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AECS, LLC Show Me the Money. AECS, LLC Energy Efficiency.

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1 AECS, LLC Show Me the Money


3 Energy Efficiency

4 AECS, LLC  Enabling the systems you have in place to operate with less energy Efficiency 4  Without altering appearance, performance or productivity  Creating a compelling and efficient return on investment for clients

5 AECS, LLC “ Energy efficiency is the fifth fuel after coal, gas, renewables and nuclear. It should be our first choice in meeting our growing demand for electricity as well as solving the climate challenge” Jim Rogers, CEO Duke Energy

6 AECS, LLC “ Efficiency is the steak, renewables are the sizzle” Carl Pope, Executive Director, Sierra Club

7 AECS, LLC The Energy Efficiency Market  GHG emissions reduction could be as high as 40% by 2030  Estimated 130 billion in US annual energy savings  Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Barclays and others have $3 trillion in assets with nowhere to invest.

8 AECS, LLC We pair proven energy efficiency technologies with the latest material rebates, tax planning and financing strategies to create supplementary revenues for commercial and industrial clients Consensus Energy

9 AECS, LLC  EQUIPMENT 2% to 15%  AIR CONDITIONING 12% to 30%  WATER 15%-40%  REFRIGERATION 25%-50%  LIGHTING 30-75% Where we typically achieve savings

10 AECS, LLC Half of our projects payback within 40 months, before rebates, Federal and State tax credits AND  We lower maintenance costs, and reduce equipment downtime.  We improve electrical equipment operation, reliability, and longevity.  We improve electric power quality, usage and efficiency throughout the operation

11 AECS, LLC  We conduct a detailed energy audit & survey to determine exactly where the electricity is being used in a facility  We determine exactly the amount of time, amperage and profile of each electrical component in a facility  We create a customized energy & financial savings solution based on a facility’s profile and needs  We meet our guarantees with a turnkey solution - passive technology that requires no involvement from employees  We monitor and report on the savings throughout the payback period The Process: The Process:


13 Load Cost

14 AECS, LLC Chattanooga Warehouse Proposal Summary Kenco Storage Warehouse Total Project Cost$102,420.00 Avg Monthly Electric Costs$13,368.00 Total Monthly Savings$3,012.00 Simple Payback Period34 Months ROI35.2%

15 AECS, LLC Percent of Efficiency Projects that are actually approved Noesis Energy Survey 2013

16 AECS, LLC 50 percent of the consultants surveyed report less than one in four of their projects get the green light

17 AECS, LLC Primary reason projects do not proceed Noesis Energy Survey 2013

18 AECS, LLC More than half the time, "Not budgeted" is the reason these projects do not get internal approval. One quarter of the projects are derailed by a “lack of certainty” of their estimated savings.

19 AECS, LLC Primary Barriers to EE Implementation High upfront capital costs Long payback periods Uncertainty of savings (perceptions of risk) Budgets do not prioritize energy efficiency Split incentives* Limited available capital

20 AECS, LLC Cash Financing Leasing Shared Savings (performance contract) Energy Service Agreement Primary options for funding an EE Project

21 AECS, LLC Cash (Internal Financing) Owner can take advantage of all rebates & tax incentives Owner can take an accelerated depreciation on qualifying equipment Owner gets 100% of the savings, right up front

22 AECS, LLC Financing/Leasing Many excellent loans in market right now for EE projects (under 6%) Rate costs are usually less than energy savings Financing costs tax deductable (depending on lease structure) Kenco Warehouse Lighting Proposal Summary Kenco Storage Total Project Cost$102,420.00 Avg Monthly Electric Costs$13,368.00 Total Monthly Savings$3,012.00 Lease Cost (60 months)$2,203.00 Monthly Profit (pre tax)$809.00

23 AECS, LLC Shared Savings Client and ESCO create an agreement to share in savings for a set period of time Client and ESCO establish clear measurement and verification parameters and process After installation client pays ESCO a percentage of the savings (usually +/- 80/20 for 48 to 60 months)

24 AECS, LLC Atlanta Client Total Project Cost$74,499.00 Projected monthly savings$2,593.00 75/25 share (60 Months)$648.00 Total client “profit”$38,900.00

25 AECS, LLC Energy Service Agreement Landlord or 3 rd party agrees to pay historical energy use for client for a contracted period of time Undertakes energy efficiency upgrades at their cost Imposes management fee (not to exceed historical energy costs) Profits from the energy savings margin

26 AECS, LLC Other Financing Options On Bill Financing – Utility involvement PACE – Tax value lending Green Revolving Funds – Requires seeding Municipal Lease Agreements – Subject to annual appropriations Municipal Bonds – Require scale & long initiation

27 AECS, LLC Astec (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Asphalt Technology  Goal: Power Quality Issues & Cost Reductions  Guaranteed: 7.6 % savings, payback 36 months  Result: 12.8 % savings, 17 month payback  Installation: Lights, HVAC, Power Conditioning, 50 acre facility  Contact: George Francisco, Senior V.P. Operations (423) 899-5898 Case Study #1

28 AECS, LLC Tepro, Inc. (Winchester, Tennessee) Rubber molding plant  Goal: reduce monthly electric costs and improve reliability and power quality  Guarantee: 11.29% savings, payback 22 month  Results: payback 8 months on first project. Multiple projects now completed.  Additional Benefits: Improved the efficiency of all loads allowing a 25% increase in floor space production with no increase in the electric bill  Contact: Lee Stinman, Superintendent of Maintenance, (931) 967-5189 Case Study #2

29 AECS, LLC Roadtec (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Road Paving Equipment  Goal: Cost reduction  Guaranteed: 11.6 % savings, payback 48 months  Result: 19.6 % savings, payback 28 months  Installation: Lights, Senors, EMS, Power Conditioning  Contact: Mike Bliss, Director of Operations,(423) 265-0600 Case Study #3

30 AECS, LLC Sports Barn (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Health Club  Goal: Cost reduction  Guaranteed: 10.37% savings, payback 40 months  Result: 11.67 % savings, payback 30 months  Installation: Lights, HVAC  Contact: Don Sims, Superintendent of Maintenance, (423) 266-1125 Case Study #3

31 AECS, LLC Steve O’Neil, Managing Partner (678) 666-4684

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