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Rare Philippines Philippines 2 (PEP4) Cohort Preparation Workshop June 11-15, 2012.

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1 Rare Philippines Philippines 2 (PEP4) Cohort Preparation Workshop June 11-15, 2012


3 For One Week… The Philippines 2 Conservation Fellows and Supervisors came together to officially start the preparation phase of the Pride program, 2.5 months before the First University Phase kicks off. The week’s flow covered topics from the pre-work packet, baseline data gathering, and the Campaign Agreement template (MoA). MONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAY ThemeIntroductionsPre-Work packet Organizational Development & Monitoring MoA *Supervisors Next Steps *Supervisors Morning  Introductions  Review of week's agenda  Overview of the Rare Pride program  Introduction to pre- work packet  Creating your Site Summary  SWOT analysis of current MPA program  Presenting your campaign site  Organizational Development and MPA Effectiveness Assessment Tool (MEAT)  Conducting baseline MEAT assessments  Introduction to Memorandum of Agreement and its role in the campaign  Roles and Expectations  Review of campaign timelines  Introduction to Afternoon  Explaining the Cohort Theory of Change  Creating a Concept Model  Identify target audiences  Conducting Observational Research  Introduction to MPAs and Monitoring in the cohort  Conducting baseline biophysical and fisheries assessments  Financial components of MoA  Presentation of campaign roles  Review of the week  Closing

4 Workshop Objectives 1.Rare to provide the Pride Pre-Work packet and explain the priority sections so that Conservation Fellows are able to complete these sections before August 31, 2012 (before the start of the First University Phase); 2.Rare to review the major components of the Memorandum of Agreement document with Conservation Fellows and Supervisors so Implementing Partners understand the Agreement with Rare, and can therefore sign it before September 3 rd, 2012. 3.Rare and Conservation Fellows agree on collaboration, protocols, and schedules for the conduct of baseline biophysical and organizational development assessments in July and August, 2012 as part of the pre-work. 4.Conservation Fellows and Supervisors understand the two-year Pride timeline and phases, especially what the First University Phase will entail; and, 5.Get to know all the 2012 Pride batch mates and have some fun!

5 Workshop Highlights

6 Day 1: ToC Competition After the Introduction to Rare, it was a race to see which team could recreate the ToC first and accurately!

7 Day 1: CFs draft their Modified Concept Models in geographic clusters

8 CFs conducted energizers throughout the week to keep everyone laughing

9 Day 2: CFs conduct a SWOT analysis on their current MPA programs CFs did a SWOT analysis to provide a picture of what programs and systems are already in place at each of the sites.

10 Day 3: Barrier Removal & Monitoring Rare’s partner, Ronet Santos, explains the BR role of Organizational Development in Pride campaigns and has CFs draw their MPA Management structures. Lito and Jong explain the role of Climate Change in the cohort and overwhelm the CFs with monitoring metrics they’ll need to collect over the 2-year timeline.

11 Day 4: Campaign Agreements Stuart brought the Campaign Agreement to life by conducting group activities for Conservation Fellows, Supervisors, and Rare staff to define their roles in the Pride campaign, which culminated in a commitment wall for the cohort. This was the first day all Supervisors were invited to join the workshop.

12 A surprise visit from the Tagbilaran City mascot – Mabi – makes everyone smile! Mabi signs the commitment wall too!

13 Day 5: Closing Japy invents a fun way of testing everyone’s knowledge and memory from the week-long workshop with his combination county fair/jeopardy game show. Question categories included facts about Phils2 campaign sites, details on MPA monitoring, pre-work assignments, conducting research, and a difficult “bonus” category that featured local riddles. Yes, darts were thrown to select the categories, but no one was harmed during the game show (although we did have the first aid kit nearby).

14 A successful and fun week!! Thank you all for your energy, participation, and engagement in the workshop. We look forward to seeing you all again in September for the First University Phase!!

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