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TXT Reprogramming Kit.

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1 TXT Reprogramming Kit

2 The Package J-2534 DG VSI-2534 cable Dell or Lenovo laptop
Hard drive split in 4 partitions 4 Clean Windows 7 Professional installations 3 For Reprogramming and 1 for Shop Use 4 “C” drives without non-essential software Validation Utility Software. Teamviewer Corporate software 11 manufacturer’s software Battery charger 20 support access keys 1 year access to the TeamXtremeTech Forum

3 How to make a request or
Click on (Vehicle Reprogramming Access)

4 Enter your User ID and Password and click Log In to continue

5 Choose Immediate Assistance or Make a reservation for a 2 hour booking
Book a 2 hour block for one of the available manufacturers A TXT tech will be with you within 10 minutes

6 How to contact us 1- Check your E-mail
After an instant assistance request is submitted, if one of our techs does not contact you via Teamviewer within 10 minutes. 1- Check your We may have sent you an asking for your Teamviewer ID

7 How to contact us? Method 1
Michel J Michel L Ken Luc In 30 seconds 4 individuals get your message and coordinate the appropriate response

8 Method 2 Call Michel J. (leave a message)
Call Auto Parts store the kit was purchased through Call the sales representative Sales Rep calls Michel (leaves a message) Sales Rep calls TXT Office and speaks with Patrice Patrice calls Michel (leaves a message) Michel takes his messages (Calls Sales Rep, Patrice ) Michel calls the TXT Tech Support Team If the problem has not already been resolved -TXT Tech Support teams calls the garage to verify the Teamviewer ID, and then connects in 10 calls total, 3 calls to Michel, 3 messages

9 What does reprogramming support entail?
The TXT technician is a link between you and the manufacturer The tech gives the access to the manufacturer’s website or software. Makes sure that the reprogramming software is up to date. Makes sure that connection from the laptop to the vehicle is ok. Contacts the manufacturer if something is wrong with the software to attempt to find a resolution

10 Catering service

11 You are not alone Link to over 200 other shops that have the same reprogramming kit. Our Tech support is doing approximately 200 reflashes every week. We are in contact with the manufacturer’s engineers almost every month for latest news and updates.

12 Computer support Our reprogramming technicians are not mechanics, and are not qualified to fix cars. They are computer / IT technicians. You must know the process to do what you want to do for the vehicle you are working on. We are here to help to make the reprogramming successful, not to do it for you

13 Mechanical support On demand
We have mechanical technicians available if needed. It's up to you to decide if you need it or not. The cost for TXT mechanical assistance is 2 access keys for the first 20 minutes of actual hands-on remote support, and 1 key every 10 minutes after that. All vehicle manufactures have a TechLine which you can call into for assistance, unfortunately you will more than likely wait on hold.

14 Validation utility Very simple tool to verify the connection to car.
Protocol We want both lines to be green. If both lines are green we have communication to the vehicle. Show communication network protocol

15 Hyundai / Kia ROM ID ERROR ??

16 Attention For Hyundai and Kia an additional power connection / jumpers may be required for some vehicles. The technician should verify this during the reprogramming process

17 GM Some modules like the PCM have up to 8 subsystems in the same calibration file EX: E.C.M Main operating system. System. Fuel. Speed. Engine diagnostic. Engine Operating System. Slave system. Engine.

18 Calibration Number 2006 GMC Envoy 1GKDT13S362124647
Select the calibration you would like to verify Check the Index to determine which version of software you would like to install If multiple selections are present please use the History section at the bottom to select the correct update to install The most current update will be at the bottom, but may not be the correct update for your vehicle, so it is your responsibility to verify that the correct update is selected

19 Update FMP/MMP Ford and Mazda release a new update roughly every 2-3 months We will update your software to the latest version before attempting the reprogramming Approximate software update time is minutes with a laptop reboot during which time you can be working on other issues

20 In the Ford Module Programming

21 After the software has connected to the vehicle it will tell us if there is an update available

22 After following the installation instructions on the screen the installation will begin. The average installation time is between minutes

23 Once the installation is complete the system will show you the TSB# if applicable. You can click on the TSB to see additional information

24 P.A.T.S Passive Anti-Theft System
10 minutes countdown to access the PATS menu Usually Need parameter reset before erasing and relearning the keys

25 IMPORTANT 2 Steps Chrysler
1- check calibration part number with your scan tool 2- J software and newer and older

26 Key Programming

27 TXT 10 amp charger System Voltage - 6 Volts / 12 Volts Battery Type - Standard / AGM / GEL Charge Rate - 2 AMPS / 6 AMPS / 10 AMPS Display Selector - Percentage or Volt Start/Stop Button - Charge Do not start a reflash for any manufacturer if battery is less than 60% If Error light is on, unplug both sides of charger and diagnose the problem Attention - Battery needs to be completely charged before beginning a reprogramming

28 Warning Be sure the battery is in good condition. Install the battery charger. Turn off all accessory before reprogramming Never turn any accessory ON while reprogramming. Turn key off for 10 seconds after reprogramming to reset the ECU Be sure to use the right tools and software.

29 Asian Michel Julien

30 HONDA Reprogramming ECM TCM Only Shop manual available

31 Programmable or not? Here is the list of Honda vehicles that may have programmable modules. Not all vehicles listed will be programmable, but the Honda software will indicate that the vehicle is not programmable if an attempt is made.

32 Service Info

33 The TXT tech will enter the password and open the software
Reprogramming Honda The TXT tech will enter the password and open the software

34 Connect to the Vehicle

35 Software shows the list of modules that can be reflashed
Select the module you wish to update and click next

36 The current and latest calibration numbers

37 You have to Click Yes To start the reflash

38 The software will ask you to turn the key OFF and then back ON within 60 seconds

39 Voila!!

40 Mazda Same as Ford

41 In the Module Programming Section

42 The system will communicate with the vehicle and check for updates

43 Always perform a Self-Test

44 The whole process takes about 15 minutes

45 At the end The system show the TSB number related to the update

46 Nissan Attention 4 access keys for non-complete package garages
2 keys for complete package garages

47 You will need the ECU or TCU part number to check for updates
Very IMPORTANT!! Use your Scantool To get the actual: ECU part Number TSB You will need the ECU or TCU part number to check for updates

48 If you would like to check if an update is available before making the request you can go to and select NERS J2534 ECU

49 Select the Reprogramming tab and enter the first 5 numbers of the calibration ID (Usually for an ECU)

50 And then the last 5

51 If there is a new calibration number listed in section #3 then an update is available, if there is no update listed then the vehicle is up to date

52 Some Nissan reprogrammings can take 5+ hours to install the update
Some Nissan reprogrammings can take 5+ hours to install the update. Please ensure that you have someone available to monitor the progress and ensure the battery voltage stays above 12v When the technician connects into your laptop please give this calibration ID to the technician. Be sure to write down the calibration number correctly. The individual update files must be purchased from Nissan so if the calibration number is incorrect 2 additional keys will be removed from your account to purchase and download the correct update files.

53 We buy the software for you
We will download the files onto your laptop, and place them in the correct location for the software to utilize

54 Important !!! We recommend to totally disconnect the radiator fan and turn off all accessories. If the battery voltage drops below 12v it can damage the module

55 If you replace the ECU there is an option to write the VIN in the ECM
If you replace the ECU there is an option to write the VIN in the ECM. If the VIN write is successful the keys must be re-learned in order to complete the process

56 Toyota Lexus Scion

57 TOYOTA 7 keys for 2 day access to do one assisted and unlimited solo reprogrammings, and access to the Toyota website and the following items: Identifix Shop manual Scantool Research TSB’s

58 The TechStream software will communicate with the vehicle and obtain information about the vehicle. You may need to select additional options to continue

59 The TechStream software will communicate with the vehicle, obtain the current calibration ID, and let you know if an update is available. If an update is available the TXT tech will guide you through the process.

60 You should only attempt to install updates that are applicable to your vehicle. If an update is available you will see a list of the updates/TSBs for the type of vehicle selected previously, but not all updates may apply to your vehicle. You will select the update/TSB you would like to see and then review the update to ensure that it applies to your vehicle.

61 If you wish to install the update you can advise the TXT technician you wish to install this update or you can click on the correct New Calibration ID link for your vehicle. In this case a 4WD 2004 Sienna with the previous calibration The File download window will open and you or the TXT technician can click on Open to launch the Calibration Update Wizard.

62 Once the Calibration Update Wizard opens you can click on Next to continue
Ensure that the key is On but the engine is off Select Dearborn Group Technology VSI-2534 and click Next

63 The software will re-verify communication to the vehicle
You will review the information to ensure that it is correct and that you wish to install the update and then click Next

64 Follow the instructions in the software to continue the process, and then begin the installation

65 You will then turn the key back on and click Next to begin Phase 2.
There are 2 phases to the flashing process so you will be required to turn the key off and then click next. You will then turn the key back on and click Next to begin Phase 2.

66 Update Complete


68 How does it work

69 The Client Let them make the decision
Do not try to justify yourself and why they need to do the update Do you replace the sparkplugs only when the customer complains about misfires? 80% of the vehicle is controlled by electronics PC’s, Cell phones, tablets, game consoles, blue ray players, and TV decoders ask you if you want to update, but not your vehicle It is now the job of the Automotive Technician to connect the vehicle to the internet and verify that the vehicle software is up to date

70 Statistics

71 EXAMPLE You replace a module Ex: FUEL PUMP MODULE GM.
The module does not respond after being replaced. The truck does not start because the module must be programmed with the correct software because it is either blank (new module) or does not have the correct software (used module)

72 Pontiac G5 Updates can be simple diagnostic upgrades, help to improve fuel economy , or can be designed to prevent mechanical failure to vehicle components

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