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21st August 20031. 2 OUTLINE  Scope  Walk-through and Billing Audit  Detailed Audit  Results  Recommendations.

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1 21st August 20031

2 2 OUTLINE  Scope  Walk-through and Billing Audit  Detailed Audit  Results  Recommendations

3 21st August 20033 WALK-THROUGH AND BILLING AUDIT KalatuwawaLabugamaAmbathale Parliament GREliehouse GRChurch-hill GRMaligakanda GRKolonnawa GR Battaramulla GR Dehiwala GR Battaramulla Tower Dehiwala Tower Maharagama Tower Mahalwarawa Tower Mattegoda Tower Kottawa Tower Kaduwela Tower Homagama Tower Homagama South Tower Biyagama Tower Moragasmulla Tower Kolonnawa Tower Pagoda Tower Moratuwa Tower Kohuwala Tower Rukmalgama Tower  General Layout up to Main Distribution Points

4 21st August 20034 WALK-THROUGH AND BILLING AUDIT ………..Overall Layout

5 21st August 20035 CMC Distribution System Dehiwala Maligakanda Jubilee Eliehouse Total = 62.5 MGD LABUGAMA KALATUWAWA AMBATELE Greater Colombo others Total = 67.5 MGD 15 MGD 8 MGD 107 MGD WALK-THROUGH AND BILLING AUDIT…contd

6 21st August 20036 Eliehouse-1 Total Average Production is 109 MGD (20588 m 3 /hr) WALK-THROUGH AND BILLING AUDIT…Contd  Share of Distribution of Each Reservoir

7 21st August 20037  Composition of Monthly Production Cost – Ambathale Treatment Plant WALK-THROUGH AND BILLING AUDIT…Contd

8 21st August 20038 Electricity Consumption Variation WALK-THROUGH AND BILLING AUDIT…contd

9 21st August 20039 WALK-THROUGH AND BILLING AUDIT…Contd…

10 21st August 200310 WALK-THROUGH AND BILLING AUDIT…Contd…

11 21st August 200311 DETAILED AUDIT Three major pump sets – Maligakanda, Church Hill and New intake Electricity Input, pump head, flow rate and pump speed for parallel and single operation, Pump performance evaluation Power factor measurements Optimization of clarifiers On-line calibration of flow meters  Preliminary Investigation

12 21st August 200312 Expected and Measured Efficiencies DETAILED AUDIT…contd

13 21st August 200313 Power Factor Measurement ex: New Intake to Ambathale Treatment Plant Pump IDVoltage (V)Current (A)Power (kW)Power factor Pump A385.9635.4351.60.82 Pump C385.6672.3371.10.82 Pump 1402.0278.9156.00.80 Pump 2406.5334.5187.00.79 Pump 3404.2339.8189.60.79 Pump 5401.9274.7158.80.83 DETAILED AUDIT…contd

14 21st August 200314 Low power factors at loads Overall operating efficiencies are lower than the expected. Large variation in energy intensities of pumping. Water loss due to back wash, sludge drainage & lab testing is around 7 MGD. NRW is around 50% in Colombo city distribution system PRELIMINARY RESULTS RESULTS

15 21st August 200315 Optimizing energy intensity of pumping Range of monthly production varies from 101.17 – 111.27 MGD Range of monthly energy consumption 4.3 – 6.0 GWh Monthly specific energy consumptions vary from 0.31-0.42 GWh/m 3 Same production has distinctly different energy consumption values Enhance clarification during high turbidity period Annual savings of 2 GWh, Rs. 16.7 million Cost involved Rs.16 million RESULTS…contd

16 21st August 200316 Power Factor improvement Low Power Factors (0.79 – 0.83) were found in the new intake Potential monthly max. demand reduction by improving power factor to 0.95 is 1.52 MVA Total monthly savings is Rs.0.6 million Simple payback is 2.4 months RESULTS…contd

17 21st August 200317 Improving overall efficiency of pumping units. Measured operating overall efficiencies of all the pumps (ranging 40% to 75%) Improving overall efficiencies Church-hill Annual savings of 0.94GWh, Rs.7.5 million Simple payback for impeller sizing, 08 months Simple payback for pump replacement, 07years RESULTS…contd

18 21st August 200318 Improving overall efficiency of pumping units. Improving overall efficiencies Maligakanda Annual savings of 0.90 GWh, Rs.7.2 million Simple payback for impeller sizing, 06 months Simple payback for pump replacement, 5.5years Extrapolation…..Ambatale Plant Annual savings of 6.3 GWh (Comparison monthly mean consumption of 5 GWh) RESULTS…contd

19 21st August 200319 On-site calibration flow meters. Verification by on-line calibration First results show that flow meter readings overestimate by 15% Study to be continued for confirmation. If so, estimated saving potentials will be much higher with low NRW losses. RESULTS…contd

20 21st August 200320 Water consumption reduction by end users End user survey through a questionnaire Simple statistical analysis carried out Estimated end-use water saving potential, 17%. Detailed study is required to extrapolate the results to the CMC distribution areas. Identify cost effective, efficient end use methods/strategies with the view to conserve RESULTS…contd

21 21st August 200321 RECOMMENDATIONS Low cost no cost options Enhance clarification. Further investigation of the fluctuation of energy per unit product is necessary. Continue the calibration work to confirm results. Water consumption reduction by end users. Medium cost options Power factor improvement Further investigation of NRW High cost options Replacement of low efficient pumps with new pumps In-situ electricity generation? (study) Diesel Engine driven pumps? (study)

22 21st August 200322 Thank You Co-operation and assistance extended by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board is greatly acknowledged.

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