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Lena Liljebäck Senior Adviser, Arbetsförmedlingen.

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1 Lena Liljebäck Senior Adviser, Arbetsförmedlingen

2 Cooperation with employers Without employers no jobs Labour market knowledge (prognosis) Good relations creates opportunities and builds trust Be authentic and truthful

3 Cooperation with PES-what’s in it for employers? There are significant benefits for companies and organisations who choose to use these resources to their advantage. Help in their striving to grow and perform Showing more open attitudes and taking social responsibility

4 Services to employers One contact person Advice and support in the recruitment process Free advertising in our vacancy database Access to 140 000 jobseekers via “CV Search” Support in alternative recruitment solutions, EURES for exemple Recruitment activities in our offices Support in connection with redundancies The Se Kraften! (See the potential!) initiative

5 Nationwide customers A concept for matching the competencies held by youth, long-term unemployed, individuals with physical disabilities, newly arrived migrants, and foreign-born with employers needs An additional base for recruitment Letter of intent – states who is responsible for what

6 Agreements Our agreements with employers are not all the same Designed to inform the employers about our tools and the possibilities they can entail Solutions can involve a chain of various labour market programmes, sometimes tailored to an individual plan i.e. : –a combination of a Swedish language course, occupational skills assessments, work experience and/or supplemental labour market training

7 Validitation of education Professional Competency Assessment Internships Employment New Start job Entry recruitment incentive Wage subsidy Supplemental vocational training Professional Swedish language Cooperative Partners Adapted Activities Results Cooperation with nation-wide employers National Customers Large companies For example: H&M IKEA Mc Donalds Media Markt Financial support to commuting/moving

8 Market-focused activities Physical meetings between employers and jobseekers Chose and combine the right tools from the PES tool box For example: -preparatory training courses, -professional Swedish language courses, -internships -labour market training.

9 Conclusions Long-term relations takes time to establish Relations with employers must be built on trust Knowledge gained- make sure you keep and share it Listen to the employers – help them to succeed!

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