008 certified A Deloitte and Touche Fast 500 Asia Company Award winner for consecutive 3 years Profitable IT firm Fast Forward to the Solar Future. Vision Pioneers of RESCO model - capex to opex in solar using Pay As You Save and Pay Per Unit

22 20+ years experienced Entrepreneur Co-founder, Aspire Systems Mechanical Engineer from Pondicherry University MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA Certified PV Designer. CEO : Bhoovarahan Thirumalai Capabilities, Credentials – Management Team

23 Kasthuri Rangan, Head - Solar PV 35+ years of exp. in leading companies like Lucas TVS, etc Electrical engineer from NIT, Trichy 10+ years Entrepreneurial experience Passionate photovoltaic designer Manoharan, Head - Solar Thermal 25+ years of exp, in solar thermal and other thermodynamic systems Electrical engineer from College of Engg, Guindy Capabilities, Credentials – Management Team Gowri Subramaniam, Director 20+ years experienced entrepreneur Co-founder and CEO of Aspire Systems, Mechanical Engineer from Pondicherry University MS - Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M, USA

24 Or call us @ 044-42185301

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