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GE-Sponsored Project Logan Adams Matt Blumberg Pat Mangan Tom Kaley 06/solar13.jpg.

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1 GE-Sponsored Project Logan Adams Matt Blumberg Pat Mangan Tom Kaley 06/solar13.jpg

2 Problem Statement Excess energy will be used to benefit the surrounding community and provide profit for the company. System has a three year pay-back period Design a cell phone tower for the undeveloped city of Nakuru, Kenya New grid will use sustainable energy, a diesel generator, and a sodium metal halide battery conferences/nakuru.html

3 Research Battery: – Efficiency in is 97%, efficiency out is 92% – Battery needs to be heated to300⁰C, requiring 1000W – Largest battery is.15m³ – Stored energy is 8.2kWh, 12.4kWh, or24.8kWh

4 Research continued BTS (base transceiver system) – No specifically calculated maximum number of users – Amount of users and reception quality are inversely related. – Requires 1200 W http://ubuntulinux-

5 Research continued Hut – Contains diesel generator, batteries, and other components of cell phone tower. – Fits insulation box for battery Other Loads – No extra loads

6 Analysis All Photovoltaic 8kW system 24kWh batteries $33,588 All Diesel 1,283 gallons per year $6,415 per year 6kW pv system 20kWh battery Hybrid $25,050 58 gallons per year

7 Cost Analysis Over 4 year pay back Hybrid system will cost $26,500 Diesel system will cost $25,660 Cost ($) Years

8 Analysis Class Knowledge Application Wind turbines – Inadequate wind energy Solar cells – Angle of solar panels – Reflection? /sustainability/wind_turbine/

9 Detailed Description COMPONENTS Photovoltaic System (Yingli Solar) – $13,956.30 base cost – 6kW Diesel Generator (Dewey Electronics) – $700 – 2kW POWER SOURCES CHARGE CONTROLLER

10 Detailed Description COMPONENTS CONTINUED Solar Charge Controller – Two 60-amp Xantrex Controllers GE Sodium Metal Halide Battery – 2 batteries (A3 and A1) – 20 kWh total BTS – Compatible with all phones m/catalog/product_in fo.php/products_id/1 066

11 Detailed Description System Schematic Power Sources PHOTOVOLTAICSDIESEL GENERATOR CHARGE CONTROLLER BATTERIES (20kWh) 12.4 kWh 8.2 kWh DC LOADS (BTS) = Energy to BTS = Energy Stored

12 Detailed Description Model Inside Hut (battery box, fuel tank, diesel generator, charge controllers) Solar Panels, Hut, and BTS Tower Solar Grid (27 panels, 6kW) Diesel Generator

13 Special Features Insulated Battery Container – Prevent heat loss – Reduce energy required to heat battery Hand-Crank Lights – Eliminates demand for lighting – no “other loads” /traveling_with_your_pet_ball_python

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